Why is there no American Left Wing Party?

If there’s one thing you hear over and over
again in the American political discourse, it’s socialism as a word to represent generic
badness. And America indeed doesn’t appear to have
a left-wing party in their political system. Many other countries have democratic socialist
parties, but the US seems to act as a strange exception to this. So… why? Hi, I’m Tristan Johnson, and this is Step
Back History. Be sure to click the subscribe button as well
as the bell notification to never miss a new Step Back video or live stream. Unlike in Canada, a good chunk of Europe,
and Oceania, a social democratic party never entered the halls of Congress. It almost rings as just political wisdom in
American political speech. Never mention socialism. Everything private is better than public,
corporations always good, unions always bad, progressive taxation bad, trickle down good. You saw accusations of encroaching socialism
from the American right for over half a century now. Most recently it was the Limbaugh’s and the
Gingrich’s arguing that the tiniest government regulation from Obama meant the imminent rise
of Soviet communism, even when all his best friends were bankers. Well, to channel Morpheus, what if I told
you Socialism isn’t some foreign ideology, antithetical to American values? What if I told you that it was the work of
Socialists that you have all your fingers, and you likely worked 8 hours today? This is the story of a group of political
activists who without getting to play in congress or the white house, still made a lot of modern
America. What we could call socialist communities in
America date all the way back to the early 19th century. Groups like the Shakers, activists like Josiah
Warren, and communities founded by people like Charles Fournier experimented with socialist
type policies and actions, just without the name. As industrialisation expanded in America,
you saw a massive increase in the country’s wealth. In the 19th century, the per capita wealth
increased by about 1000 dollars, but it was incredibly uneven. In 1901, one percent of the population owned
about 54 percent of the wealth. This is around double of their share today. This economic situation is often credited
for the spread of socialist ideas in America. Funny that. So in the late 19th century, socialist movements
started to bubble up in America. One such example is the presidential run of
Victoria Woodhull. She was the publisher of the Communist Manifesto
in America and ran for president under the Equal Rights Party all in 1872. The law at the time said that women couldn’t
vote, but nothing said they couldn’t run for office. At one point she even tried to court Frederick
Douglass as her running mate. Her platform was to reform political and social
abuses, emancipate labour, and give women the vote. She also wanted to abolish the death penalty
and improve civil rights. Socialist groups, trade unions, and suffragists
supported her bid for the white house. However because she was under the age of 35,
she wasn’t allowed on the Ballot. Now President Woodhull is an alternate history
scenario I want to read! Socialism in the late 19th century usually
wasn’t in these electoral arenas. Groups formed from trade unions and were popular
amongst British, German, and Jewish immigrants. There were a few attempts to build a party,
including the 1874 workingmen’s party and the 1877 Socialist Labour Party, but the real
big step for Socialism in America was the founding of the… Socialist Party of America in 1901. Its primary goals were to collectivise those
means of production. The party was, however, very decentralised
to allow for flexibility and to serve diverse interests around the country. It attracted a motley crew of both immigrant
and native-born workers, tenant farmers, middle-class intellectuals, a few champagne socialist rich
people, urban reformers, and the nascent feminist movement. The party did pretty well for itself, claiming
about 10,000 members on its founding, and growing to 150,000 by 1912, the high watermark
for the party electorally. Socialist magazines like Appeal to Reason
had circulations over 760,000. This period also saw the rise in Anarchist
activism. A group of left-leaning folks who believe
that there’s no government like… no government. Anarchists were active parts of this surge
in left-wing politics going on, albeit with a few objecting to their tactics. Assassinating the president, not exactly the
best PR. In May of 1883, a labour demonstration exploded
in violence. Literally, there were bombs. This event, which I am glossing over because
it really should be its own video, is called the Haymarket affair, or by people on the
left, the Haymarket Massacre. It spawned International Workers Day, which
is a holiday around the world. Except in America and Canada, where they instead
have a labour day in September very few people even know is about labour. Several anarchists were found guilty of conspiracy
after the event and executed for their involvement with the bombing. Anarchists in this period had a reputation
for liking bombs. So what were these labour activists goals? The big move around the world among socialists
was an 8 hour work day, but many had the long-term goal of eradicating capitalism. Where they fought was in how. Some were revolutionaries who wanted to use
