Why Should Millennials Celebrate Mahashivratri? – Sadhguru | #MahaShivRatri2020

“I believe in God” – one level of ignorance. “I believe there is no God” – another level of ignorance. Mahashivratri is not a religious festival. It has something to do with the
astronomical phase of this planet. And we’ve figured out what phases of
the planet are most advantageous to us. Questioner: Namaskaram, Sadhguru.
Millennials, they do not believe in… Sadhguru: Which millennial are you?
Which millennia do you belong to? I am not a millennial? Everybody is going on taking newer and
newer identities, that’s what I’m saying. Questioner: So, people my age, they do not believe in god and religion. So how is Mahashivratri relevant to people our age? – Millennials – I don’t know any other words. Sadhguru: Well, even I do not believe anything – not just god,
I don’t believe anything including millennial. I don’t believe anything. Whatever I see, I try to perceive. What I perceive, I know; what
I don’t perceive, I do not know. But… belief, disbelief, and all these different identities are crippling your ability
to perceive because every identity is of memory, isn’t it? So, the moment you identify with
anything that is rooted in your memory and all identities are rooted in your memory,
you kind of crippled your perception. Now you cannot perceive, you will only juggle with permutations and
combinations of the possibilities within your memory. This is how human perception is lost, because you made memory more significant
than attention and intelligence in human life. So memory is not a bad thing, it is useful. But if you’re always dipping your
hands in memory, you’re crippled. We have set up a system where memory
is misunderstood as intelligence. From this comes your religion,
from this comes your scriptures, from this comes your many many social norms. From this comes a whole lot of things that you’re
either, you know, confused about or suffering. So you, your gender, your nationality, your race,
your religion – everything is memory, isn’t it? So they are selectively dropping one
memory and sticking on to another one; that’ll not make them any better. They will move from one variety of
ignorance to another variety of ignorance. “I believe in God” – one level of ignorance. “I believe there is no God” – another level of ignorance. Let me not say “another level,” then you will
think you’re on a higher level of ignorance. No, same thing. ”I believe there is God” – this is ignorance. ”I believe there is no God” – this is also equally ignorant. Because you have crippled your perception, you have to
make some conclusion and remember that – that’s all. So, don’t go on like this. Mahashivratri is not a religious festival; it has something to do with the
astronomical phase of this planet. This planet is a part of a larger family
that we call as the solar system. That is a part of a larger family that we call
galaxies, cosmos, whatever names and names, but essentially, there is nothing
happening here in an unrelated way. So we understand that at certain times, in certain
positions, the planet behaves in a certain way. And we have figured out what phases of
the planet are most advantageous to us. In that context, Mahashivratri because there
are twelve to thirteen Shivratris in a year. Every month, the fourteenth day is called
Shivratri, where there is a natural upsurge. We have identified a specific Shivratri, which
comes in the month of February and March; just when the beginning of spring in the Northern
Hemisphere there’s a significant impact on your body, on that day there’s a natural upsurge of energies. So, when there is such an upsurge of energy, if you keep your body in a horizontal position,
then it could impact the body in a negative way. It’s important you keep it in a vertical posture because
the natural movement of energies in this direction; if you lie down like this, it won’t
be good, so you must stay up. How to keep you up? Some people go to the bar. Yeah, yeah, I’m telling you. Some people whole night they’re playing cards. Yes! These are all the different things they’re doing. Some people go to late shows. That night, the show doesn’t end with the night show. Three shows in the night that till
morning, some movie is going on. So usually some devotional
movie, something about Shiva. So, this is an opportunity. Whichever millennium you were born in, it is an opportunity that the planet is supporting you; the system, the larger system is supporting
you to move in an upward direction. Please make use of it, it doesn’t matter
you belong to 20th century, 21st century or the second or the third millennia – it doesn’t matter. Because, once again, you know all this only by memory. Millennium is not an existential reality, it’s a social reality – we made it up. Hello? It is very important, one must understand, spiritual process means
you are moving from religion to responsibility. I think that’s one thing that everybody
could do with, particularly the Millennials. They could do with some responsibility, for sure. Thank you.

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  1. For the first time doing mahashivratri with my own will , all these years the logic was not clear..he made it so clear, so high in clarity and easy explanation yet was so difficilt to understand before he came and explained.

  2. Hope the liberals of our country are listening to this …this is about enhancing spiritual growth not about promoting or endorsing a religion ♥️

  3. But to others or like all of us, isn't it a cliche religious spectacle.
    How lost are we?
    It's just his connotation or ?
    The conclusion is this that i don't know in my humble opinion ,,, nothing.

  4. ओम नमः शिवाय। एक प्रश्न सदगुरु जी से क्या शिव रात्रि माघ में होती हैं ? यह तो फागुन के महीने में आ रही है

  5. Everything is fine. But why is he stating that MahaShivratri is not religious. In Sanatana Dharma everything is based on science, cosmos and philosophy. It is definitely based on Sanatana Dharma. No other religion celebrates it.

