Bah bah bah, your boy is getting fast Ayoooo good morning logang WHAT’S POPPIN’ goddamn its good to see you guys, Youtube has been boring lately, I am not gonna to lie so a lot of updates guys, i will get into it, but first if you are not a part of the Logang, make sure to subscribe smash the button, hit it in the face, like I’m gonna hit KSI in the face on August 25th hey also, little news flash, little update the maverick hoodies are 20% off for this weekends holiday thing sale what I’m tryna say is maverick hoodies, and you guys know they go fast, are 20% off for this week only its that 4th of July sale yo hey Spence can we get a little up down right here hot damn, hot damn I’m feeling sexy oh… oh merch so hot, it gives my videographer erections oh man, Loganpaul.com/shop or link in description anyway speaking of KSI, umm do you guys remember last year, I had a meet up in Dubai it looked like this… *crowd chanting* LOGAN LOGAN LOGAN yep yep the Logang is strong well anyways guys recently JJ had a meet up there as well and err it yeah it just was not the same oooooo not a good look man, that’s embarrassing and then to make it even worse the Logang showed up and started chanting Walmart at him yeah man, that’s rough, that’s rough August 25th is gonna be rough for you yo, but honestly guys, I came to a realisation lately he’s been doing a lot of talking i’ve been doing a lot of talking I think I’m gonna take a step back a little bit cuz I’m extremely confident and I’m at a point where I’m gonna make my actions speak for me now by actions, I mean my fists punching JJ in the face repetitively over and over again WITH THE POWER OF A THOUSAND SUNS yep, get your fight tickets, link in bio okay, rewinding a bit more a couple weeks back, I went back to my hometown of Cleveland, Cleveland Ohio and I visited Jake while he was on tour *backing to “I Love You Bro” playing* Pam: Spencer! My happy place, my happiest place what’s up BROO what are you doing?? I dunno bro, I heard you were performing in our hometown and I used to live here, with you actually so I figured I’d come back and say what’s good bro AWWWW for real, are you performing tonight? are you gonna perform? do you want me to perform? bro you have to perform if you’re here you have to perform the I love you bro, sing I love you bro Tony: you remember you lyrics Logan: hell no Let’s go let’s make emends and be bros till the end Logan: I’m about to all asleep bro, I was on a flight the whole gosh darn day and they expect me to come here and sing a song that I don’t know the lyrics to I can’t even speak, cause I was yelling at bitch boy yesterday Greg: get a pic, the 4 of us oh shhh its family my family Greg: here we are hey, hey, by the way happy fathers day dad happy fathers day dad thank you, ahahaha Spencer: yo bro what are you doing? you’ve got to go on in like 5 minutes I’m learning the lyrics bro, I’m not even, like this is not a joke, like i forgot all of them but I can move on and so should y’all I will pick him up if he falls, after all it’s the rise of the Paul’s bro, bro I got this *screaming from boat* what’s up guys? got a maverick in a boat I’m gonna beat his ass Spencer: peace out dude Jake: yo, should I answer? Okay hey what’s up Logan Logan? Logan: hey real life behind you big boy hey what’s up Cllleeeevvveeeelaannnddd all we have is each other, from the same mother, what more can I ask in a brother shouts out to all the Logang Paulers, look up to you everyday bro that i love you bro I love you my bro, I love you my bro, and I want you to know that I’m so sorry for things that I said, I just want to be friends so let’s make emends, and be bros till the end I love you Cleveland so that was pretty cool guys, I gotta say growing up there I never expected to be where we are now I always believed in myself but doing that and performing in front of our fans in our hometown that’s some magical S***, that’s some magical S*** right there and then while I was there I went back and visited my old high school wrestling coach you guys, I don’t know if you know this, but we’re actually filming a documentary about everything that’s happened this year, all the stuff that went down in January where I was at in my life and kinda and like the psyche of what actually happened which includes my upbringing so I visited the high school wrestling team, gave a lil speech to the kids Spencer: Logan what are we about to do right now? yo back in the old high school bout to say what up to the old coach check out the weight roo-OHMYGOD wow truly remarkable you know when I was at school, we didn’t have stuff nice like this Logan?! Logan: errr I’m actually jake NO, NONONO LOGAN! can I get a hug? I didn’t think I’d ever get to meet you! well it’s going down right now I’m working out in the weights room right now oh I’m about to do that a lil bit getting strong logan: ooooo Girl: yeah Logan: look bottom line is, kids now a days need inspiration right, they need people to look up to, people to motivate them I’m about