Why use a marriage agency in Belarus over Ukraine? | Vodka Vodcast 049

– And then she disappeared – and the guy’s
just standing on the street in some small town on the Ukrainian border in
Belarus – yes yes down probably I’m guessing he’s lost $1500 maybe
approximately from this scam – one man that came that we met after such situation he
said that he already by the moment when she disappeared
he gave her up to $5000 including the ring – Привет из Минска! Welcome
back to another vodka vodcast with me Conor Clyne today I’m with Galina or Halina
Pinchuk – Galina Pinchuk from Lady from Belarus marriage
agency in today’s video we’re gonna be discussing the differences between
Belarus and Ukraine when looking for a wife I’ve made a video maybe about it’s
probably about a month or two back where I actually made one of the vodcasts and
linked up below in the description to the video also up in the card where I
actually discussed why there are no scammer dating or marriage agencies here
in Belarus and the same day Galina actually happened to write me a message
so we’ve met up now in Minsk and we’re gonna be diving into more depth in this
second video so we’re gonna start off I don’t have vodka today but Galina and the
staff here did they gave me some champagnskaya so chin chin I need
to keep buying more vodka I need a vodka sponsor for the vodka vodcast
so Galina what would you say are the main differences when guys come to look
for a wife in Ukraine and Belarus in terms of the experience because you have
a lot about how many years have you been working here in Belarus in this business? My husband established the agency in 1998 so it’s already at 21 years that the agency functions here and I joined
him in 2004 so my experience like 16 years this year why to prefer Belarus
instead of Ukraine because it’s the easiest way to escape from scams – exactly
you know my channel I have a lot of information about scammers in particular
from Ukraine not only in Ukraine I also I made a video I will put the link
below in the description also in the card as well now where I go into the
depth about you know you scammers are everywhere in Ukraine Russia and
sometimes in Belarus but it’s a lot less here so why is that
so little scamming in Belarus compared to Ukraine and even Russia – there are
several reasons why there are less scams first of all is because of marriage
agency license so here in Belarus we have different attitude to the laws and
the laws they really work and in 2005 it was a rule that obliged all the marriage
agencies to get marriage agency licenses and it’s not a thing that is easily to
get so all they underground or kitchen made agencies
were closed immediately because you couldn’t work without a license the
agencies that try to work without the license they were closed immediately by
military by the military by the military by the government or is it the same thing in Belarus? – Yes – I have two questions like how many licenses are there actually in Belarus
– at the moment there are nine valid licenses in Belarus but only three or
four marriage agencies actually function – ok so if you were to go
online you only gonna come across just a couple of them basically in the entire
country – yes and of course you will find some
websites that claim that they work in Belarus but they have no official office
here in Minsk so that means that officially they cannot organize you
anything – ok so where are those based? are they based in neighboring countries or …?
– yes there are some I don’t know Canadian websites or something from Europe from
United States there are some sites that claim that they work with Belarus but in
reality they have only few ladies on the website
and they are not a agency that functions here because to work here in
Belarus you need to have a license – okay as I say in many of my videos Belarus is a
rule of law there is rule of law in Belarus as opposed to Ukraine which is
very chaotic where there’s a very poor rule of law tradition since independence in 1991
that basically means if you have a problem in Belarus you can go to the
police you can go to the courts and you can get it resolved in Ukraine that’s
extremely difficult to do even after the Revolution in Maidan which has improved
things considerably with the terms – we respect to law enforcement there’s less
corruption with the police and whatnot and since they reformed that but still
it’s very hard in Ukraine to go and actually do something if you have a real
problem like you get scammed and someone rips you off it’s very very hard but in
Belarus the police take everything very seriously I also made another video
about the time that my phone went missing after I’d gone to the airport and had
actually left Belarus and the police took it really really like a real crime
and they actually tracked down my phone and found it within a few hours for me
they went through everything the CC TV be the one to speak to everybody I’d met
in the previous 24 hours basically they were determined to make sure that no one had
gotten away with a crime and that’s a very big difference between Belarus and
I think most almost anywhere else in Europe to be honest so I had to be blunt
about it so if you have a problem here like before we we started rolling
the camera today you told me actually about a time that you had to help
someone who did have an issue here in Belarus can you tell – yeah we had so I
could say that there are now so many scams in Belarus and the scammer ladies
they do not work like so in altogether so