  6. You are close enough to the Truth this time: While forms of conflicts are not in you, that is the happening-time of the support what comes from the Eternal One , it supports you then .
    You can decide near this in yourself: you can extend the length of it.
    It is a daily thing, even if teachers speaks about else: it is there for everybody every day.
    Otherwise Life would not be able to sustain itself. You are with the support of the One every day, not only masters: everybody.
    All the beneficial happenings are moving toward you at these parts of your day – especially if you are not alone, because more inner conflict-free people makes easier this process of life to happen, what is also one of the main purposes of life.
    While forms of conflicts are not in you: wonders appears then.

  7. Hello Guys! Is mahashivratri has something to do with date or it is just same period of time all over the world?. Because when its 6 pm of 21st feb in india, it would be 6am in canada.

  8. This 'upsurge of energy' he is talking about which will negatively impact the people who are 'horizontal and not vertical' has not been felt by many. So I have no idea what he is going on about and neither does anybody else in the audience have any clue. These modern hippies have no conception of divinity or higher truths. They have not tried to make sense of the Bhagavad Gita and the great wisdom of ancient India, and think that those who read scriptures and believe in a higher power are 'ignorant' yet it is this display of arrogant disbelief which shows their own ignorance, and lack of clarity and perception.

  9. Sadguru uses science and math to help idiots and dunces educated in the Lord Macauley system of education understand the advancement of Sanatan Dharma i.e Hinduism

  10. Just takes an eloquent man to influence the minds of people who cannot think for themselves.
    No matter if you wrong but if you are a good orator , you will have an army of blind following you. Thanks for being another example.

  11. I like when Sadhguru goes into the detailed aspects of mysticism. Like levels of body and energy bodies. Every time he says "many many aspects I will not go into here." That's what I want more of in these videos.

  12. How beautiful these people are… Be' Co' Me' Not Be Lie Ve. Know what is known learn what you think you cannot try what is hardest do what you feel is correct and Love will follow you thru life… Many Fish One Love! @'Ur6

  13. "Once you touched my energy in a certain way, this is your last life". – This man will dissolve all those naive souls that go there and try to "be with him". He made this unilateral decision. I urge everybody to protest this.

  14. The girl here says the current Gen doesn't bleev in God, sadly it is true for only Hindus. The Muslims seem to hv more belief in their religion despite it not being scientifically proven, but these Hindus keep doubting till, a Westerner needs to come and give a clarification in English. So sad, this type of thinking has lead to an inferiority of their religion for Hindus who at the same time treat other religions with so much reverence and easily fall prey for needless conversions.

  15. Anyone tell me I've an interview scheduled for Saturday and Friday night is it good to stay awaken? Without going to sleep! Tell me guys

  16. bhakti aur faith ke alawa shayad hi kuch mil skta hai apke channel pr ….. ☹️😆 aur samajh badhaane ke liye yehi dono rukaavat hai😬

  17. You’re so sorted Sadhguru.. from where did you get this knowledge.. you talk logic always.. in your own words you have never read any books or religious texts.. nor are you formally educated in this. It’s remarkable how you have a logical and convincing answer for every doubt 🙏

  18. First of all snake means scary 😱 and finger ring with snake shape 😱 copper gives us energize or shape gives energize..sir please explain us I will be waiting… for your reply

  19. “I’m like manure. If you keep it on your head, it will be no good. If you look up to it, it will fall on your face. But if you sink your roots into me, for sure you will flower.” – Sadhguru

  20. I think there is a complexity behind beliefs, and ignorance is very much likely to go along with it, I will say this, I dont believe we should lord over our beliefs, but I dont see it as being ignorant so long as you dont think its about the control of our faith or belief, I think believing can be a healthy thing and a way of preserving the ethos.

  21. The question is very generic, definitely the young generation is more into spirituality these days, not religious but spiritual, there’s so much awareness these days with the internet, the so called millennials have access to so much spiritual knowledge! I would suggest don’t go blindly behind any guru, Sadhguru is definitely a wealth of spiritual knowledge, choose your guru wisely! Gurus lead you in the right path, and also it’s important you enquire on your own through meditation 🧘‍♀️ sadhana, namasmaranam etc. thank you love light and peace

  22. Now that maha shivratri is here, communist parasites like the print , quint, the logical Indian have started a smear campaign… they just can’t tolerate that someone like sadhguru exists …
    but like linkin park said, “in the end, it doesn’t even matter!”

  23. अरे मैं रिकॉन करता हूं कि पीले रंग की लड़की सुपर हॉट की तरह है। और सद्गुरु एक किकस दाढ़ी है।.

  24. Y this foolish man video com to my timeline?i already reported “am not intersted “ this type of videos. I am not subscribed.,still it com..,

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