Why Stag/Bachelor Weekends Eventually Suck

it’s the overrated and expensive event
that no one really enjoys the stag or bachelor weekend let’s look at why you
will eventually avoid them, like me. Now I’m not sure how the last send-off is
done in other countries so I’ll stick to how us guys waste our money here in the
UK. You are at home one day when you receive notification from someone you
know that he has abandoned his mental faculties and decided to get married now
the first few stag weekend you attended were not too bad even though the
standard arrangement is that you don’t know anyone there except the groom to be
or stag and so you sit there with a fixed grin unable to find anything
actually funny because you don’t understand all that in jokes and
references so what begins with any stag weekend is the endless moving round of
dates to suit people and guys dropping now to the last minute are being
prevented from attending by their own wives you will also become familiar with
the best man and his timetable of planned fun’ for the weekend: something
guaranteed to eliminate any joy or spontaneity. The weekend begins and you
travel to the airport in a taxi in which the driver just won’t shut up. You’re
pissed off already. At the airport you meet some of the guys who have also
agreed to come along for the weekend. You find yourself talking to one of them hi
I’m Mike hi I’m Kelvin so how do you know Tony I work with him Oh what sort
of work do you do I work for a corporate branding company right so how long have
you worked there about seven years I began in the admin department and I was
there for three years then moved on to my existing role as deputy team
administrator ah so do you like what you do well we
have the fourth largest corporate branding company in the country and next
year we’re hoping to expand our client base etc pointless small talk that
neither of you care about. You all drink too much on the flight over there and
the first thing that’s needed is to get some dinner. Never mind the fact that
recently you’ve been trying to eat sensibly, all that is now abandoned as you
find yourself in a questionable eating establishment the kind of place where
the cockroaches are so big they help you do the washing-up. Moving on to a bar you
grab a beer and find the only seat available is next to that guy you were
talking to at the airport. What was his name? Kevin? Ken? hello again it’s Kevin
isn’t it it’s Kelvin so how long have you worked at the corporate branding
company about seven years in total is it a good company to work for I hope it
could have some interesting opportunities so is it far to travel to
your workplace it takes about 35 minutes by car sometimes 40 ah and I guess it
will depend on the time of day yes but usually it isn’t too bad and if I set
off early I can make it in good time bla bla in offensive and inane chit chat
with people you don’t care about after many more drinks you somehow find your
way back to your hotel and you wonder who you will be sharing your room with.
Oh, for fuck’s sake!!! the next morning people are feeling
rough you’re still tired from the day of travelling yesterday. In the hotel
reception the group are not saying much to each other. Who’s this? The best man is
here with a box and that can only mean one thing yes it’s the Tour t-shirts to
take away any dignity you were hoping to attain on this trip
with everyone suitably attired and Stag given a hilarious inflatable sheep, you
set off the first event of the ‘planned fun’ is karting- an activity that might be
okay if not for the fact that you’re all nauseous from the night before and there’s
always one asshole who takes it all too seriously. after that is the ritual
humiliation of the stag usually by dressing him up as a woman the group are
so desperate to find something to laugh at on this trip that this process almost
takes on the form of bullying in which the stag pretends to enjoy it. The first
bar of the day presents the stag with 1.4 liters of beer in a single glass
known as the yard of ale this takes a while to consume to sit in silence
watching him struggle with his oversized drink moving on it’s starting to get
cold, because it’s Latvia. Those t-shirts weren’t such a good idea.
into another drinking establishment this time so loud that you just stand there
like a bunch of middle-aged idiots realizing that you haven’t wasted enough
money yet you are led to the inevitable strip club. Inside, the hostesses pretend
to like you and you pretend to enjoy it years ago you might have got a small
thrill because you might have believed that they were actually interested in
you but you are older and wiser now and you know the score. Guys don’t know how
to act around strippers and it’s just awkward.
the stage show begins and the girls go through the routine you know what they
are really thinking of you guys sitting there.. and you glance at the stag and he
realizes that he will never have another sexual thrill again in his life.
walking back to the hotel in silence this is usually when you inevitably lose
a member of the group usually the stag. now it’s Sunday morning in the hotel and
the group is dying. one or two people make an effort to eat something..
nobody says anything. On the flight home you hope that no one else you know is
going to get married; or at least they won’t compel you to go through all this
again when you get home you notice that your own wife is less than thrilled
about the whole weekend at your workplace your boss asks you which
‘sights’ you manage to see. This can be embarrassing. Meanwhile the stag examine the
tattoo he doesn’t remember getting and his bride-to-be tells him that the
weekend was the worst mistake of his life
wrong she is the worst mistake of his life.
at my age I have attended to many of these types of events but I won’t be any
longer being able to say no is an important part of MGTOW. But the
biggest reason I don’t go is because no one invites me anymore whenever I am
informed by a guy that he is tying the knot instead of saying hey congratulations
man, or something like that, my normal response is but why? You have become MGTOW so that you won’t have to oblige other people. don’t let anyone else
waste your time and energy. don’t be this guy for three long days.