bullets and bombs to overthrow the state, and some argued for a reformist approach. Things were looking good after 1912, but it
wouldn’t last. The drums of war began to beat over in Europe
in 1914. The empires of the world clashed in one of
the biggest, deadliest, and most pointless wars in human history. Most socialists opposed the struggle, claiming
that it was a result of empires competing over colonies. They implored the US to stay neutral in such
a conflict. However, in 1917, the US declared war on the
central powers. This war led to a lot of changes in America. It was the beginning of the income tax, but
also when the US passed the espionage act. This very constitutional law made it a crime
to make speeches undermining the war effort. It resulted in the imprisonment of a lot of
anti-war protestors. Among them was Socialist Party leader Eugene
Debs. Socialist magazines were forced shut, except
for Appeal to Reason which decided to support the war to keep its doors open. After the war, the attorney general A. Mitchell
Palmer became convinced that communists were planning to take over America. See, the Russian revolution in what would
become the USSR really freaked him out. He recruited a special assistant, J. Edgar
Hoover, and used that espionage act as well as a similar Sedition Act to attack pretty
much every left of centre organisation. On the second anniversary of the Russian Revolution,
over 10,000 activists were arrested under what is today called the Palmer Raids. Those arrested who were immigrants found themselves
facing deportation. By the way, that revolution Palmer was convinced
entirely was going to happen was bogus. They found no evidence of such an activity. However, that didn’t stop many of these activists
from being held without trial for a very long time. Most were released, but some famous activists
like Emma Goldman were deported to Russia. The Socialist party began to decline in the
20s. However, that didn’t stop Eugene Debs from
raking in almost a million votes in the 1920 election while in prison. In the 1930s, the Socialist party was supplanted
by Communist Party USA, often called CPUSA. People were afraid of the consequences of
supporting these causes. As a result of the government crackdowns,
many socialist newspapers, even the ones that survived the war, had to shut down. As the Depression took hold, and the New Deal
began to show a lot of success, many socialists decided to vote Democratic. Socialist party membership dropped over 80
percent between 1932 and 1936. However, there were some holdouts. One place the Socialists succeeded was in
Milwaukee, where Daniel Hoan served as the mayor from 1916, all the way to 1940. The second punch came in the 1950s. During the peak of the cold war with the USSR,
a senator named Joseph Mccarthy, who looks a lot like Ted Cruz, capitalised on paranoia
about Soviet spies and began a witch hunt for secret communists. This led to a lot of destroyed lives of anyone
who ever associated with these socialist groups, even if that association was decades ago. It also resulted in a lot of closeted LGBT
people suffering threats of being outed. It’s called the lavender scare and a story
for another video if you want it. Due to this second red scare, membership in
the socialist party fell to below 2,000 members as people either retreated in fear or joined
the Democrats in hopes that they could push their ideas there. Gosh, that’s been going on for a long time… In the 60s, some high profile American socialists
actually were called in by the Kennedy and Johnson administrations to help with the war
on poverty and the great society. Socialists also began to show up in the civil
rights movement, and to a much lesser extent amongst the 60s counterculture. Speaking of the 60s, there was a rise in a
liberal pro-capitalist, but still socially progressive…ish group called the new left. After the 60s, this began to be what would
take over the Democratic party. That being said, over the late 60s and early
70s the socialists tended to throw their support behind the Democratic candidate. In 1976, the Socialist party ran its first
presidential candidate in two decades, and the candidate was a former mayor of Milwaukee. Since then, the Socialist party pretty much
broke with the Democrats. Well, through their policy positions, it’s
more the Democrats broke up with them. So the socialists do seem at quite a low point,
but things seem to be open to change. The cold war is long dead, and in 2013 a poll
of identified Democrats found a 49% support for socialism, compared to a 39% support for
capitalism. The presidential campaign of Senator Bernie
Sanders and the organised young fight against the Trump administration has resulted in an
explosion of support for socialism in America. Since the Sanders campaign, the Democratic
Socialists of America have reported that their membership has more than doubled. It’s still unclear how socialism will fit
into the future of American politics, but it seems that it will be part of it. Did you know that I do a stream every Sunday
night? It’s true! It’s a show called So that Happened, and
in it, I hang out with the Emperor Tigerstar, and Cody from the Alternate History Hub. If a show like that piques your interest,
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Johnson as well as Kolbeinn Mani for their generosity. The theme song is by 12Tone and come back
next time for more Step Back.

