Why Did Krishna Marry 16000 Gopikas? Explained!

It is well known to the whole world that the
famous Indian King and a celebrated romantic guy Sri Krishna has married 16000 Gopikas. So, many people have a doubt, how can a guy
who has married 16000 women, can be worshipped? So, let’s now understand what is the actual
truth and how it happened and how it was actually narrated to us, from the ages. So, first let us understand the word Gopikas. There is a community in India who has dedicated
their lives to protect cattle that too mainly cows. They made their living on milk and milk products. You can still see this community in India,
who are doing milk businesses, these people are called as Yadavas. In ancient times, this community was called
as the Gopakas or the Gopakulamu. So, being born in the same community, Krishna
is also a Gopaka. So, his friends, who’re women, are called
as Gopikas. So, now coming to the 16000 marriages. At the time of Krishna, there is a demon king
called the Narakasura, he has killed many kings and kidnapped their unmarried daughters
and brought them to his custody. So, later Krishna came to know about this
cruel thing done by Narakasura and Krishna called up a war and killed Narakasura in a
battle and freed all the 16000 women. After being freed from the Narakasura’s custody,
the 16000 women in themselves thought to marry Krishna, because, they thought that Krishna
is the only man who can protect them for a lifetime. Because all their fathers were already dead
and all their brothers ran away because they’re afraid of Narakasura. So, they came up to Krishna with the same
idea and Krishna was first shocked and confused to listen to this kind of an idea but being
King, he cannot simply deny the decision of 16000 women, that’s a big number. So, Krishna thought on this and agreed to
marry all the 16000 women with the acceptance of his previous wives. This means, Krishna didn’t run away after
them, and one more thing to be clarified here is, the 16000 women are not at all Gopikas,
they belong to different ages, different communities and different castes and different places
too. So, Krishna didn’t run after them, they themselves
came to Krishna asking to marry them. From many years, some spiritual leaders were
continuously telling people that Krishna is a crazy guy, he ran after women, he married
16000 Gopikas. These are false statements. So, don’t get taken away by those false statements. If you want any reference upon the same truth,
just go through the Bhagavatham written by the Vyasa Maharshi or else at least the direct
translation of the Vyasa Bhagavatham. And that’s all for today, see you bye!

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