Why Immigrants Should Be Celebrated, Not Feared – The Jim Jefferies Show

Welcome to the Jim Jefferies
Show.>>I’m Jim Jeffries and I’m
about to become a United States citizen now.>>I know many of you
are wondering Jim every Tuesday night you take
a giant dump on America. Why would you want
to come out of the problem.>>Well it’s for the same reason
that the women are. Your logic Afonya
trashy some pots you IFYC and over 300 million people
being inside you down. I think there’s something
good in them.>>And like all immigrants me
coming here wasn’t easy. I faced hardships when I came here
from the main streets of Sydney. I had no money to my name. All I had was an HBO special
and somewhere to live. I have great pride that you’ve
accepted me here in America and everyone who is born
into this country. You don’t know how lucky
you have been to not only will I become a citizen but will also meet five people
becoming citizens alongside me and I should also say
that standing alongside me is itself a tremendous privilege
in this country.>>These citizens to be come
from all over the world they have all contributed
something different and very special
to their communities.>>And we’ll learn about
their lives and their journeys and most importantly for me all learn
how to pronounce their names.>>At the end of the show
we’re gonna naturalize songs .>>I was born
in the Philippines. My name is Andre
and Deborah Brackett and I’m from Belize
Central America. My name is PIOs.
My name is Sam. You originally were
from Nairobi Kenya.>>My name is Mohammed Morocco
maraca everybody calls me mo. My balanced Ballston
I’m born in Kuwait. General all purpose Muslim.
Guess.>>I was 15
when I moved to America. It’s definitely a culture shock. Know we have seen a lot
of things on TV of what America is supposed to be like
especially California and then we die here. First of all we were like wait
where are all the white people.>>The impact of American
entertainment overseas maybe wouldn’t guide us if we didn’t bombard the world
with the Big Bang Theory.>>We are musicians you know
Africans we love America and in Kenya. Snow MC Hammer Vanilla Ice
was also hot in Kenya.>>But with Tupac he’s rapping
about real social issues that affect the community.>>We came to America
we were 10 11 years old and a war broke out in Congo.>>It was so bad
that they blocked all borders.>>And my mom applied
for political asylum she told the judge
literally verbatim if we go to Kenya
we are committing suicide. Reminds me of my first trip.
She wouldn’t recline.>> These stories how the stories
of so many immigrant families. It makes you wonder
what would have happened to these two and their mom
if Trump had been president. When I applied for asylum. We already know
when you allow the parents.>>To stay together then
what happens is people are going to pour
into our country are you going to
go back to that. Well we’re looking
at a lot of things Caravan’s how about 600 miles
from the southern border. They are hoping to find safety.
Invasion. It’s like an invasion.>>Knowing why somebody is
migrating here is so important. No one wants to leave
their natural country. But if it’s a matter of life
and death fear make them move.>> The impact of migration
on your communities your jobs your safety.
Anyone who feels like.>>Immigrants are here
to hurt you or do harm to you or take away from your life. I’m just a hardworking person.
I’m not here to steal.>>We pay the same taxes. We are not here
taking people’s jobs. We are going to build the wall.
That.>> It’s hurtful.>>I think people chant
this stuff and they don’t realize
it’s someone’s sister someone’s child that they want
to spew this hate it. That was me.>>That’s me with our political
climate right now while we’re hearing. It made me really anxious
in the last couple of years. Like you know my a target. I want surveillance
of certain bots.>>I understand a lot of people they don’t they don’t know
a lot of Muslims so they see what they see on TV
and they’re scared. And honestly those people
scare the shit out of me too.>>And then you hear the
president of the United States saying that they’re scary.
Then I understand that.>>You might be scared.
Sharia law Sharia law Sharia. Sharia. I don’t even know
what Sharia law. I’ve never lived anywhere
they had Sharia law.>>We’re not here to kill.
I swear.>> Exactly with someone
who’s here to kill me which side is get me
and get a place in line.>>They still face
another challenge. Becoming a citizen
is not a cheap process. It can cost thousands.>>I started to realize how
difficult the citizenship and immigration
process would be. It was heartbreaking.
And then magic happened. I’m a city employee
for the city of Los Angeles as an administrative clerk.
And I got an e-mail from my job saying
hey we’re offering a program the mayor’s new directive
that’s offering city employees and their families
an opportunity to meet with nonprofit lawyers.
It really changed my life and changed my family’s life
they say. So city governments are helping
when the federal government and it’s made someone
very grumpy.>> And even as the president
of the United States Britain to arrest Ms. State and local leaders are standing
up for immigrants rights. And that means more people
working towards that part the American dream.>>The American Dream
is being able to pursue the things
that you love.>>My mom was a baker and it just made me
fall in love with baking. So sweet dream dessert was born
in 2007 in my apartment. You put so much love into it. It fills you with that to be up
to do that for someone else. To.>>Do because we are part
as activists for us. Or we use our I guess you know to bring more positive messages
to the world.>>You know I love
being a nurse. I love being able
to help out people.>>In 2010 I got together
with a friend of mine and we started a charity
helping families and especially children with
their education and health care. You know this one
out of six kids go to school without getting enough
to eat every day. And I just thought
that that was. Kind of shitty honestly.>>And mean this immigrant
is changing the world one half hour at the site
at a time pissing himself .>>You’re welcome. These guys
are all giving back so much. I’m inspired to give to them.>>So I made my staff
bringing stuff to every new American names
and we put it into that. Jim Jeffrey show America’s.
Ranch. Dressing.>>Thanks Jim. Corn dogs are.
Disgusting.>>Garth Brooks Right. Giorni the lead singer
is Filipino Americans saw. Plastic bags.>> Full of other plastic bags.
>>Right.>>I guess this is
the healthcare plan well it’s definitely
the Republicans health care plan which is about as legitimate
as their immigration plan. Right. They support people
coming here legally and then they work to make that
as unwelcoming expensive and dangerous as possible.
But in spite of it all immigrants
would just keep coming because America
is an amazing place.>>I came to America because I
thought anybody can be anything. So many cultures here. To me that’s the American dream
to be able to come here and kind of like see
a little bit of the world.>>You know I live in a place
where I can be what I want
that freedom is priceless. I’m definitely going
to be voting. I feel like my voice my voice
is going to be finally heard. You know.
Hi. My name is Rochelle
and I’m an American. My name is Mohammad
and I’m an American. My name is pyo.
My name is Sam.>>We are Americans. My name
is Andrea and I’m an American.

