WHY INKTOBER IS MORE FUN THIS YEAR! | Inktober Day 08 | India Ink and Dip Pens | 2019

We’re now a full week into Inktober. ♪ You may have noticed but I’ve been keeping it really simple I’m not following any specific prompts unless I find one that just sparks my interest for that day. And I’m kind of just letting my art… Make itself in a way. Like there’s ways to get inspired and sometimes when you’re inspired you want to draw. What I’ve been kinda using the inktober challenge for me is to kind of just sit down, and try to draw something. It’s not always going to come easy and you’re not always gonna have a ton of inspiration pushing you forward and I’m kind of trying to take this challenge as telling me that, that’s okay. You can just sit down and draw for fun. You don’t have to have big grand scheme and idea of what it is that you’re gonna draw. You can just draw something. Trying to think, but I think last year was my very first successful Inktober where I drew something every single day. I used the prompts words and it had 31 drawings at the end of the (month) But I wasn’t happy with all of them and I didn’t enjoy making all of them, which I think is equally important. I think people put a lot of stress on the inktober challenge just because a lot of artists do it. It’s like all over the place, heavier at the beginning of October and it kind of fades out near the end it’s there and it’s in your face. So if your aren’t accomplishing it yourself, you can kind of feel guilty about it, or feel a little poo-poo about yourself. I think what people are forgetting, is that it’s supposed to be something that challenges you to create
something that you might not have made before and for me just sitting down and trying to draw every day even if it doesn’t always turn out it’s kind of a fun thing to do in shorter spurts like 30 days and 30 days is a long time. Okay. I’m not going – I’m not selling that short. I’m just not one of those people that can draw every single day forever. [Laughs] I draw a lot but like thinking that I have to is what like makes me not want to. I don’t know The part that people really forget is that Inktober isn’t supposed to be if you need to skip a day skip a day, we’re talking about your future art growth here. You don’t need to sacrifice your current mental state. Okay, just enjoy it. Skip it if you need to. That’s what I’ve been doing. So you can kind of see how this sketch is evolving. I didn’t have a general plan, kind of just a vibe. Like sort of retro feeling and I’ve been sitting down my characters a lot more. I like the silhouette of a scrunched up character instead of just standing there. Don’t get me wrong, I like drawing characters just standing there. I could do that all day, I’m trying to challenge myself to draw more casual poses. Like sitting down, slouching and things like that. And if you want to see all the Inktober drawings I’ve made so far and the ones I plan on doing in the future, you can follow me on Instagram. I’m trying to post as often as possible. At least for this month. Mm-hmm. So feel free to check that out, if you’re hungry for more waffles [Hahaha, sharp inhale] (I see what I did there.) I added a circle behind her to try and even out the composition but
I realized there’s just still a little too much white space on the right. (Am I a problem to you?) so I decided to give her a kitty cat and as soon as I did this I thought, maybe she’s like a witch from the 1950s and she’s got a little house cat and then it made me think of Bewitched. I wish I had thought of it earlier because then I could have drawn some actual Bewitched fan art. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that but when I was younger, I was kind of obsessed with that show and I Dream of Jeannie. I went through a phase The show’s probably not as good as I remember. So now that the sketch is done, I lightly erase it and begin inking on top. I used a col-erase pencil and I ran into a few issues where it wasn’t quite erasing as much as I need it to. Which happens and I should have expected it. [Laughs] So they end up showing through even after the ink and I’ll show you what I do with that when we get there. but I’m starting at the top left of the drawing as always because I am right-handed and I want to avoid putting my hand into wet ink as often as possible. That seems like a weird way to say that. I want to avoid putting my hand in the ink as much as possible I’m a very impatient artist and I know that about myself. [Laughs] So this is a very important step. I have my little bottle of ink there, on the left side of the screen. It’s a Dr. PH Martin’s bottle, but I’ve been refilling it with Speedball ink. So I’m kind of okay dipping my pen in it. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t dip your pen in your ink because it can cause bacteria to grow in there and we’re
not doing any kind of science experiment right now. So you want to avoid that but I kind of go through the black ink so quickly, It doesn’t really matter for me. And then I have a large Speedball bottle that I do not contaminate in any way and it works for me. It was around this point where I was doing the line-art and I noticed that the limbs were kind of long. So I guess this is a tall character. The only problem was it wasn’t intentional and I run into this problem a lot when I draw on my desk because if you’ve ever drawn flat on a surface, while you’re sitting upright in a chair, you’re looking down at your drawing from an angle, and the perspective is going to be different than when you’re looking at it from straight above like the camera angle is. So the camera is seeing it exactly as it is, whereas from my point of view, It’s going to be slightly distorted and any elements on the lower half of the drawing, are going to appear larger. than the elements at the top of the drawing like her head. The biggest problem that this will cause me is like usually really, really long necks and really, really long legs and weird things like that. This drawing has a really long torso because the legs are scrunched up. So they can’t really be elongated as much as I usually do. So it ends up being that whole middle section is a little bit long and you might notice that. I’m not complaining, I’m just taking a mental note that I need to be more aware of that and like check up at my camera. I need to make sure that I’m taking more breaks and like lifting up the paper and looking straight at it and making sure that it’s the way I want it to look before I go in and add ink. Now I’m actually taking a paint brush and applying ink in a circle shape around the character. This centers the character on the page even though they’re kind of leaning off to the left. Then there’s that white space above the cat. By filling in a circle behind them, it centers them on the page and just kind of evens out the composition. When working with ink, it is very, very, very, very, very important [Laughs] to wait for everything to dry. So I gave this a good couple hours, but they recommend you wait overnight. [Laughs] (If you’re a professional.) Hmm. After a few hours, I went over and erased it and I didn’t have any problems because I made sure that it was dry. I made sure there was no wet clumps