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  1. I'm center left economically and center right socially.I usually want democrats to win because of my economic stances.But I would like a third party to rise up that agrees with my views more

  2. Identity politics, which has been promoted for decades by the plutocrats because of its tendency to divide the little people, has been enfeebling the Left. Though the term "utilitarian socialism" was not often used (at least not to my understanding), US socialism before the 1970's was primarily utilitarian in nature, focusing on maximizing the improvement of the welfare of the whole of the people, particularly the laboring classes, regardless of race or gender or any other personal characteristics, and has drifted further and further away from that since then.

  3. They basic reason there have only been short times for radical left parties in the US is that first they only come about during an economic crisis and then have receded once the crisis has been resolved. Also the American electoral system of winner take all is such that two parties and not three or more are better suited as vote winning and catching machines.

  4. Growing leftist parties in the USA 🇺🇸:
    -Party for Socialism and liberation
    -Democratic Socialists of America
    -Socialist Alternative
    -Green Party

  5. New left was never pro capitalist!! Examples of the new left is Noam Chomsky, Micheal Parenti , Oliver Stone , and etc

  6. There's a simple answer to why Americans fear Socialism. Republicans saw the need for better standards of living, and became the progressive party. The Republicans then realized that over-regulation is bad for the economy, but still agrees that there must be standards. The Democrats chased after the Black Americans after the Great Migration and gave them incentives to get there vote, but at the same time kept them in poverty by persuading them that they don't need to work, especially with welfare and Medicaid. This is why you hear Republicans talking about how the Democrats play "identity politics." Republicans today see less taxation, resulting in more business investments in areas as well as more job opportunities, as the answer, giving more people chances to find a job, rather than minimum wages increases (without tax cuts) as the answer according to Democrats. Republicans also care more about healthcare QUALITY, rather than healthcare EQUALITY, since single payer healthcare usually results to rationing, even seen with the VA. Americans, at least Republicans, believe that the government should act as a referee, monitoring the economy and the people, rather than actually being a part of it. That's mainly why they advocate for cheaper healthcare costs, rather than universal healthcare. The Democratic Party has always been corrupt, and still is, at least in my opinion. It appears that they masked themselves as the party of the people, today. However, they're still trying to oppress minorities. It has turned to a softer form of racism. You can look at the issue of schools right now. They segregated communities and now they don't give proper funding to schools in the inner cities. It's just like the schools were before Brown vs. Board of Education. The Black schools weren't funded anywhere close to the White schools. There's the corrupt party, that acts as if it's the left, then there's the party that's always rightfully labeled the GOP. If you fear that Socialism will turn out to be just like what the Democrats have advocated for, rightfully so, you are going to stay away from it. I know I'm biased, but this is one of the viewpoints that Americans have.

  7. Is this guy stupid? The Democrats are a hard left European-Styled Trotskyite party.Truman and JFK wouldn't fit in, or at least make in out of the early primaries.