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  1. It's sad that we live in a time when USA americans need to remember human values. I agree that not everybody should be welcome everywhere because otherwise we will have overpopulation in some countries. But a productive person should be welcomed everywhere no matter their country of origin.

  2. im all for some LEGAL, ASSIMILATING, ENGLISH SPEAKING DOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS, im not for turning the USA and EUROPE into third world continents, leave the parts of your culture and religion that arnt compatible with the west indoors, or leave it behind you(thats what brought you here), anybody who disagrees feel free to call me out, but if you actually dont care if western culture, value and identity evaporates then dont bother calling me out, you are probably an angry leftist, marxist, socialist type who hates the west

  3. I am not against legal immigration, i welcome all who come here legally.
    I am also in support of those seeking refuge, however, the Caravan that is coming from central America was offered refuge in Mexico, yet they refused it. They just wanted to move to USA,
    for any person seeking refuge, you are to go to the close country to your home country, that is safe,
    yet these so called refugees travels all the way across Mexico to enter USA, even though Mexico is safe enough for them.

  4. Look, you come into this country the right way, applying and coming in, paying your taxes, etc..I am all for it…but if you think its OK to just cross the border, walk in and do what you want without paying taxes or filling out the same information I HAVE TO FILL OUT as a citizen, you have no right to be here….period….do it right way and be a good person…you dont get to just walk in and do what you want ahead of those doing it the right way….

    To those that come into the US the right way and gain citizenship, I say welcome and congratulations. I hope you have all the opportunities and experiences we all have here…..

  5. Jim you fuckin bullshit spinning punk bitch twisting the reality like those caravans are coming here planning to follow the rules like these Americans did like you did. Your a cunt liar for muddying the truth with trying to put illegals on the same plane as your and my people here legally, acting like trump wants even law abiding immigrants in process of naturalization kept out.. we want people to naturalize properly not come in illegally and expect the same status your a punk bitch. Yes people, we celebrate immigrants that come to this country through proper channels, following the law helping us to further strengthen this nation. Those that come illegally expect to take freely what so many others earned with pride!!! People waiving foreign flags denouncing our nation in the streets can GTFO!!!!

  6. What freedom, in a country where everything you do is illegal and imprisons more people than any other place on earth.

  7. "Suck it, Trump" indeed.

    And by the way, welcome aboard to all of you. We're (almost) all happy to have you as our fellow citizens.