as I know in Odessa they work like all together there are scam ladies there are scam
restaurants and scam agencies here it’s not possible because if you find the
menu with two prices somewhere in the restaurant it it’s immediately you can
call the police and there will be huge problems with this restaurant that’s for
sure that’s work immediately here – it’s interesting because I’ll just cut
across you in Odessa there was recently in the situation where someone filmed
this happening where they had the two menus in the you know the two different
languages with completely different prices and they confronted the management there was a
huge scuffle everything and they posted it on social media so many people it caused a
big scandal in Odessa but I went back two months later and restaurant still
there so not much happened in Belarus – It’s vice versa they can close
their restaurant that very day if they find two menus for two
different it was two different prices and here we face very seldom this the
situations with scammers and if we met something like that we try to help
foreign people to to find them maybe so here in Minsk if you get
scammed you can easily go to police you can easily show what you have what the
documents and as far as I know these cases are prosecuted several years ago
we have chain of cases very one like to each other I think it was the same group
as I told you the situation was like that so the man got acquainted with a
lady on some international website then she there were no red flags in the
communication so she said come to Minsk I will be glad to meet you here and she
said so come to the airport I will meet you here what if I look at the photo of
this man and the letters of the lady I could understand right away that it was
the scam because it was always big age difference like 30 years and the
difference also in the looks so I could understand that this lady could no way
be interested in in that man so that – So the red flag was the difference like we
talked about sometimes on my channel when I do interviews that you can have a
large age gap but you cannot be unrealistic and crazy to think if you
cannot meet decent looking women in your hometown and suddenly Miss Belarus is
waiting for you here in Minsk at the airport that’s not realistic right you
can have a significant age gap but once you go over like 15, 20 years then you need to be
careful that it’s not gonna be scamming if you get to 30 years and it’s someone
on the Internet so this was not a Belarusian dating site or agency it was actually an international … – It was an international dating site where they can easily exchange the
contacts and have the direct communication then but for the man it’s
very difficult to understand that he is not the league the ladies in so they got
the letters full of love full of patience and of course they were so
happy and immediately in love and there were no other red flags so these
ladies were not asking for money they were not asking for anything but come to
Belarus I will meet you the other red flag that only I could see it was that all
these cities where the lady lived in were are very small cities on the very border and I … – On the border with where? Which country? – With Ukraine so there were several very
little cities and I have big experience I have seen so many the thousands and
thousands of women profile and looking at the folder I can estimate and which
city it is made by what photographer it is made and when I saw these photos I could
realize that they could never be made in these small cities – I suspect that they
picked the border with Ukraine to be able to leave the country because obviously
as I’ve already said getting a prosecution in Ukraine or tracking
someone done was gonna be very hard as opposed to Belarus so if you obviously
live on the border and you’re Ukrainian then – So what happened next
so the guy came here with the plane in Minsk and there was no other way to
reach this city because there were no train connection here in Belarus we
have very good train connection and only few cities are not reachable where you
have take the bus or mini bus to go there so these cities where like that so
you cannot just google the train and go there so the men arrived here the lady
was waiting for him in the taxi at the airport
and of course the girl was very happy because he saw the real lady that he was
communicating with and she came with him for the taxi so the first red flag was
when they arrived to that city and the taxi turned out to be like 500 dollars – 500 dollars one way? – one direction yeah I wanna say
– One sec … so just to give you put this in perspective the taxi out to the airport
which takes 40 minutes costs 32 basically 32 rubles right so maybe 30 so
that’s about $15 so in order for it to be 500 how far I mean the border of
Ukraine is how many hours 3 hours drive yeah so the real price is about 120-150 dollars each way and they wanted five hundred each way
– yes – but the this girl/woman has already come from her town officially
she’s already come – so she the man usually couldn’t say so I don’t want to
pay because he sees the lady he understands that she has enough
experience how to go with the taxi maybe is she says that she didn’t know that it
will be so expensive I don’t know then she offered him to pay for the apartment
for the hotel and the prices were like I don’t know 50 euro per night 90
euro per night these prices were normal for Minsk for a good hotel but we speak
about very small city where there were maybe some rooms for rent for