  8. The Democratic party has become so extremist only the mentally I'll and over privileged entitled know nothing do nothing teenagers vote for them

  9. I hear the weather in venezuala is great this time of year…there still might be some roadkill to fight over with some starving venezualans too if you're lucky

  10. Because the media and you ARE the leftwing party… just like in Germany in the 1940's there were no Jewish newspapers or mainstream media reporting other than what their controlling party( the NAZI'S) wanted reported. the same in Communist Russia….. no dissenting THOUGHT was allowed. think about that …. The Democratic party is the party of totalitarianism in America now. Anyone take the time to research the Nazi party? National SOCIALIST German worker party.. sounds like a popular good thing if you were living in Germany at the time..free stuff !! The late night hosts anymore , and a lot of the movies or tv cable news convey the SAME message… HELLLOOOO !!! .. WAKE THE HELL UP !! . Pick up a history book anything involving the past 100 yrs.. and learn about how many people are killed when ''The people all think alike'' and our willing to surrender THEIR OWN RIGHTS TO THE GOVERNMENT, especially in socialist or communist countries. MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of people died, not to mention the countless American soldiers who fought against this crap. but .. hey … those countries.. they ''didn't do it right''.. now we will call it ''Democratic socialism'' just change the name a bit.. it will be different THIS TIME right?? Get a fucking job in this greatest country you happen to live in .. and count yourself lucky you are here.There are plenty of socialist countries to move to if you don't like it.

  11. Hopefully Bernie is never elected. America has never had a socialist president, and hopefully it will stay that way. In America we’ve always had two parties that embrace a free society.

  12. Also one big error: Socialists have held seats in Congress before. Victor Berger served in the US House of Representative from Wisconsin’s 5th congressional district from 1911-1913, March-November 1919 and 1923-1929, as a member of the socialist party. Meyer London also served in the House, repressing New York’s 12th district from 1915-1919 and then again from 1921-1923. Both of these men are very controversial though. Berger was disliked by many socialists back in his day for his “sewer socialism”. Meyer London was nearly expelled from the Socialist Party for supporting World War I, and remains controversial today for his support for Zionism.

  13. fuck your 8hrs, I want 10 or 12hr days, and there are indeed unions in my area trying to make such illegal… NOTE I am liberal.

  14. Also fuck your "democratic-socialism", keep most private economic rights alone… work towards what is clearly the most successful policy, social democracy – which is what Bernie Sanders actually is by all standards (it doesn't matter if he reference himself as a socialist, he never has advocated for actual "socialism".)

  15. It's weird, isn't it? So many right-wingers go on and on about the radical left… and yet the left are such massive underdogs in America that they don't even have a political party representing them in Congress.

  16. Great video on such a momentous period of American history. I would like to learn more about the Lavender Affair.

  17. This is like claiming there is no rain because of anthropogenic warming. America doesn't just have a Left-wing party, it has the most left-wing parties of all: far more extreme than Europe.
    The only difference is the Left-wing parties here are centered around social issues and not economic ones. The energy is on race and sex, not money. AND the American Left-wing has infected the European Left with that same extremism.

    We're also the only nation to have no right-wing party at all, considering center-Left social types like Trump as extreme right because he's merely center-left leaning centrist on racial issues. We have a moderately Left-wing social, moderately centrist capitalist party.

    The silliness of arguing over a simple label is nearly uncurable stupidity. There is no stepping back to the stupidity of a man wearing a Bernie Sanders shirt and lecturing people that the sky is purple pokadots.

    You people are insane.

  18. The general ignorance of the American working class of 'their' very own social history is amazing.
    During the pantomime of the primaries when 17 or so balloons on sticks put themselves up for selection, as the chief 'representative' of 'Everyone' , and each of the puppet-clowns pontificated on the subject of 'patriotism' with the saccharine hand-on-heart 'land of the free' hymns and 'flagwaving' etcetera, the happy clappy claque of yeehah trumpfodder 'responding' ,if not, reacting to the shills for the Corporate States of America was amazing ,Especially the trump's Capita-fascist nativistic mouthnoises of pandering to "The Forgotten Man" and a comehither "Tax Rebate" ,reminds one of a novel printed in 1935 by Sinclair Lewis :- 'It Can't Happen Here' .
    The history of the great working class novel (not only American, but also British and European) and the insight it provides into the organised social corruption of capitalism that has pervaded Every Aspect of the society within which we live,seems to have bypassed the lumpen-proletariat that make up trump's troops.
    Even the foxswamp and it's sycophantic "reporter's" is a recurring theme in the political history.

