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  1. You just know there was that one kid that decided to ditch school that day and found out from his friends that Logan showed up…and was like…”THE ONE DAY I DON’T SHOW UP!”😂

  2. Bet he only knows the name Jj from the Sidemen vids or from weird shit from the debts of hell. I dont think he even knows his real name xD

  3. that throw was good when logan threw it at the drone and he thought it was follong him but it was his friends drone 😂😂

  4. There a saying that goes in Idaho it goes like this I da ho u da ho we do ho I swear u red this comment back also I'm from Oh io about an hour from Cleveland

  5. You didn't post because you smashed plates, disrespected multiple people, tased dead rats, have cpr on a fish, and showed a dead body on camera

  6. LOL like I mentioned in a previous video where is this documentary you're talking about 5:42 , you just released a flat Earth documentary and you announce that after this one LOl

  7. guys I was gonna go there but at that time my great grandma got sick and well died we were so close more close than me and my mom well now looking at this it well makes me cry but she is in a better place now right?

  8. I need help Logan I need advice recently two of my dogs and my cousin died by a fire. And my grandma died in January you are my hero and I need advice PLEASE make a vlog about GOD and advice for people like I LOVE YOU. And please get along with your brother my name is Giovanni

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