anywhere. [Laughs] And this is when I noticed that some of the pencil is not erasing as much as I want it to. So I decided, why don’t I incorporate it more into the illustration, instead of trying to hide it? I decide to color in the cat with the same pencil I’d used for sketching . Which is a purple col-erase colored pencil, and I also did a little bit of shading. [Chuckles] Kind of just filled it in and made it look like a separate element compared to like the character and really like how it stands out. But I also went in and used this pencil to add like blush to the skin. So around her nose and her cheeks and then like elbows and toes and things like that. I think what are the things that inspires me to draw is faces and coloring skin. Like if I ever wanted to draw painterly, it’s always the face that I want to draw and then I’ll finish like painting the face and then I’ll be kind of burnt out with that drawing and I wont finish the rest of it. I have so many started and not finished like full body drawings, that only the face is painted, [Laughs] Abandoned art. It’s just what I’m drawn to It’s just the part I like to do the most. There’s nothing thing wrong with that and I don’t regret starting those drawings I just have no interest in finishing them. Now I’m moving into adding in the shading and the way I’m going to do this is by mixing the ink with water to get different tones. I actually ended up with three different tones, a light, a medium and a dark. They’re all pretty light because I mixed a lot of water in there because I don’t want them to get mixed in with that circle background or with any of the line art. I want them to definitely stand alone. I started by coloring in the hair. I thought this might be one of the darker elements of the drawing, but looking back with hindsight, [Laughs] I think I should have left the hair completely white and then colored in the skin darker, because the hair interacts with that dark circle behind it the most so having that white contrast I think, would have been really cool. I also used this same color to add shading to that back leg that she’s sitting on. This separates it from the front leg and gives it some depth. Here’s me lazily using my spray bottle to fill my pallete. I hate getting up and going to the sink. It’s like 17 steps there and back, that’s over 30 steps. My pedometer
is not prepared for that sort of physical activity (So I like to use my spray bottle.) [Laughs] Anyway, I mixed a darker color this time and I’m using this to color in the character’s outfit. I pictured the outfit having… Really bold, big shapes like circles and triangles, like a really out there vintage pattern but when I started coloring in the skirt, I threw that out the window [Laughs] and then when I got up to the top I remembered it. So I started adding in circles, but I didn’t put enough thought into it. It was kind of like: “Oh, oops I forgot.” And then I started adding in these circles and then they look like this. Which I don’t hate but I pictured there being like a mixture, originally, of shapes like triangles and circles and squares. Something like that. It does look bad, I think it does have a bit of a vintage vibe that I’m digging I think
at this point I realized there wasn’t enough contrast. So I went
in and darkened the entire skirt section of her dress I picked her being in a dress. It’s like an empire waist – What’s that? Cowls neck? What is that called? I guess it’s just an oval neckline…? I thought that was like a- It’s like a boat neckline or something? Anyway… I’m gonna look up boat neck. Yeah, it is a boat neck. Okay. [Laughs] And it basically just added darkness wherever
I thought it needed like just a little bit of extra depth and I think by darkening up the hair, it actually made her face pop a little bit more. Which gave me the idea to start shading in the face. I know I had already done it with the pencil, but I thought by adding in a little bit of ink, I could really make it pop even more and give it some more dimension. Then I used a white gel pen. My current favorite is the Sakura Decorese white gel pen. and I used this to adds a little magic sparkles in the sky. They could be stars like she’s sitting on the roof or something looking up at the sky. I don’t know. That’s up for interpretation. I mean in reality, it’s just a bunch of lines and blobs on a piece of paper. So if you can get anything from it, I’ll be happy. Then I waited for it all to dry again This didn’t take quite as long because the ink is now saturated with water, which is going to dry faster than ink usually does. So about like an hour, maybe, later, I went in with my Sakura Decorese white gel pen again, and I started adding in little like pops and like pizazz, you know, like hair strands coming off of her hair, that makes it look less like a solid shape and little highlights on her cheeks and her nose and like hands, and kneecaps and things like that. [Laughs] I also had like a little stripe at the hem of her skirt with like contrasting thread and I tried to resist it, but I just couldn’t. [Laughs] I added a big white line all around the entire character, separating it from that black circle. And it’s just – it just pops. I just love it. It looks cartoony. It looks like a sticker. I’m not trying to recreate real life here. [Laughs] If that’s
what I wanted, I would have got into photography. Oh, then I actually used my col-erase pencil to add a little bit more pink here and there, basically use it to fix anything I forgot. [Laughs] Definitely not my best, but also not my worst so. I’ll take it. I think a big thing about Inktober is just being able to put what you drew today behind you, learn from it without letting it overwhelm you and then starting up again tomorrow. I think that’s like the biggest lesson that Inktober taught me last year because I had quite a few where I was just like, !I don’t like this” but I shared it anyway,. Not that you have to post the art you don’t like. I don’t think anyone should ever be forced to post something that they don’t like. I feel like I have a platform where it’s important that I show you that not all art is perfect and not all art is terrible. So it’s just, you – there’s mediocre, okay. You can have mediocre art. I think giving up is the only way to fail at art. If you create something and it’s not great, you’ve probably learned something from it. Even if it doesn’t feel like it and feel free to hide it under your bed. [Laughs] Nothing wrong with that. I guess I added in some more shading. Oh, I like that. I forgot about that. I added shading on the dress. Gives it a lot more depth and makes it look less like a flat shape and here
we have my finished drawing for today’s Inktober. Again. [Laughs] Anyway, thank you guys for watching. I hope you enjoyed
coming along with me on today’s inktober journey, if you want to follow the entire Inktober journey, I’ll be posting as much as possible over on my Instagram and I’ll have a link in the description for that. Good luck with all your little inky drawings. [Laughs] Now I want to dress squid. Anyway, thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you guys all next week and hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles. Bye! ♪