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  1. My last stag do was in the 90s. Memories but no internet then, no YouTube or cheap CryinAir flights to the middle of nowhere. I wouldn't do another one for a million quid. Permanent swerve.

  2. In the good ole US of A, we have a similar tradition, except no cross dressing. It can be slightly more fun in Vegas because of casinos. Don't know whats going on in Riga, Latvia, but hey.

  3. If any one I know gets married I will invite them to my house for a pizza and lemonade. give him a gift card and hang out for an hour.wish them luck ….

    that is it!


  4. Stag night….translation….I am now cucked, no more dating sexy women, I am allowed only one woman, and must spend the next 30 years sending my 2.2 kids to university, where they learn bugger all. My bank account feels strangely vulnerable. My wife seems less sexy now we are married, and I detect our sex life is getting sparse. We can now go to dinner parties, which are more boring than funerals, and eat whilst feeling stifled.We discuss consumption with other married friends, and the adventures we used to have are gone. However, culture demands I get inebriated with my friends, to show how the spirit of rebellion in me is alive, though only for about 5 more minutes. Why am I paying to have sexual access to just one woman who could go off sex by this time next year? Oh well, better pretend to be ecstatic.Finally, in honour of Y.MGTOW I say….DON'T GET MARRIED!!!

  5. Mgtow feels like one might feel having dodged a firmly bolted bus mirror almost taking their head off by meer inches.

  6. Boring people make boring stags. We usually hire some isolated property and have a 3 day bender. Last one had a private woodland where we did magic mushrooms

  7. Stirling video. When a guy tells me he’s getting married I don’t feel joy for him, more the sentiment of ‘another one bites the dust’.

  8. i have always found these people weird and out of touch WHO THE FOOOK DOES THIS..the whole wigs and sheep and """""ACT"" IMAGINARY FUN pretend great night out and the STEREOTYPICAL """"THIS IS WHAT YOU DO ON A STAG NIGHT"""" bullshit i have never done stag do's i have never ben on a SEA FISHING WEEKEND (roles eyes) or worn a silly costume or been to a fancy dress or halloween party AND I HAVE NEVER PURCHASED A WOMAN A DRINK ""EVER""" OR BEEN ON WHAT PEOPLE CALL A DATE..staged pretend acted out fun GO MGTOW

  9. I’m 40 years old I routinely date younger women and many of my married friends call me a womanizer and try to convince me of the awesomeness of marriage and kids and I say to them why would I give up banging different chicks when I have a regular rotation of women to stick it in 1 hole for the rest of my life and I can’t help but think it’s jealousy.

  10. cockroach so big it will help you do the washing up?? really???. . . actually she didnt. . thats why i left her and went MGTOW. . . lazy bitch

  11. I smashed the sexiest Laotian girl on my best friends bachelor party in Vegas. It was Amazing. Also got head at Calvin Harris' pool party at Wet Republic… Vegas is too lit🔥🔥🔥

  12. This was all wrong. They should have gone to a redlight district with viagras on hand and the goal of accumulating as many notches as possible. The loser pays the bar tab or something equivalent.

  13. instead of shitty stag doos. . . lets all hitch up for a MGTOW weekend. . . we would be able to actually be free and sane

  14. I had a friend get married not long ago and the night of his bachelor party his fiancee told him he wasn't allowed to go. The rest of us met up anyways (we were all old friends from high school) and had a great time without him.

  15. Do you draw the cartoons yourself?
    Jesus, this is such a neat package you have. Your script writing is awesome, you narration voice/accent perfectly matches the realism/pessimism, and the cartoons and character designs are very memorable. I watched your other video (the one with a lot of views) a long time ago, and I remember it well to this day.