  19. Its because there isn't a suffciently Charismatic leftist Liberatarian who doesn't have to work with the major parties who are rather Authortiarian. Bernie got close but people really hate him for backing Hillary even though that's really his only chance for a second try. As for Anarchists the only governments stupider then Anarchy is pure communism or pure capitalism.

    America needs a middle ground that doesn't let people starve or suffer but Does let people run their own lives, own property, and make some extra money.

  20. We have two major left wing parties, the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. America needs a real right wing political movement which rejects failed ideas like egalitarianism and democracy, the hallmarks of left wing ideology.

  21. Bernie isn't a socialist and the CP USA isn't even popular among socialists because it abandoned actual communism for shilling Hillary. The only way socialists can get their voices heard today is through the black bloc.

  22. Hi comrade, let's start the proletariat revolution.. ready for People's Socialist Republic Democratic United States of America Union !

  23. Once the socialist party of America got big, the should've adopted democratic centralism. What eventually happened to the party is that it succumbed to opportunism and infiltration, it was honestly a disappointment that they couldn't take advantage of the great depression. Maybe if Jack reed was alive things might of been different.

  24. Socialism isn't government activity, it's a hole new system all together.
    It's the domination of the working classes over the capitalist classes. Not only that but socialism entails a planned economy, public ownership of the means of production and the abolition of private property (not your tooth brush).
    My only issue with the name democratic socialism is that socialism is inherently democratic, it has proletarian democracy.

  25. "Senator named Joseph McCarthy, who looks a lot like Ted Cruz…" …More like the love child of Ted Cruz and Richard Nixon!

  26. When it takes you ten minutes to realise that as he's talking about Socialism, he's also wearing a shirt on which the slogan "Bernie for President" is displayed.

  27. I’ve been called a communist un ironically just because I would prefer a single payer system and tuition free college payed by taxes instead of pork barrel spending , tax cuts for the wealthy and half of spending
    towards the military is that too much to ask for ?

  28. best decade we had in the Netherlands where in the days of the social democrat den uil it works. if you finaly get it watch out becouse liberals will pretend to want the same things as social democrats but do it better and then when they are elexted they will fuck everything up and blame the social democrats.

  29. Socialism was actually VERY popular amid the burgeoning Gay Rights/ Liberation movement since they were well aware that Capitalism oppresses all people, especially GLBT people and any gender or ethnic minority! Most of the leaders of the Gay Rights movement were all Socialist, and we need to popularize Socialism again amid my GLBT brothers and sisters.

  30. Unions being collective barganing sounds like a capitalist thing, im not an expert but i think when the government gets involved in the situation it becomes a problem.

  31. You are very naive, the super elite families that despise the working class cooked up something called SOCIALISM and are using it to gain total control as soon as they can disarm the people. You seem too ignorant to read between the lines because all you do is spout dry historical bs. Wall street saved the USSR at the end of Lenins life because the Wall st moguls were instrumental in creating the USSR where 100 million plus WORKERS were worked to death in gulags that supplied the Western Robber Barons with super cheap natural resources. Socialism refers to the state ownership of the means of production; what makes you think the government can run anything efficiently, just look at the ACA and how it screwed up medical insurance.

  32. Are you sure that isn't actually Ted Cruz? They have the same ideas about anyone who agrees with social security is a communist.

  33. There are no parties, it's all a show. You are being manipulated into staying calm and stupid until the day comes for you to go away.

  34. The New Left were NOT pro-capitalist. Certainly not among the youth. Rather, they were an (at times) uneven mishmash of libertarian socialism and Leninism.

  35. You say "Communist manifesto" and "collectivizing means of production" like they are good things. They are not.

  36. America needs a leftist, communist and non-stalinist party. DSA is another reformist party. Here in europe have a lot of them……

  37. The USA doesn't really have a lot a right wing party either. It really comes down to the two party system that encourages everyone to play to the middle.