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  2. Oh I see:

    *type something that Rin said here
    -Rin(the year)

    And then you’ll get pinned by Rin and liked by a bunch of other people.

  3. Everyday I don't feel like doing my drawing for the day because I'm tired from work. I've been doing it anyway and always end up proud of myself and enjoying it.

  4. I agree with all of this! I did Inktober last year and there were some I liked and some I hated. So this year I decided to find a prompt list that inspired me more but also I've worked ahead which I wasn't sure if that was "allowed" but then I thought, I don't care lol it's MY Inktober.

  5. Honestly I've skipped a ton of days. I only draw for the prompts i like and sometimes I don't even use the prompts.

  6. I’ve only recently picked up drawing as a serious hobby and it’s nice to hear you say it’s cool to chill because I was drawing every day for a while and I started getting burnt out

  7. I tried to do Inktober because I haven’t drawn in a while and used to love it. I’ve done one drawing I was happy with, but haven’t done any others since. I’ve just been lacking motivation and sleeping a lot.. it’s made me feel worse for not being able to achieve anything 🙁 xx

  8. hey rinnnn i was wondering if u could do another drawing tutorial or tips, i rlly need adrawing update! thanks

  9. WHO HAS QUARTER TERM TESTS?! Just me…… 🙁 oh well, guess I will suffer alone.
    Auf Wiedersehen, genießen Sie Ihren Tag.