  16. Yorkshire MGTOW – Gold. Pure gold. Jewelry stores worldwide should be mandated to show this video to men prior to any wedding ring purchase and a copy of the Kobe Bryant divorce settlement figures. I'm howling right now watching this. Brain right in the trash can….along with dignity, peace of mind, friends, and testicles. Great stuff, my man…

  17. My father's bachelor party was just him and his friends getting away from their wives, going out to the countryside for a week, drinking and fishing and hunting.

  18. I remember my buddy had a bachelor party in Seattle like four days before the wedding. I flew there with my girlfriend and stayed on alki Beach and took the ferry across to the city every morning. My girlfriend was welcomed by the bride and her bachelorette party as me and my friends went into downtown Seattle wearing Hawaiian shirts. I didn't know a lot of his friends but they were all awesome and we had an absolute blast. The wedding was held three days later a distillery on the coast and was even more fun than the stag party. these kinds of things are actually really awesome if your life doesn't suck your friends don't suck and you're not a whiny little bitch. I'm sorry your life sucks, hope it gets better mate. Cheers

  19. The HAVAMAL ( the Bible of the old Norse ) states in stanza 84 ..”in a maidens word no one should place faith nor in what a woman says, for on a turning wheel their hearts were formed and guile in their breasts been laid”…. this was written about 1200 years ago…. true then.. true now

  20. The only thing I give a fuck about in a woman is her Kotex. In fact, over the years I’ve learned to just take a Kotex and carry it around with me. So when some one asked, “who did you go to dinner with?” I just say; “I went with my Kotex.” They look at me funny. But in the end, the Kotex is what counts because it is less drama and gives me endless pleasures even more that a pussy. Pussy is no good because it can get knocked up,or even give disease. Kotex is always there with no,drama

  21. This is hilarious. I love british humour, it's so tragic. I have always had some unspoken hostility against british chaps vomiting in women's dress on our streets, now i just feel sorry for them. You can vomit as much as you like, I don't care anymore.

  22. 26 yrs old and I've been to a strip club once… it was trash and I tell anybody that asks me if I want to go with them to one: "why? I'd rather just get a case of brews and play video games… I'm not going to pay money for something I can see for free, cause… Y'know… I'm attractive." and they look at me like I'm crazy… smfh.

  23. This deconstruction really cuts to the core, I used to work in ground handling at an airport and would regularly see these stag and hen groups boarding planes, I would just feel sorry for them. They are so desperate to play out the cliché and try and make it fun. I cannot think of a bigger nightmare than going abroad to drink with a group of guys.

  24. I don’t see the point of this. This is just disrespectful to your future spouse. When you get married you go to a strip club? Really? This is wrong both done by women and men.

  25. My friends would never do this. They have their flaws but i know them to be righteous enough not to do stuff this low.

  26. Mike & Kelvin would will later become friends when they bump into each other at a Pub. There they bonded over what they both agreed was the worst weekend of their lives. Now whenever one of their friends were getting married they would say no and later catch up at the pub for a beer, while they take the piss out of all their mates social media post and photos of forced enthusiasm.

  27. You retards come to Amsterdam to drink yourself into a stupor, behave obnoxiously, shit all over the place. At least that's what the regular simps do.

  28. Those drawings of the strippers were inaccurate. Too much skin, not enough ink lol.
    Even regular girls now look like walking cartoon drawings.

  29. Stag parties are AWSOME
    Skip the drinking and other entertainment expense and buy coke/X and call hookers
    Thank me later

  30. We dont have stag weekend across the pond, we have bachelor parties tgat usually only last a night. Everyone gets wasted, the best man hires a stripper or two, and everybody mourns the simp getting married.

  31. When someone tells he is getting married, the response should be

    “There is one future divorce lawyer happy about that” :-p

  32. Honestly, stags are awful, and the whole 'lad' culture is just cringeworthy as you get older. Once I hit 30 (couple of years ago) I pretty much abandoned the whole thing and started saying no to participate in any weddings or stags. I remember standing in a shite nightclub in an awful city surrounded by fools I barely knew and thinking 'never again'.

  33. My experience differs. Had a great time at my friends bachelor party weekend. Might help most of the guys there were friends already.

  34. Never attended one, I'd rather headbutt a rusty nail.
    Turned 6 down so far and, having heard what happened, seems I won there.
    Seeing the behaviour of stag and hen parties makes me ashamed to be British and I am just disgusted by the whole, pathetic display.

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