Why Celebrate Year of the Nurse

(gentle music) – It is so important that the World Health
Organization has designated 2020 as the Year of Nurse and Midwife. It is the first time ever that global attention has been placed on nursing and midwifery. As I always say, it is the
best profession in the world. And to really be able to focus on all the different realms of nursing, all the different impact
that nursing can have and informing of healthcare
decisions and issues. Nurses play a key role. We’re the largest healthcare workforce. And so for there to be a global attention on this profession is really paramount to what we do every day. – The Year of the Nurse and the Midwife is extremely important that
we take advantage of this year because it’s such an
opportunity for us to make sure that we can highlight what nurses do because I believe that the average person who doesn’t work in healthcare, even people who have been
through our healthcare systems, probably doesn’t know
really what a nurse does and how a nurse really works,
thinks about their work, some of the demands that are on nurses, and how they remain resilient
through those things. I think you’ll hear a lot of times, “I don’t know how you could be a nurse. “Oh my gosh, it’s so hard.” And the public doesn’t understand. Why would you wanna do that? Why would you wanna work in
death and stress and anxiety? But the people that do maintain resiliency and do great work, and I think that’s, the Year of the Nurse is our opportunity to tell those stories. – There’s a lot of changes
happening in healthcare, and it’s producing little
spaces to raise awareness of the different roles that nurses have and to raise awareness
that nurses can do more than just make changes
to nursing practice. – Nursing is a fabulous profession. I think it has great
opportunities for people, and I think it’s important
to acknowledge the role that nurses play in healthcare. I think that in and of itself
creates opportunity for us to celebrate it, to acknowledge it, and to encourage others
to join the profession. – And I think we’re a
hugely important profession. We’re one of the biggest professions. We’re a large group of people. And nursing is at the heart of nurturing, which I think is part of life. And I think celebrating
everything that nurses do in the world that they now
live is really important. – Nurses have a profound effect on the lives of the
patients that they care for, and the need to celebrate that, to inspire and motivate nurses to not only continue to
provide care to the community, but also to join the
profession is something that I am excited about
celebrating this year. – I think for a very long time, the nursing profession has advanced. I think nurses are the only ones that know that we’ve advanced. Not only are we in hospitals
or doctor’s offices, but we provide care across the continuum. I’m very happy that not only
are we recognizing nursing, that we’re also recognizing midwives because they have a very important role. – I think it’s important to
celebrate the Year of the Nurse and the Year of the Midwife because nursing and midwifery
combined are the backbone of numerous healthcare delivery services, not only in Rochester, not
only in New York State, but nationwide and worldwide. – I don’t think there is an understanding of the competence and skill
it takes to be a nurse and what a nurse’s scope
of practice actually is. So I think the Year of
the Nurse will be able to let nurses show our
patients and our communities what exactly a nurse is. – It is such an honorable profession. We are privileged to be nurses and to be part of the
lives that we care for. It just goes so far beyond
the bedside, as they say. I just think that’s the message
we need to get out there, was that nursing is
integral, we’re important, and you really can’t do
it without us. (laughs)

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