    When you come to waffles to reduce stress……"So cute, love it, my life is better… wait I have a project, 6 exams, and a volleyball test."🙁😁

  10. It for sure has the Bewitched vibes! The artwork is really cute, I love the sitting poses! c:
    I use to watch Bewitched with my mom on a TV channel that showed old shows,
    My mother loved Bewitched so much that she named me after Samantha's cousin(?) Serena! lol Soon after, she learned that my great grandmother had the Middle name Serena, so it was a odd coincidence!

  11. I am horrible at drawing. I try so hard to draw something but I can't seem to make it look good. I admire everyone who can draw such amazing things like you! Rin is one of the best artists I know of!! If anyone has tips to help me draw better please tell me!!! 😊😊

  12. This is my first time doing inktober and I think it's fun and I was inspired by you so THANK YOU!!!! ( btw you are my favorite artist youtuber!!)😊

  13. "we're talking about your future art growth here, you don't need to sacrifice your current mental state" – Rin

  14. I’m only 11 but OMG I love I dream of geni it’s so funny and bewitched is not my favorite but I still like it.

  15. I love your Channel so much! Watching you inspired me to draw again and I’m so glad I did I’ve improved so much in recent months! Thank you 🙂

  16. I only did 5 days of inktober this year. because I didn't see much improvement or promises this year. plus I already went ham on it last year. as a mental distraction after my dad's passing. so it felt right to take a gap year this year.

  17. I'm one week strong which is the farthest I've gotten, and I'm actually having fun. I've been experimenting too like with digital inking, or taking a break with just using pencil (it is black and white so it's not cheating)

  18. Me: ok first time I’m gonna do inktober
    Me two days later: ok I give up
    And when you said “am I a problem to you I diedddd lol I’m weird

  19. Words of Wisdom, if I've ever heard them before::

    "A big thing about InkTober is being able to put what you drew today behind you, learn from it (without letting it overwhelm you), and then starting up again tomorrow… [Last year] I had quite a few where I was just like 'I don't like this,' but I shared it ANYWAY… it's important that I show you that not all art is perfect, and not all art is terrible… I think giving up is the only way to fail at art… If you create something and it's not 'great,' you've probably learned something from it… Even if it doesn't feel like it."

    You've hit it right on the mark, Waffles! I get so put off and sometimes even concerned watching other people get tied up in knots with their work during InkTober because I feel like they're making it out to be something it never was to begin with.

    This vid was like the rainbow emerging from the storm, or that first breathe of clear air after escaping a burning building; I just wish I could share this with everyone I see struggling with their InkTobers because THIS… IS… EVERYTHING…!

    Keep it up, girl! You are such an inspiration. I never get tired of listening to you, you keep it light and fun no matter what you talk about. I just have to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    *Love & Blessings*
    *~Ember Leigh

  20. I was super stressed about inktober the other day, and my friend told me to stop worrying. As a result, I started stressing over the fact I can't seem to calm down about it. Oh my.

  21. I’m using inktober challenge to get my creativity flowing again:) it’s super calming so far and is really helping me just doodle every day with my microns and ballpoint pens:))

  22. I’m not mentally ready to do Inktober every day so I either draw the prompts I like or skip a day or two

    10:01 also that whistling scared me

  23. i usse an empty contact lens bottle and i force the top of with a silverware knife and fill it with water. which means PORTABLE WATER BAHAHA. (rinse the bottle first)

  24. I ended up watching 9 minutes of this video thinking wow they audio is weird and this video feels really long before I realized I was playing it at .75% speed. 🤦‍♀️

  25. I think it really helped to find a good prompt list. Last year I tried, but I always felt super unispierd by by the offcal prompt list and didn't get far. This year I'm doing the chilltober prompts, and I'm having so much fun with it!

  26. I personally treat inktober like daily gesture drawings. I think too many people want to create these time intensive fully polished artworks. I will sometimes create gesture drawings which are not too crazy 5-10 minute drawings. I guess I’m already used to this due to having an art teacher that makes us draw based on themes everyday. (Everyday he has us draw from ~5 themes for us to use as we wish) That’s the only way I’ve found for me to keep it on track. If I happen to have more time to spend on it, then I use it, but at least you’re drawing everyday and practicing on how to use ink. If I try to make a fully polished artwork everyday I find it’s impossible and I like many others will get fatigued. (especially because I already have my art assignments normally.)

