Why Being A Bridesmaid Is Harder Than It Looks [Gen whY]

Being a bridesmaid is literally horrible because you are an unqualified therapist just waiting for someone to have a breakdown. Being a bridesmaid is stressful because its not about you, and you know that. You sort of have to fake excitement the whole time. If you’re going to be a really good bridesmaid you have to be a really good planner and you have to love logistics and details and decorating, I like none of those things. Being a bridesmaid just reminds you, you are never going to get married and you’ll have 80 cats in 5 years. When the bride told me I was going to have to spend $300 on the dress, I said fine but you’re not getting a wedding gift cause the fun suddenly disappeared. You have to care about people’s budget, it’s expensive to wear an ugly shitty dress that you’re never going to wear again. To deal with a crazy Bridezilla, I would say slip in some Xanax to her when she doesn’t know it so she’ll just kind of relax a little bit. Otherwise, drink, drink heavily, you’re going to need it. Bachelorette parties suck because they are so reactionary to bachelor parties, but they’re not the same at all. Like at a bachelor party a stripper is shooting a grape out of her vagina. Okay, you can’t compare to that! I rather go to a divorce party rather than a wedding. I think a divorce party would be fun. They’ll be drugs and strippers, like Magic Mike. Find a unicorn with Skittles coming out of his ass, celebrating you becoming a free woman. Anytime I ever see an army of woman and they have tiaras, no is ever like ‘Good a bachelorette party is coming.’ I’ve been a bridesmaid about four times and every time I got into a fight with the bride because she said I wasn’t in to it enough. Like bitch, I’m not trying to win a trophy. You have to pay for the food, you have to buy them gifts. Like it’s not your birthday bitch, you’re just wearing a fancy dress and saying you’ll keep dating this person. Hey you guys. This is Rebacca Zamolo. I want to thank you so much for watching Gen Why. If you want to check out others videos click to the side of me, if you want to check out my videos also click to the side of me. And subscribe! It’s easy.

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