to give these youngsters some words of wisdom coming from YouTube’s biggest choch I was honoured to have, and I mean it like that my staff, we were honoured to have Logan on our team not because of his talent as a wrestler because his talent as good people when we went to the state tournament his junior year on the way down to the state tournament in the van Logan was studying the entire time down I’m not not just- It’s giving me goosebumps he was one of our best and he wrestled well to get a full ride scholarship in a university, is very hard right coach? you don’t give um out Logan got all his money to go to collage on his academics but! It could have been football and wrestling too so, Logan it’s on you now hey guys what’s up? what’s up Logan yeah, thanks for the praise and hype guys uh, I think wrestling was about setting goals it depends, it depends what you wanna do for me this sport was about working hard pushing yourself being the best you can possibly be and uh I set my goals high, right away right off the bat, I said I wanted to be the state champ that’s essentially what happened I,I,I trained my ass off on Sunday when we didn’t have practise I was still working out when I wasn’t working out, I was studying cuz as, as much as you don’t like to hear it it is important to balance both school and athletics if you feel yourself liking the sport and feel yourself growing as a human being because of it Stick with it, yeah it’s hard but if it was easy everyone would do it so, stick with the sport and you guys will do great things *applause* AND THEN YOU KNOW YOU KNOW WE AIN’T TAKING NO DAYS OFF logan’s trainer: he don’t know what he’s in for he think it’s a joke then watch what we gonna do, we gon joke around Logan: you’re a joke KSI you ain’t working hard you don’t know how to throw punches you don’t hit hard you ain’t strong, you ain’t fast you ain’t good looking, most importantly i’m good looking i’m the greatest I don’t die, I multiply AHHHH, got our ass in the gym trained ma dick off uh yeah no longer have it so… …working on it and then *clap* lots of travel guys our next stop was for uh a bachelor party for my friend ANDAYY ANDAYY ANDYYY ANDAY UNDAY ANDAY Ayyo, next stop Sun valley Idaho for uh, my friend Andy’s bachelor party i’ve never been to Idaho, I know it’s the home of the potato so yeah, really looking forward to a lot of fun HANNNDAAAYYY HANNDDAAAAAAAAAY WOOOW think i’m not gonna pick you up in something beautiful it’s my first bachelor party bro Andy’s getting married dude, i’m in the wedding i’m so excited, this is like a great bachelor, first bachelor party only if ya have potatoes HOLY CRAP IDAHO’S AMAZING look at us, all in this sweet pea being an old road master, she always takes care of you this is how you pick up those Idaho potatoes if you know what I mean Logan: ahahaha Spencer: is this how you pick up the Ida-hoes? OOOHHHHHH OH F*** ASS finally here in Sun Valley Idaho home of the potato did I mention? let me show you what outside looks like DAMN ANDY this is amazing must be nice to be rich Logan: yeah, F*** you Andy it’s my bachelor party here thank you, my bachelor party i’m actually very poor okay, un-f*** you Andy Spencer: WOOOOW Logan: it’s stunning, it’s really just stunning, I dunno what else to say what happens if you stand under that crystal? magical power can actually appear, and some have been known to float yo, you can actually feel the power no, let me see, let me try OHHHH, oh what the, what the hell is this oh ma bandana smells like s*** Oh ANDAY that crystal’s whack what doesn’t Idaho have? Spencer: Women Women, Ida-hooooes stop it no, no, no, they got everything including hot springs I don’t know it’s weird for me not to have done something, but I have never been in a hot spring Andy, what is a hot spring? so basically kids, it is it is where the water *to the tune of Bill Nye* Andy the science guy Spencer&Logan: undy, undy, undy, undy, undy, undy, undy it smells like as here bro yeah yeah, smells like, cause it’s sulphur right? from the earth, science lessons kids ay, don’t let your parents say you don’t learn anything from these vlogs Sulphur it almost a worse as KSI’s bandana OHHHHH sulphur no way it’s hot in there it’s about to get, huh steamy Logan: ohh bro, what he f*** Andy: so hot Logan: how is it hot? bro, this is like burning hot, what the f*** ass bro, what the f***, this is freezing I will say, good thing I still got some of the hottest merch in the game on otherwise I would beeeeeee freezing how does the earth decide to make my ass hot all of a sudden f*** ow kade: OW MY ASS OW Hayden: let’s be honest, i’m the hottest thing in this everyone: OOOOOOOOOO you’re a lil sizzler ass Hayden Spencer: bro, you can see the heat coming up, the bubbles YEAH, that’s a hotspot and I ain’t talking WIFI HAHAHAHAHA AHHHHHHHHH kade: what kinda river eel is that? OOHH NO Kade: OHH what species of fish is that? *Andy Screaming* well after running through the river need and singing our asses off we figured the