$10 something like that so the lady put the money in the pocket for taxi for the
apartment sometimes even she managed to buy some
she asked him to buy some food to buy something I remember the pillows for the
apartment and then she suddenly said oh I want to go to my friend of mine she
has a cat in the house I have to feed the cat and then we’ll go to your
apartment – this is where this is already in the small town that she said she lives
in or this is already Minsk? – that town she lives in so on the border of
with Ukraine yes and then she disappeared – she gets out of the taxi – yes
she gets out it was not the same taxi they came from the airport usually twice
already and as a car they were just in there or so different situations but the
issue was that she just went in to the door and then she disappeared
– and the guy is just standing on the street in some small town on the Ukrainian
border in Belarus – yes yes – down probably I’m guessing he’s lost fifteen hundred
dollars maybe approximately from this scam – so one client one man that came that we
met after such situation he said that he already by the moment when she
disappeared he gave her up to $5,000
including the ring it was their story because usually this happened to the
guys from distant countries like United States like Australia Mexico so usually
the guys were from that countries and you understand when you fly you do not
sleep well one night before the flight then you do not sleep during the flight
and when you come to Belarus actually you are already exhausted
you have jet lag so he said I could do not understand anything
so what happened to me I just decided that if I come here if she so as she was
in the letters I’m so open to her and I just gave her the ring and that’s it and
after that she disappeared – Wow five thousand dollars gone – yeah – so you
helped some of these guys contact the police what happened – what happened next
actually here in Minsk you can even find quite a lot of people who speak English and
there in that city with no internet on the phone so no google translator
nobody speaks English nobody in the police speaks English of course people
so usually it takes one two three hours for the man to
realize that something happened that she didn’t broke her leg in that building that she
just disappeared and I think by that moment she already crossed the border
with Ukraine because all the cities we put them on the map and they all were
just like 20 kilometers from the border so different places different
cities so of course here somehow found people that could help him to take taxi
or to take bus to Minsk how did we know about that situation several years ago
it was obligatory to have visa to enter Belarus and most of these guys so at
least five or six the guys like that they asked our agency to make a visa
of course because the lady will not give him the private information the
passports to receive the visa so they contacted us
they said I’m already in contact with the lady I just need the visa from the
agency and that’s how we knew about that situation I mean you were about five or
six cases and as in there were thousands of that because well we can’t know if
there’s thousands or not but obviously it was a major major issue and
then the police what you help them contact the police right – yeah we have to
contact the police to translate the the case and in general to help the man to
find out because all of them of course they were frustrated – and the police is
there anything they can do? This seems like a situation where probably the
perpetrators are not Belarusian probably they’re probably Ukrainians from across
the border and you know if they commit the crime there and then escape ok you
report it in Belarus nothing’s going to happen on the Ukrainian side unless if
they can’t unless they continue to do it and there’s a sting operation – yeah
that’s it is where it happened nobody have ever seen this person there were
very small cities and nobody has seen these persons after that when we got
some we understood the red flags that could show could point on that situation
if the guy asked just for visa via our agency we asked with whom he is
communicating where do they meet where so how everything is organized and we
managed to save like three guys from that exact situation – wow – yeah when the
lady understood that no I think it’s not just the lady I think it’s the
criminal organization and the lady is just on the top of this iceberg when
they understood that somebody supports men when somebody makes him think
makes him sleep at least one night in Minsk to overcome jet lag and to have
clear head then they just disappeared and stopped to communicate
in a way – okay so what’s the probable scammers discovered that he was gonna
stay overnight in Minsk maybe travel down to Gomel and then meet her in Gomel
which obviously cannot ask 500 dollar taxi fee for well you could it’s not very far from where the town was supposed to where she supposed to have lived
then they just stopped communicating at all they just stopped the correspondence
so obviously scam yeah so that’s interesting so this was the main scam
that was going on it was not using a Belarusian marriage agency or dating site it’s an international one or basically a Ukrainian one and then they
were saying to meet the girl in Minsk because she lives in a small town on the
border so you’ve been warned if you ever hear that be very careful if someone
claims to be from a small town on the border with Ukraine that you need