  8. I think Jim jefferies is funny as hell One of the best comics out there but this show is crap. It’s a bad version of the Daily show just filled with left-wing fake propaganda

  9. I agree immigrants should be celebrated! I only have a problem with illegal immigrants, especially if they have a criminal record. This video was funny, but I think it was a bit misleading when it comes to what people actually think.

  10. I'm so happy that JJ just got exposed. Liberals are such hypocrites. All of you liberals are brainless idiots. You're all sheep.

  11. This guys a cunt. Trying to make that guy avi look like a racist while he draws a cartoon of Mohammed. Can’t wait to his studio being attacked by Muslim extremists with ak47s and machetes

  12. Africa should celebrate millions of chinese, arabs and whites coming to their sub Saharan part of continent, it will be so diverse, no bigotry, racism and nationalism will be allowed from black africans. Celebrate immigrants. No Africa for africans, Africa for all !

  13. "If a dingo ate a muslim baby it would probably vomit" – Jim Jefferies 2019
    When are you going to show us your "wobbly ghost" drawing.

  14. Jim, you and the liberal media's crooked ways have been exposed. Shame on you for cutting and editing interviews to fit your platforms political agenda.

  15. Jefferies as been exposed, thanks to avi yemini. he is a lying hypocrite scumbag! And its alright preaching about mass immigration when you live in a luxurious mansion with 9ft walls surrounding it. Oh, and i hope your shitty libtard show gets canceled!

  16. Jim, You might want to be a little cautious with the immigrants if you keep drawing silly little cartoons of Mohamed. Good luck

  17. Nothing is changing with immigration legal immigration is still allowed, what Trump is talking about is illegal immigration not legal immigration, this is what pisses me off no one is talking about legal immigrants…. this is why main stream media has lousy it's place vc they take shit and twist it

  18. Jim is not a bright mind, but being that fuckin stupid… there is only one thing that dictates your brain so far beyond common sense, like Kaopernick dude, who took a symbolism of submission and kneeling everywhere : the dick. I'm pretty sure he is fucking a SJW. Speaking about nazism… Jim is litterally the jew kapo who wants to gaz you up just to keep on living.

  19. Jim Jeffries is a shill and bigot!  What a piece of sh*t!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmYW1g0-0ME

  20. Such an arrogant smug self righteous person, exposed as dishonest and now Comedy Central got the guy he lied about deported… so much for his "immigrants should be celebrated". Is there an honest bone in Jim's body? I think not.

  21. I'm glad Avi exposed you that was a real dick move on your part to treat your guest like crap while you were editing out things from your interview with him to make you look good while making him look bad he was recording the whole entire thing with his cellphone.

  22. Go duck yourself Jim. A I had you dead to rights and your not Man enough to address it. I hope you get cancer and die a slow agonizing death.

  23. You're insane. Why don't you sponsor a few MS13 dudes. I csnt believe a word you say since you hacked up your interviews in order to have a 'better' show. But its disingenuous. Fu off

  24. Hey Jim grow a pair and face Avi Yemini like a man or continue hiding like the lying the coward you are behind Communist Central

  25. Immigrants are a big problem, just ask the Native Americans.
    When the Europeans immigrated to the US, they murdered and enslaved the people living here and stole their entire country.
    To be fair, we should deport anyone who wasn't born here before 1585.

  26. This guy tried to ruin Avi Yemini’s life by editing a interview video and then reporting to the FBI that he was some kind of a terrorist. The FBI acted on Comedy Centrals complaint and arrested Avi at a U.S airport then had him deported. YouTube It. The only thing that saved Avi is he secretly recorded the entire interview. The entire social media outlets from Facebook to twitter and all the others including the news networks are trying to hide this.

  27. The two "Kenyan" guys' story is bullshit. When war broke out in the DRC, Kenya offered asylum to thousands of refugees. How exactly would it be suicide for them to return to a country that was not at war? They just cooked up a story to get a visa. Good on them, but please, Jim's team need to do some research

  28. Lol it's like these idiots don't know what the word "illegal" means. People want ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS out of the country, not these people. These people are all LEGAL, but everytime he says we need to keep >>>>>ILLEGAL<<<<< IMMIGRANTS out; they start whining even when they know good and damn well they are legal. Nobody is talking about keeping American Citizens out of America (which is what these people are), i guess they forgot that part though. In their minds Legal and Illegal mean the same thing when its followed by the word immigrant. I don't care for the wall, because i think that humans should have common sense and follow the laws around moving and living in another country. Even when the wall is built there will be numerous checkpoints where people can apply to become a citizen LEGALLY. These people are just trying to find a reason to complain. It's pathetic. They should know that it's not hard to follow the rules, because obviously they did, but even when it is hard look what it got them, Freedom to live in the best nation on this planet, because they did it LEGALLY.