  38. The U.S has as two party system under a single capitalist ideology. The Democrats are portrayed as the left-wing and Republicans as the right-wing. However this is a smokescreen since both parties support capitalism. Because they dominate the government, the polls and the whole electoral system, people are forced more or less to join them if they want to get elected (which is not always true). Also the media is only given massive attention to the Democrats and Republicans. Why? Because the media is paid millions in advertises. Finally the brainwashing, the U.S ruling class has been very effective in brainwashing its workers into voting against their own interests with help from the trade unions and the Democratic Party. The fact that the USA was in a Cold War with the Stalinist USSR also helped to equalize the ideas of socialism with stalinism!

  39. A lot of folks left the communist party when they went from fash bash to Hitler handies during the Russia-Germany pact. You glanced over that part.

  40. Stay strong, American comrades. You guys are more important to the struggle than you will ever know, especially given how what happens in America tends to affect every other country in the "Western World"

  41. Yeah we know all that, and We're all "Momentarily embarrassed Millionaires". As a descendant of Kulaks I'm not too impressed.

  42. Keep in mind though, the Socialist Party of America and the Socialists of the early 20th century ARE NOT the same Socialists of Bernie Sanders and the DSA. Bernie Sanders and the DSA do not want to get rid of capitalism or have the means of production publicly/commonly owned.

  43. In the U.S., people are so afraid of communism they run right into the suffocating tentacles of bankers and corporate sociopaths instead. It is the most pathetic display of Stockholm Syndrome on the planet. Anti-leftist agendas like McCarthyism are psyops meant to trick the ignorant and fearful into demanding predatory capitalism as the antidote to authoritarian communism. It's telling to listen to right wingers decry globalism when they were the ones who always supported corporate control of governments. Globalism is simply Reaganomics exported around the world. The fact that they can see how deregulated capitalism harms other countries yet they still demand it for the U.S. shows how completely mind fucked they are by their corporate masters.

  44. Hey step back, do you think in some alternate history where the US never entered WW1, do you think the socialist party and by a larger extent the left, would have developed more in that they would’ve been a force to be reckoned with?

  45. Seriously AlternateHistoryHub? The channel that thinks an ideology as outdated as Capitalism is the future??

  46. Thanks for mentioning the Sewer Socialists! I was (mentally) screaming when you were talking about the early 20th century

  47. There are no shortage of left wing parties in the US. The issue is getting ballot access and the first past the post (winner take all) voting system. I've included a link that lists all the currently registered third parties in the US.

  48. Socialism, communism, or Democratic Socialism are all radical collectivism. Radical collective ideology does not reflect the sovereignty of the individual. Capitalism is the only system that reflects on the sovereign of the individual.
    Pragmatically speaking I'll stick with capitalism. American pragmatic truth I find works very well. So pragmatically it's best to stick to capitalism.

  49. Working together and "protecting the right common values ​​of mankind", finding and giving each other "right and reasonable advice". Towards "protecting the right" in "family life" and social life …

  50. Are you unaware of the progressive leftist parties of India like the CPIM and them ruling states like Kerala leading them to a healthcare and HDI comaprable to western Europe.

  51. The two parties are in effect coalition parties. The minority wing of the "Democratic" coalition is for social democracy (with an even smaller "Socialist" faction). We all know this so I don't get why people complain about there "only" being two parties. It's something that just sounds ignorant/uninformed imo, Dennis Kucinich and Joe Liberman are different.

  52. EVERY Americans SHOULD be Angry at The State and Problems of America !

    " Not Me, Us ! " – Bernie Sanders.
    Majority of American People Tend To Fixate on Special "Leaders". (Presidents)
    Why Don't Millions of Ordinary Americans Stand Up and Fight Back ?
    Why are We still Too Ignorant, Afraid, Lazy, Docile to Fight Against the "Anti-Working Class" ,
    "Anti-Labor Unions" , "Anti-Environmental" and "Anti-Consumer" Politicians, MSM and Corporations/CEOs, ?
    (and Corruption, Injustice, Immorality, Lies and Propaganda)

    I'm Enthusiatic Bernard Supporter, too.
    But, there're Too Many Things to Fix and Reform in America Today.
    To Bring Fundamental Change to America, and To Solve the Problems and Issues,
    We Need To Fully Understand Ourselves Best, and Bigger Perspective and Big Picture!