to take a taxi all the way out to their town there are no
train connections one of those few cities in the entire country so it’s
important to point out that we’re not saying that all Ukrainian dating sites
marriage agencies are scams per se I have done one or two collaborations with
some agencies actually you’re familiar with as well and they were perfectly
fine but it’s just that if you were to google marriage agency or dating site
Odessa Odessa Mama you’re gonna see I remember when I did this before there
were like over a hundred of them and the vast majority of those if you start to
look at how they make money it’s very clear that it’s highly likely
to be a scam site right so maybe you could explain a little bit about what’s
the difference between how marriage agencies or dating sites or matchmaking
brokers make money in Belarus versus what happens with scammers we’re not
talking about the bad ones I’m gonna actually link the good ones that I’ve
already done some collaborations with below their videos in the description as well – I can explain in this way, for example if the if now in Belarus there are three or four agencies
working we can work on our terms we are almost monopolist here I mean that we
have lots of the ladies at our database it’s more than one thousand ladies there
is not so much competition and we can afford ourselves to work honestly so
when I came to the agency I understood that I don’t want to to work with
so-called models so very beautiful ladies that we should wait for them
three four hours to come to the meetings and I said if you are interested to get
acquainted with the foreign men please come to the agency we make the meeting
here at the agency will see how the chemistry works between you and then if
you like each other okay just exchange your contacts and
keep on the communication and that was really the best decision
because now we have the best rate how to say so we have at the moment more than
1300 couples created by the agency and according to our industry it’s the the
huge rate I do not know any agency that have created more couples than we do and
I think that the reason is that we put being honest into the base of the
process we can afford ourselves to be honest because we there are only a few
agencies here in Belarus and – this is interesting for me just one thing
because I used to be a competition lawyer I’d say normally we’re very pro
competition of as many get rid of oligopolies or monopolies because then
it gives you more choice of course in terms of options but this is very
interesting as a counter-argument that because the competitive nature of
marriage agencies and how does that work in Ukraine why the reason have you so
dishonest no not just because they can get away with it but – yeah yes for
example how it how it works in Ukraine for example I have somehow for in
Ukraine for example there are almost 1000 agencies I think this is close
to the truth but nobody can count them because they most of them are like I
have ten girlfriends let’s be be a marriage agency I will make money out of
you – because you don’t need a license so that’s the first thing so you can just
set one up tomorrow with a website – yeah so you can set it up immediately and
start to get money but if you want to attract somebody you need to make good
photos better photos the best photos and then it comes to extreme
photoshopping when you will never recognize the ladies
so for example we can afford ourselves to accept the photos that the lady
brings by herself to the agency I can afford myself to say your photos are not
good go to change the photos or I will close your profile but and I can say to
the lady your photos are too good I mean too photoshopped you cannot be
recognizable and of course I do that because the meetings take place here
the office and they see the real lady how she comes to the meeting and it’s
important for me too that she looks like the how she is on the website – this is a
problem in general with like Instagram and every photoshop and whatnot even
though there are filters for the videos so actually seeing what the girl or woman
looks like in reality is often misrepresented of course on all social
media and in particular on dating sites so you see something that’s extremely
photoshopped you basically sayand send me a realistic photo – so I can imagine
why the Ukrainian agencies they have to pay to the ladies because if one agency
starts to pay to go to pay the lady to go to every meeting organized then the
other agency also has nothing to do but to pay to the ladies to come to the
meetings and the lady can select this agency pays me like 10 euro per meeting
this agency pays me like 20 euro per meeting and she can select the right
agency – so these are scammers – yeah I was speaking about the scammers how they why
it is so in Ukraine I cannot say that Ukrainian girls are bad
no they are not but the whole situation whole extreme competition between the
agencies it leads to that and even for example when here in Minsk I communicated
with decent agencies the best agencies in Ukraine
I understood that in comparison to us they are already scammers
so that’s the difference between how Belarusian agencies act and how
Ukrainian agencies act that’s why it’s I can’t tell come to Belarus because it’s
easier to find an honest agency than to come to Ukraine and then you will see
one thousand agencies and it’s almost impossible to find the right way – exactly
if you have to filter true this is sometimes the disadvantage of having a lot
