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the first probably month I was on there
it was crazy you know the Philippines you got to
watch out for scams because they need money you know and of course I
immediately shut her down Well, first of all I’m not gonna talk about my online dating experience other than the
Filipino Cupid after doing some quick research. I found out that pretty much like if you’re in the United States and you want to you know and you want to date or find a Filipino the only way to go is Filipino Cupid I mean there’s a couple other ones as far as like the format of it and you
know not that I have anything to do with Filipino Cupid it don’t get it
don’t get me wrong but it’s pretty much the only option I mean if you want if
you want to find somebody you know normal I guess well what triggered the whole thing was
that where I work there’s a lot I work with a lot of Filipinos so you know I
was hanging around a lot of Filipinos and stuff like that and they kept actually saying “Hey you should go to the Philippines” you know not necessarily to meet somebody should go to the Philippines you know to go on vacation to go to the beaches and to check out all the beautiful places like Palawan and stuff like that so for like a year I’d
sort of mentally plan to make a trip to the Philippines for vacation and then
you know as I was thinking about it I kind of thought it would be really great
idea to try to sort of maybe meet somebody from the Philippines when I got
there so that’s what triggered the whole Filipino Cupid thing was that hey cool
you know if I could find somebody even if it’s not a dating thing even if it’s
just like somebody that wants to hook up as a friend just show me around or
whatever that was kind of my mentality when I went to Filipino Cupid at the
beginning and then so I signed up for it and it was quite the experience let me
tell you what but the first probably month I was on there it was crazy! So
anyway I set up the whole Filipino cupid thing and I started like
messaging you know people and everything like this and I sort of focused on the
Cebu area mostly because I knew I was gonna be flying into Cebu and I knew
I wanted to you know kind of start my vacation from the Cebu area so I kind of
you know after doing some filtering it took me a good solid three weeks of
filtering people out and getting rid of you know all of the instant messages that I got and man it was it was kind of crazy because when I
first went up there I didn’t really have any filtering so I was getting you know
like dozens and dozens of messages like every hour you know what I mean so you
kind of have to really filter everything out but anyway so I can’t
I was real picky about the filtering on on the website so there wouldn’t be so
many people on there and so I got real picky about what I wanted you know as
far as every little thing and every single time I did the search it kept
coming up probably about ten different women
Filipinos and then Lorene was always in those ten you know I mean so I was like
okay that’s kind of cool you know what everything else so then you know it took
a while but I slowly but surely filtered it down to her so then we started
talking… how long we were on Filipino Cupid just not very long so anyway
yeah so then I think we both kind of like kind of like asked enough questions
of each other to try to find out if we were like legitimate or not you know I
tried we both kind of tried to catch each other in a lie or something like
that you know for like the first couple of days to make sure that we weren’t
like a scam or whatever so then finally I decided yeah she seems pretty normal
pretty legit you know so then I think our first thing off of Filipino Cupid
was Facebook right yeah yeah we so we decided to use Facebook Messenger and we
use Facebook Messenger and then we hooked up on Facebook and then once
you’re on Facebook you know obviously it kind of opens up the book up you know so
you could sort of get an idea of what’s going on
you know you can kind of see look you know what somebody’s life is like you
know so anyway I think from that point forward we pretty much talked to each
other almost every single day until I went to go see her
what about three or four months later approximately it was it was pretty long
time there’s three to four months before I actually went to the Philippines
but keep in mind we were talking to each other every single day it so slowly but
surely we got closer and closer online and I’m just continually showing you
know sending pictures to each other and videoing and stuff like that so so I was
starting to feel like I got to know Laureen really pretty well before I even
went to the Philippines so anyway I made what I need I pretty much made a
two-week vacation for us and at this point I was still being cautious about you know this whole thing because you know I’d never been to