    My tip for Inktober: don’t feel the need to fully flesh out all the topics everyday. Flesh out the ones you can, you can always go back and expand later.

  27. i dont know why, but when inktober started i got excited and got a random burst of inspiration which has never happened. so thats cool, and i think this will be my first successful october 🙂 i dont feel forced and im excited for the next day to draw the prompt

  28. Doesn't have to be a tall character if they've got long limbs. I'm 5ft 6" so pretty regular height, but I'm all limbs and no torso to the point that my legs are actually as long as my friend Rich and he's well over 6 foot. My armspan is also longer than I am tall…. so there is that too. I also have a teeny tiny head and quite a short neck. My legs actually account for 64% of my height so…. yeah, almost two thirds of my height is legs only.

  29. I've been doing the exact thing you mentioned, just trying to draw at least something every single day. I drew a single head in a pose I liked so much , I tried to recreate it and ended up with a TON of void faces all around it. I couldn't replicate it!! It made for a pretty unsettling picture lol!

  30. I needed this. I wanted to quit inktober because I couldn't do day 8. but now, I think it's not a crime to skip it.

  31. This is my first Inktober or not Inktober because I am doing watercolourtober (if that makes sense ) and it is fun , I missed yesterday but I am still continuing …. I think not all my drawing are great but some are so yeah!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 but I think next year I will try your technique 💜💜💜💜💜

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  33. honestly don't let the inktober community being people who are like "you have to make 31 ink drawings following the prompts or you fail!!!" like

    if you make one piece of digital art you're happy with, good job!! you did inktober!!

  34. Hello, so I was just wondering if you were able to make me a logo? I recently started a new clan and need someone to make me a logo. Would you want to?

  35. "Don't torture yourself with your hobby" honestly, that's one of the hardest lessons I've ever learned… Still learning it

  36. I imagined her sitting on a seat by a circular window, in an attic when Waffles started sketching her. So… Well done, past me, you got it right-ish.

  37. lol theres a video from you like 3 years ago talking about adding magic sparkles and stuff with the white gel pen and you were like "i dunno why i do that. someday I'll stop"

  38. Thank you once again for making your video's. They have and are inspiring me to draw again and really help me improve.

  39. I didn't intend on starting inktober but coincidentally I started sketching consistently everyday since October began and suddenly realised I was low key doing the inktober challenge. When I was sketching without the realization that it was inktober, I was doing pretty well. I was satisfied with my drawings. The realization gave me pressure to sketch everyday no matter what. I chucked my holiday homework for it and I was super disappointed with my yesterday's sketch. This video is exactly what my life needs right now. Thank you for making me feel it's okay to not do well and to skip a day.
    I use so many of your sketching tips. I love you. You are a true inspiration. No other art YouTuber has gotten me to seriously improve my hobby like you do! Thank you.
    I LoVe you RIn!!😘😘😘😛♥️♥️

  40. honestly I love watching your videos, they really help me alot when it comes to my own art, I love drawing and I always have but i got to a point in my life when drawing wasn't fun and i'd put it off, like there was always a wanting to draw but everytime id draw id become disappointed because what i drew isnt what i imagined it to be, the arms didn't/don't look like arms or just look off and i was just better at drawing the body parts by themselves rather than altogether and it was this big thing of wanting to do something i loved but feeling upset when i did because it wasnt 'good' but after watching you i slowly started doing art again, and yeah im not happy entirely with how it looks all the time but no one is always happy with their art and im not going to find myself happy with my art if i dont keep making it

  41. Thank you, Rin <3 You're right about moving forward. I just have such big illustrations in my head, I wish I could just copy paste from my brain onto the page. Therefore, I keep doing the drawing in sections and getting frustrated it doesn't look like what I imagined lol..even on the sketch, but it is what it is. Let's move on to the next <3

  42. I did five drawings using the prompts while watching Naruto yesterday😂 But I enjoyed it so it's okay right–?

  43. I might be incredibly dumb but if you’re not supposed to dip your pen in the ink bottle, how then? Obviously you could put some in a palette, but doesn’t that waste a bunch each time?
    Basically I’m asking for advice on this🤷🏻‍♂️

  44. i think inktober is easier for artist who don't think of themselves as total failures and don't have to cope with their depression and childhood trauma all the time.

  45. I keep skipping prompts and just doodling based on the prompts I like. It’s more fun than making 31 finished illustrations.

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