of choice now you talk about communism versus capitalism and communism you have
two two options while in capitalism you have maybe a thousand but the
problem is then you have to figure out which is the best of the 1000, right? It
complicates your life a lot and obviously if you don’t have in particular a
recommendation from someone to direct you towards the couple of honest agencies in
Ukraine then very likely you’re gonna end up in a scammer agency and
especially if you’re being naive that you go with the Photoshop photos and
everything seems too good to be true and you get there was one company that asked
me to sign up they wanted to collaborate and I said okay set up a profile for me
I got literally hundreds because they left on the the automatic new email
notification for every message by default when they created my profile
so my profile had no photos it just had what they assumed was my age
and that’s it and my first name and I got hundreds of email notifications within
one day my whole inbox was jammed with it I was like obviously no one wrote me a
real email of interest based on my first name and my presumed age I mean
obviously the whole thing is a scam right so I can empathize
with guys that if you’re if you have to be sensible about these things if we get
a long message from someone who’s just looked at your profile it’s not it’s it’s not
realistic so these are these are red flags to watch out for so basically the
situation in Ukraine is very well basically you can get away with being a scammer
agency there nothing really happens if you scam someone right and I actually
noticed that on some of these sites now they actually put because I’m a
lawyer I looked at the Terms and Conditions and actually in the terms and
conditions it basically says you are aware that this might not be real they phrased it in some way the basically said you know that this is a this could
possibly be a scam so they even try to cover themselves in the terms and
conditions of the site because some of them are also registered outside of
Ukraine so they’re probably worried about litigation in the US but they even
write in the terms and conditions this is scam and you click that when you sign
up so that’s it’s absolutely crazy right so that’s the situation and the first
thing in Ukraine you can basically get away with being dishonest that’s the
first big difference and the second one that’s both on the agency side and the
girls who participate as scammers and then the second one is actually
competitive pressure in Ukraine if you try to run an honest agency you use real
photos you don’t pay some wannabe models to show up for the 20 bucks every
meeting to make money out of it and then basically you won’t get any clients
because they can competitive … you know guys are visual we’re visual so we see boom
pretty girl pretty girl pretty pretty girl and then you have the honest agency
and they have maybe only photos of women and then they just don’t go to those agencies because it’s not attractive – honest agency cannot survive in Ukraine it’s very hard difficult – exactly it’s very hard if you’re going to be honest in Ukraine in
that competitive environment where the first issue there is of course that the
scammer agencies get away with it if they didn’t get away with it then they would
be closed down like they were in Belarus about 20 years ago right it’s actually
over 20 years ago – No it was 2005 – 2005 15 years ago 15 years ago the government closed down the scammer sites here and then you see what
happens then you’re left with a few honest one you’re left with a few honest
agencies so that’s interesting I think that’s a pretty good summary for you
about why Belarus is the better country if you’re gonna take this option of
using a marriage agency of course as I said I worked I did some previous
collaborations with honest agencies in Ukraine even though they were pretty
hard to find and I normally receive some sort of solicitation from a very dodgy
scammer website or agency from Ukraine like at least every few weeks if not
every week which obviously I love opening up the website or asking direct
question how do you monetize how do you make money and they’re like yeah we
charge a subscription and so basically it always comes down to we charge to
communicate and then I don’t need to talk to these people anymore it’s
obviously a scam straight away as I said I’m gonna link down below the previous
videos I did with the couple of honest the rare gems of honest sites in Ukraine
also I’m gonna put a link to Galina’s website down below in the description
lady from Belarus just go and click on it there and you can go and check out
their their site and I don’t know is there anything else eh I’m actually
gonna go for the weekend to Vitebsk have you got any tips yeah so you’re gonna
see a travel vlog from Vitebsk if I actually get on the train tomorrow and go and
check it out it’s a city in the east of Belarus close to the Russian border
that Marc Chagall, the famous artist was born there – North of Belarus – Yes, it’s north northeast so gonna go do that спасибо большое and – it was nice to see you in Minsk – yes finally because as I said at the top
of the video Galina actually wrote to me really when I was about to go film
– and I guessed how old you are – you did do you want to say it on camera?
she doesn’t want to because I get to guess also how old she is we’ll keep that a
secret so за Беларусь! – За Беларусь!

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