the Philippines before and I wasn’t exactly sure how things were going to go
so I set it up so that we could like meet each other when I got to Cebu and I
would stay in Cebu for like two or three days I think was three days and get to
know her and just see if things were clicking you know when I got there I
mean I thought for sure we would probably click because we’ve been
talking to each other for so much and if not even if we didn’t click romantically
which I think pretty much we knew we were but even if we didn’t click romantically I felt like okay well you know if we don’t click
you know romantically at least we’re friends I mean it wasn’t like we
weren’t gonna be friends because we knew each other pretty well by now and so I
thought okay cool either way we’re either gonna go on a romantic vacation
or we’re gonna go on a friend vacation I don’t either way you know it’s kind of
the way I felt about it well of course when I got to Cebu you know it was
pretty much love at first sight yeah so we hung out for
like you know at first we tried to make it like you know all legit go on dates
down for like the first three days you know I don’t like that isn’t really ask
right so then we flew to Palawan and we stayed at Palawan on this really nice
resort in Palawan on for like a week and hey just goes on from there everything
worked out really good we had a great time and yeah it was kind of hard not to
sort of start falling in love do when you’re like in Palawan and you’ve gotten
a great time and everything is beautiful and perfect you know what I mean and
everything else so it was it was really great so anyway after the two weeks obviously I had to come home you know
what I mean and then immediately I started making arrangements to go back
to the Philippines again I don’t think I ever went longer than three months
without going back for at least a week yeah so then I kept going back I kept
going back and then it just got you know things just got better and better and
better right your things went on so one thing I do want to correct that Laureen
did say wrong on her last video and if you didn’t want to go back and watch it
right so Laureen is talking about the different Filipinos and the different
things she did online and then at what point she said “well you know
I’m your average looking Filipino” on there and everything at that alright and
I thought no no no no so to me she was the most beautiful looking girl in the
world so then when she said that I was like no way and you know what makes for beautiful I’ll tell you
what makes her beautiful what makes your beautiful is her heart and what makes
your beautiful is her mind okay and and what makes her more beautiful than
anything else is that she loves me my scam experience what do you mean oh
yeah yeah I know there was like one lady I hadn’t gotten facebook I was just
doing it through Filipino Cupid and you know for even I’d like the Filipinos on
you know in the Philippines you got to watch out for scams because you know
right off the bat you know there was right off the bat once I narrowed it down to we talked like normally in the
conversation for I don’t know quite a few times
and then sure enough you know all of a sudden somebody’s sick in the family you
know or something happening there emergency in the Philippines and they
need money you know and of course I immediately shut her down so you know
you got to be careful on both sides you know what I mean and that’s that’s part
of the online dating you know it’s just it’s just you got to just be super
careful and you know just it just take your time you know it takes time to
figure it out because a really good scammer is gonna be able to really scam
me for a while you know before you realize oh wow you know all of a sudden
you know I mean just based on in hindsight looking back on all the
stories I’ve heard you know but it really helped out that I’ve got a lot of
friends at work that are Filipinos and kind of new you know I could immediate
to them about it and they they know what’s going on you know I mean so so it
really helped that but that’s really what triggered it for me going to the
Philippines this whole thing started this whole thing started that I wanted
to go on vacation in the Philippines and I really wanted to go to Palawan and
then eventually to go to Boracay and you know some of the other islands and Bohol and you know all that and and by way right now my favorite place to go
right now is Bohol I love it’s such a chill good place to go
but anyway so we’re gonna go actually we’re probably end up going back to the
Philippines what yeah I’ll probably go maybe March April we’ll see but we tried
it we’re gonna try to go always go back to Philippines at least twice a year you
know to see family and stuff so wow that’s it boom we’re going actually into
target right now to do some shopping and we’re on our way here we’re trying to