next best thing to do was go out and shoot some skeets Spencer: that’s some good form it’s all about form, after all I do play Fortnight so I know what i’m doin Andy: No, that’s not the right form Logan Paul f*** I missed holy s*** ass ANNDAAY Spencer: OHHHH we brought Hayden to Ohio and he’s already got the redneck in him I got news for you Andy, we’re in Idaho huh, mom *imitating KSI*Jake paul F*** man, i’m not good at this yo, what the f*** Logan: Jesus christ ‘merica Spencer: here’s what I want you to do on this next one yep Spencer: just hit the target ok? Logan: that’s it? Spencer: that’s it wow thanks for the advice Spencer Spencer: got ya nope, nothing like golf on a bachelor party ain’t that right Anday Sportivo what activity aren’t we doing THIS IS THE BEST BACHELOR PARTY EVER Spencer: Hayden do you even have a drivers licence bro? no Spencer: you’ve driven one of these right? uhhhh oh s*** i’m whippin’ this is a horrible idea ANDDDAAAYY Logan: what is that dog doin? we gotta save it yo, you gotta get off the course Spencer: there’s balls comin’ over here Logan: there’s balls dog who do you belong to dog it’s not safe here, oh S*** it’s attacking me ahh help help, the dog’s attacking me I have a dog I know what will get him off the course simple dog behaviour dogs love balls Logan: run, run Spencer: right let’s get out of here YEAHHH WE RACIN’ NOW Spencer: that British man’s on our tail, oh you’re swervin’ I don’t trust the British kid driving this thing yo just be careful Hayden. NOOO NOOO-AHHHHHH AHHHH I gotta say that stance is truly, truly magnificent wow that is amazing Spencer: there you go, yep YOO, YESSS that was actually good top comes off dog Logan: HAHAHA OH DAMN your shirts off now son it’s more aerodynamic, I hope it helps you feel the wind on ma ballsack now well your pants are still on so not sure how thats happening HOLY S*** Spencer: Logan if you get a hole in one, I will hire someone to personally please you Logan: Who doesn’t like to be pleased hell, I wonder how many people masturbate just watching my vlogs Spencer: HA F*** damn spencer: the level of suck today in general we all need immense amount of work oh god this round has gotten out of hand Logan what just happened bro? i’m gonna make a long story short there’s a rouge drone chasing us throughout this golf course, its right there Spencer: bro that’s andy’s droonnneeee hold on a second that changes everything bro he’s been flying it around the whole time yeah bro, I thought it was just someone hating us play golf that’s F***in weird Spencer: you know what respect, thanks for keeping us safe got you bro Spencer: yo what happened to the driver though? OH Spencer: put it back in the bag and hope they don’t see it Logan: was it yours? you tried to attack my drone like that! Logan: I didn’t know it was yours, I didn’t know I thought someone was chasing us I swear Andaay Andy, anday broke my wing No, you, you, I BROKE YOUR WINGS?! look, look at this you cut that s*** in half with the propellors NOO Yeah dude shut up chop suey I thought, I dunno bro, you know me always tryna protect the herd One thing about Logan, he always gets you a new drone if he breaks it gotta be adults about this right? i’m actually proud i’m actually not angry, i’m actually very proud that like the drone was able to actually like do that yo what about me and my sniping dude? I hit it 1. that you hit it i’m not missing today bro and 2. that the drone went bad news bares fella nope not good the driver you gave us that was not cut in half now it is cut in half clean, clean in half drone came and I was dabbing and who knows so ah, how can I pay for that you gonna be, you gonna be round tomorrow? well he’s supposed to leave tomorrow at 11 but I have friends here yeah, that was a crazy weekend we did leave some stuff off camera Andy, I have a question, he’s right here by the way guys sportivo did you figure out the club situation? did you pay the guy back? yeah, yeah no you didn’t? oh no we’re working on it Andy: I didn’t go back there I wouldn’t even show my face my friend threw uh, a club at the drone yeah, we’ll, we’ll get, we’ll work on it anyways guys, that is the vlog sorry that haven’t been posting as much, I’ve been training my ass of and this actual little vacation here is the last bit of fun I have before we go into super drive mode tunnel vision mode, focusing on the fight so guys if you’re not a part of the Logang, make sure to subscribe join the strongest family on YouTube and also cop your maverick merch Loganpaul.com/shop or link in description it is the hottest, softest merch in the game there’s 20% off on hoodies this week AND YOU KNOW OUR HOODIES ARE LIT and we just dropped 5 new t-shirts and a brand new blue hoodie anyways guys, I FRICKING LOVE YOU BRO and I will see you next week, take it easy fam, peace Spencer: you boys ready over here? Kade: yeah i’m almost locked and loaded, damn near Hayden: I’m ready to shoot some s*** UM

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