  29. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  30. That one was funny but also extremely emotional lol at the same time.

    We white naturally born Americans don't realize how good we got it here, most of the time. Some of us whining about shit, trying to say WE'RE the, "oppressed minorities," lol taking it all for granted.

    But, if you give it even a little thought, there were no white people on this continent originally!

    White Europeans began, "colonizing," the world hundreds of years ago.

    Destroying Native-born populations on a world-wide scale indiscriminately.

    They did it to preserve their existence, protect their bloodlines, destroying cultures on a Biblical scale with disease, war, and famine, and eventually setting up, "Reservations," for the rest of the indigenous people who managed to survive long enough because we're SO charitable lol aren't we?!

    And now White people actually have the NERVE to say THEY'RE being discriminated against hahaha That THEY have it SO rough here in America!

    White America doesn't know what actual OPPRESSION or DISCRIMINATION looks like from the point of view of the victims.

    It sure is a familiar sight from the POV of the OPPRESSORS, though, isn't it?!

    White people, whining about being, "invaded," lol while they keep the heels of their boots planted FIRMLY on the necks of EVERYONE else.

    Maybe some of them SHOULD face some real racial adversity, someone should hold them and their families back from having any real access to freedom and basic human dignity and rights!

    if for no other reason than to show them what it REALLY feels like, so they'll stop complaining and justifying hate and bigotry.

    When it's THEIR children fleeing political violence, disease, malnutrition and starvation, then they can see why so many people choose to risk everything to try coming here to America!

  31. Man I don't get the America love at all. All the things people cite as being fantastic about the US are things half the counties in the world has.

  32. As a mexican this. Brought me to tears.. I literally gotta be the only man half palestinian and mexican and raised muslim. Thanks for this jim

  33. i love this dude, jim tha boss! he is the greatest when it come to politics..! he's not so afraid of the establishment like some of the other show hosts.. he has the balls to take a progressive stance and stand up against the established mainstream..! Bernie2020<3<3<3

  34. You guys seem much too good for the USA. Come to Europe instead! Doing what you love doing isn’t only an American thing, you know? 😉

  35. Come on Jim, those Kenyan guys are f*cking lying. The war in the Congo's did not affect Kenya in the slightest.

    You have to pass through Uganda to get to DRC to the west, to the south you pass through Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda before you get to DRC.

    Those guys are d*cks.

  36. Trump' and republicans aren't anti Immigrant, they're anti illegal immigrant. While the legal system for immigration isn't perfect, It does not excuse jumping the border. We should definently make modifications to to the system in order to make it more comprehensive for those looking to enter, but hot button issues like family seperation will always be a necessary evil. Illegal immigrants knew the risk of attempting to enter the country with their kids in such a clandestine manner. It simply wouldn't be just for all those immigrants patiently waiting to come in legitimately at the southern border if we just gave a free pass to the ones who jumped over, so they must be either deported to the back of "the line" or detained. Now, in the case of detainment we can either not put the kids (who had no choice but to come with their parents) in jail with their parents who broke the law, thus seperating them, or we can allow them to stay with their parents in detainment thus imprisoning an innocent child. Pick your poison, there's no "good" option here – ICE is not to blame, though, that fault falls on the lap of those who decided to break the rules and come here in a covert, illegal fashion.

  37. I live in apartment building with a bunch of refugees the throw garbage all over they talk to goo goo gaga gaga language all the time I'm a man in a wheelchair with no legs they pointed me and call me GI Joe and start laughing so that's the kind of people you want around you have mall around you I'm cooking sick of them I don't want around me they disrespect our country

  38. White guy and I love the Mexican people so much fun and great culture just because I didn't speak Spanish we still have a lot of fun

  39. As a Brazilian American, that immigrated, went through the entire process, from the first temporary VISA, second temporary VISA, Third temporary VISA, GREEN CARD, and five years after the Green Card, finally I was able to apply and got my citizenship after 7 months. The entire process took me 11 years! And I was an employee of an American company, that transferred me, so like Jim, I had it much easier than these guys. I would never expect Jim Jefferies to bring tears to my eyes, but this video really moved me.
    My name is Adriano Battazza and I AM AN AMERICAN.

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