    The Sad Reality is that Majority of Americans are Systemically and Unconsciously
    Indoctrinated, Brainwashed and Propagandized to think America is #1.
    And moreover, Majority of Americans still could NOT afford to Move or Travel to Foreign Countries.
    But, the Cold Hard Truth and Dismal Reality is that America is NOT even close to the Best or Second.
    Almost All Major Social Index, Census and Statistics of America are within Rock Bottom Level,
    except for the Armed Forces (Military). (Veteran Suicide Rate is getting worse and worse.)

    We’re running 800 military bases in 80 different countries.
    The U.S. Spends More on Its Military Than 144 Countries Combined. –
    Almost Every American Foreign Wars benefit NOBODY,
    but Warmonger Neocons, Israel, Saudi, Energy Corporations, Defense Contractors and Bankers.
    U.S. National Debt is Astronomical and Out of Control.

    ▶▶▶ 40 Embarrassing Things That America Is The Best In The World At (2012) ◀◀◀

    Healthcare, Obesity, Life Expectancy, Mental Health, Depression, PTSD, Drug Addicts, Baby Mortality Rate, ..
    American Literacy Rate, Very Poor Public Education (1 in 6 still thinks that the Sun is rotating around the Earth.)
    (Americans' Knowledge Base on History, Global Affairs and World Geography etc. is Worst of the Worst),
    Most of the Schools NEVER teach True American History.
    (Economic History, Lynching History, Human Rights History, American Foreign War History, Government Corruption etc.)

    Children and Adult Poverty Rate, Majority 45% of Americans are in Poverty or
    near Poverty level, … About 40 Millions of Americans and Unemployed People don't have access to Healthcare System.
    American Consumers' Loan Debt is Astronomical and Out of Control. America is 1 Trillion in Car Debt.

    One of the Highest Crime Rates in Major Countries, Worst Gun Violence Rate in the Entire World.
    Highest Incarceration Rate and the Largest Total Prison Population in the Entire World by a Good Margin.

    Low Democracy Index, The Press Freedom Index is even 48th in the Word ! (https://rsf.org/en/ranking#)
    Legalized Corporate Propaganda Media, (U.S. Mainstream Media is Total Propaganda
    for the Wall Street and Military-Industrial Complex.) ,

    Almost Non Existing Public Transit except few Metro Cities, D+ Infrastructure…..
    Shockingly, 42 states of 50, is poisoned with chemcials and lead in tap water,
    Water, Soil and Food poisoned with Monsanto RoundUp Glyphosate and Chemicals, etc.

    All of those are 3rd and 4rd world or shithole/hellhole level of corruption, disasters, anomie and national embarrssment.
    America has just First World "Economy", but Third World or Worse on Everything Else.

    But Too Many Narcissistic and Selfish Americans today are still Delusional,
    Self-Conceited, Arrogant and have False Sense of Patriotism and Freedom.
    Overwhelming Majority of Americans are in Denial and Can't Handle The Truth.

  53. I'd be interested in a video with your take on The New Left. Also, a video about The Haymarket Affair, and the Lavender Scare. Just discovered you a few days ago and have been binging. Great stuff.

  54. I mean it would help if the largest Socialist Party’s actually placed the crux of their activism on actual working class labor issues, and not the issues of identity. While I’m not saying that these individual social issues aren’t important, it is good to note that the past Socialist revolutionaries and reformers weren’t whining about micro aggressions, gendered speech, and “audio triggers” most of the time. They were conducting strikes, creating labor councils, and starting civil wars. Also the greasiest Socialist advances came out of people who were actually carrying out the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and not some petty bourgeois students campaigning for Welfare Capitalism and calling it Socialism. If you want Socialism embrace the roots of Socialism, and reject petty bourgeois liberal opportunism!

  55. Socialism does not create an environment where individuals who wants to stand in their own feet and pull their own weight and succeed as if sky is the limit. Socialism policies does not reward the diligence and the personal goal of self sufficient. Socialist use the poor, the needy, and the frauds to put themselves in positions of Government. So everyone is poor except the ruling class.

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