Why Black Women Marry White Men – Interracial Report

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  1. Hey, here to return the love ❤️ very interesting topic I have dated both races and I ended up getting married to a Black man but my Opinion is be with the person who makes you happy

  2. You feel a Blackman can't achieve the status of a white suit business man when in fact if you look a little deeper Blackman hands ate tied mentally physically and spirituality through all the continue suffering that plaques his race.

  3. This production is trying to prove what?? Is she really wasting her time?? Or is she wasting her time being with her own kind?? What do I mean??…Its deeper picture of what you're seeing people, by all means, her boyfriend definitely would work if giving a job a chance especially in their own country but everything is strategically engineered and for that purpose and for this purpose this african country that is very rich in minerals such as Gold, Diamonds, Beldium, Silver for the record I did my studies which I have found that every gem can be found in Africa alone. And for a Blackman that wants to provide for his family and can't because of laws the restrict his hands, You have France, Belgium etc initiating violence on different levels controlling Africa wealth and its people so as it is in America we want more to help our own but is restricted from doing so, as with jobs many white companies will not hire a Blackman and if a man don't get hire how else is him and his family going to eat?? This is the scenario of the whole Africa nation even though the countrie is being built up where is the black architect CEOs ?? Why aren't their black ceo companies building and running Africa alone?? Why must we provide to build for others wealth and not for ourselves? Why are whites using sexy black women in advertising and commercials and not their own??? Where is the Blackman in all this??? Why are we not looking deeper to see we're been deceived when we go at each other's throats for not having the means of providing for our families. When it's is not our faults but you and I know its done because truly racism still exists  To you black women you need to understand and not play the fool when they throw shade on your brother the Blackman in order to whoo and marry you, and the same goes for the Blackman ,To you Blackman Africa's land belongs to you and giving to you by your ancestors not your ancestors dot com, so don't be fool with that strategy,
    after all this is really what other country came for the $$$$$minerials$$$$.wealth
    Stay in your own lane and God will provide.
    Sending my love
    Whoo saah!

  4. The four reasons you stated are all true. The first two are valid, the third one is unfortunate, and the last one is wrong but still true.

  5. black women are just insecure about their color of skin and to some extent self-loathing so they hate their male counterpart.

  6. Here is a list of youtube channels of white men and black women couples who are married. Many of them have millions of subscribers

    The rush family
    Lexa karalyn
    Curly coopers
    Naka and dom
    Grimwade family
    Jamie and nikki
    McClure twins
    Gabe babe TV
    Eboni and Jesse
    Josh and meg
    Adanna David
    R and L life
    Greyed Acres
    Aisha & life
    Brit's family clips
    Jack and jane
    Meet the angels
    James and kiimy
    Ines tv
    Tia taylor

    Those are just a few. There's at least 15 more.

  7. 1. The fallacy that someone DESERVES to be happy is superficial at best! If you had not bettered yourself then you will not get better!
    2. Eastern black women were interracially married to slave traders to gain financial advantages during the Transatlantic Slave Trade and that culture has carried over systematically
    3. Black women who do interracially marry, will not marry a white man who is able to improve their lives economically over a 10+ year span, so if you do have children and you both don't work you will be lower-middle class at best
    4. You took Albert's quote out of context, if you plant a apple tree expecting orange more than once: you are insane. If you choose to have sex and bond with the same kind of black man expecting him to be different from the last: you are irresponsible and insecure.

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