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  1. First time pla nya pumunta s Phil noong ngmeet kau sis
    Ayeeh love at first sight dw
    Most beautiful gurl in the world tlga sis
    Tama super careful tlga kc marami ng mga scammers

  2. Congrats inday, you choosed the right man for you, hes a really nice and very supportive to you. Yah thats right inday is a very beautiful in all sides

  3. Yay! You are the most beatiful sis. Maniwala ka na hehe. Ang asawa ko din Bohol ang paborito nya. Noon kada visi nya muadto gyud me Bohol. Maayo pamu sis twice a year mag visit sa PH. Kami inig seven years old na ni Emmett haha

  4. Your love story is soo beautiful. Yup i been try the dating site when i was sigle that's true there's a lot of scammers in there. But anyways you guys are lucky to find a true love lol… God bless you.

  5. That’s so so sweet guys. You “click “ meant for each other. What a great love story. Good advises. That’s true scammers are all over. Thanks for sharing sis.

  6. Nindot jud bitaw ang bohol sis
    Ka buutan sa imo bana swerte kaau ka niya god bless ninyo excited nako kita sa inyo bata puhon
    salamat kaau sissy

  7. Very nice topic kabayan. Thanks for sharing your good love story. Ha-hay kakakilG ng love story nyo. All the best to both of you.

  8. Hahah that word"love at first sight"si bana said the first 5mins of talking he feel in love me. Awwwe ka sweet oi. Keep the love burnin you guys. Love bohol too… PLANTATION BAY.

  9. Ay alam na this sis kong bakit sila dead sa atin mga Pinay’s diba? Wala sila mahanap na tulad natin. Mapag mahal ,maasikaso, matiisin, magaling magluto, at higit sa lahat mabango kasi mahilig tayo maligo😁

  10. destiny nga nmn ang nag dala sainyo sa isat isa. Natawa ako sa nag search tlga siya ng normal person to meet.wow so sweet hubby. You’re the most beautiful in the world ❤️oo nga nmn dahil sa mga scammers na ibang pinay nasisira tayo sa ibng foreign countries.

  11. Murag nabitin ko sa kwento Tapos na agad😊 good job Alan sa pagshare. Keep the love burn. Kataas sa buhok mo inday😍❤️

  12. mauwawon diay na imong bana day lorie…. naa gyud swerte sa online dating… maayo kay ni share gyud imong bana ba,, mao diay,, daghan siya naka uban mga pinoys… ug mga lugar sa pinas.. mao pud na hinungdan sa mga foreigner..

  13. Thanks for sharing again inday lorie, akong the one moanhe balik march puhon, your husband and my husband to be have similarities, he love bohol also than boracay and I could tell his a nice person, he has a pleasing personality like my husband to be. God bless inday lorie!

  14. online dating din kami sis! there is also someone for you out there. yay, bana make his story. your man is right! i can say thaty your husband is a good man, the way his talking in this vlog. yong mga facial expressions mo sis, nakakatawa! cheers to more years together xxx

  15. "The most beautiful girl in the world" kinikilig? Haha ka sweet ni hubby oi. You really meant to each other. I agree, bohol is a beautiful place. I've been there once, didn't have enough time to explore the place though. 😭

  16. Big
    Biiiiig biiiiiiig like38, 👍👍👍👍👍
    New friend here 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

  17. Kabalo na mokatkat imong hubby sa lubi sis lol… Bagay Jud mo kaayo sis sweet kaayo imong hubby sa imo! You are both lucky to have each other stay in love

  18. Katam-is sa bana mo Dai! Gikilig pod ko nimo hahahaha. Very well said! The most beautiful girl in the world! Thanks for your honesty sir!

  19. Even if the girl is not a scammer. there are culture differences. So western men need to think and open their eyes. Not all filipinas are as intelligent as Loralei here. Not all are mature with a good heart like Loralei. Not filipinas will take care of their husband even if they are scammers. Loralei is a gem in a mountain of rocks.

  20. Ang sweet naman ng hubby MO sis hehe nakaka kilig ang swerte mo sis nka tagpo ka ng ganitong lalaki sya talaga ang nka takda para sayo God bless you always maraming salamat sa pag share

  21. Good day mam ask ko lang po dun po sa post mo na vid. about K1 Ung may table of contents..since my fiance ang nag file tanan Asa man makuha tong I-29F Diba pinasa po in sa embassy? salamat hope you reply😇

  22. Sarap pakinggan mga sinabe ni hubby hehe i feel your kilig inside sis hehe naubosan na akong ng words kase nasabi na lahat ni hubby mo hehe more more happiness to you guys .

  23. Dli jud ulawon imong bana day hehe Maau jud sya mamili day gi kilig ko pag ingon love ay first site haha.God Bless you both

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