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I was going to Los Angeles City College and my best friend introduced me to him. Actually he was a blind date. That’s how we met. So… everything went okay for a year. Same pattern going out with our sorority
friends and having a good time, but nothing serious. Then one day he mentioned that he had read Hemingway’s “Death in the Afternoon” and he wanted to see a bull fight in Mexico. I couldn’t quite picture a bull, I mean, being, you know, tortured. And that’s the way I looked at it , but I went. The first bull fight came on and… I blubbered through the whole thing. I thought it was so unfair the way they were sticking all these banderillas in the bull. And I was making a scene. People were beginning to look at me actually because I was blubbering. And I have to tell you he was so understanding. He wasn’t embarassed. And for the first time I felt like I you know, I loved him. I thought, you know, I hadn’t noticed this before! Where did this come from?! And I thought, Here I am, falling in love with this guy and how I’m going to have get him to tell me he loves me because it the way it’s supposed to be? So…um… I held him hostage one night. …and… I was going to just hang on until I somehow got him to say that you know, special proposal or something anything! And, um, he finally did! So, do you remember that? Not exactly it’s a — All I remember is that it was kinda an emotional moment of ‘how do you get out of this?’ kind of feeling. And, she had it all figured out, but I never – I haven’t figured it out yet! and so I think that’s part of the charm is the mystery. You never quite figure it out. There’s the old saying, Birds of a feather flock together and opposites attract. We couldn’t have been more opposite
so I guess that was part of it. We used to argue about everything. Whatever he said I said the opposite. So, one day I was noticing how our son was talking to our daughter. Now, she was the oldest She’s small, like a stick of dynamite she
would always tell him what to do. Finally, he kinda rebelled a little bit and she scolded him. But he didn’t get angry. He started saying things that make her laugh. And before you know it she was laughing so hard she forgot what it was she was scolding him about. And so I remember that. It was a long time ago. So, whenever things like that begin to happen, if you can see the lighter side of things,
it really makes it easy Well, for one thing, since he’s retired,
we pretty much are in the same twelve by twelve foot
room, it’s a den in our home …and… he has a computer that faces the television, I have a computer that faces the mirror so, at least I can turn my head and see the TV if I want to. And there we are in that room all day
long if you can imagine. Mostly we doze off. That’s true. It’s a challenge when you’re together that much. You’re not going to grow if someone doesn’t give you a little bit of a challenge once in a while. You know, we learned through the years
not to let things upset us. And it isn’t easy, but once you figure it out then, everything’s okay. Just turn up the TV a little louder. SoulPancake! Subscribe!

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