Why We’re Worried About Harry And Meghan’s Marriage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may just be
the cutest and coolest royal couple ever. But the Sussexes have remained a constant
target of media scrutiny since getting hitched, with multiple rumors plaguing their royal
romance. Here’s why we’re worried about Meghan and
Harry’s marriage. If even a sliver of all the royal rumors are
to be believed, Prince Harry’s family has been less-than-accommodating to Markle. According to a source cited by the Times in
June 2019, Harry’s grandfather, Prince Phillip, reportedly warned his grandson against marrying
Meghan Markle, allegedly griping, There have also been a slew of reports about
an alleged royal rift between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William ever since
Meghan Markle married into the family. For example, royal historian Dr. Anna Whitelock
told Gayle King on CBS’ special Meghan and Harry Plus One that the newest royal couple’s
popularity was, quote, “undermining” Prince William and wife Kate Middleton’s, which may
have sparked a bit of jealousy from the future King. Markle may have gotten guff from Prince Harry’s
extended family, as well. His cousins, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice,
reportedly thought he could do better than the former TV star, who supposedly left them
bitten by the green-eyed monster. A source told New Idea in 2018, Meanwhile, other royals have reportedly been
miffed at everything from Markle’s ambition and publicity tactics to her pricey New York
City baby shower. Familial stress has unfortunately hit the
Sussexes from both sides. When they’re not dealing with reported shade
from the royals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had to deal with her often humiliating,
and infamously estranged, paternal family. Her father, Thomas Markle, has become known
for trashing the British royals in the press. In addition to confessing to lying to the
prince about staging paparazzi photos ahead of the couple’s wedding, he once told the
Sun that his famous daughter was allegedly terrified of her new life and compared the,
quote, “cult-like” Windsors to the Church of Scientology. Meanwhile, Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha,
has slammed her at every imaginable opportunity and is reportedly working on a book about
the so-called “Princess Pushy.” “If you are interested in helping those less
fortunate than yourself, it really should begin at home.” It’s likely that the stress of knowing the
Sussexes’ good name could get smeared at any moment by Markle’s own bloodline has added
more tension than any growing family needs. A giant red flag for any marriage is when
none of your friends like your spouse, and vice versa. Some reports have suggested that Meghan Markle
cleaned house when she and Prince Harry got together, and that the Duke of Sussex ditched
any pals she didn’t dig. British TV presenter Lizzie Cundy concurred,
telling the press she heard from the prince’s close friends that Markle had, quote, “pushed
them all out.” Similarly, Tatler reports that the Sussexes
effectively banished Prince Harry’s childhood bestie, Tom “Skippy” Inskip, for allegedly
asking if his old pal may have been moving too fast with Markle. It should also be noted that an insider once
told Express that Markle was reportedly pushing out friends from her husband’s hard-partying
past, saying, “Congratulations!” “Congratulations!” The media and paparazzi cannot get enough
of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but it sure seems like the prince himself has had
enough of them. In November 2016, he slammed the press in
a statement for hounding his then-girlfriend, claiming he was concerned for her safety. Fast forward to February 2019, when the Duke
of Sussex made headlines for pushing a camera out of the way. Prince Harry actually won a lawsuit against
a paparazzi photo agency he’d claimed invaded their privacy that May. Splash News and Picture Agency, which has
since issued a public apology, had photographed the Sussexes’ home in Oxfordshire via helicopter,
and reportedly even took snaps of inside of the house. As a result of the intrusion, Prince Harry’s
attorney stated in court that the royal pair no longer felt safe living on the property,
which, ironically, they’d originally selected due to how private a place it felt to them. Though being on maternity leave from most
activities, Meghan Markle made an exception for the annual Trooping the Colour event in
June 2019, when she joined Prince Harry and the rest of the royals on the balcony of Buckingham
Palace to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. Early on in the celebration, royal watchers
spotted as Markle turned to say something to her husband. According to a lip reader cited by the Sun,
it appeared that Prince Harry replied, “No he hasn’t,” before allegedly adding a possibly
exasperated, “Oh fine. Turn around.” Considering the exchange in question occurred
just before the national anthem played at the event, it’s likely that Prince Harry simply
wanted to make sure his wife stood at attention. Still, royal fans had a field day online,
with some speculating that the duchess was holding back tears, even though she could
have just as easily been squinting. No one can know for sure what was said during
this moment, so much like every other so-called “scandal” regarding the Sussexes, you may
want to take this one with a massive grain (or entire shaker) of salt. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Nicki Swift videos about your
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  1. Why can’t you people just leave them alone? It is none of your business. You are not in their bedroom so it’s all stupid conspiracies. You are trying to destroy them like you did his mother? He has reasons for trying to keep his family protected from all the stupid prying eyes. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!

  2. People need to stay out of their marriage. She isnt good enough? Do some research on prince Phillips mom. They also put his last name in Archie's name. I think this is all just gossip. Megan is beautiful and classy. I hope Harry really stands up for her.

  3. They are not cute and cool. The opposite. Both greedy and entitled. Had a gut full of them both. Want all the money and an easy life. That's why she's there. Go and get a job and return all the taxpayers money. People are starving in the UK and these two are swanning around in designer clothes eating cavier. Disgusting.

  4. With respect, I am not a part of the “we” I don’t even know these people to even have an opinion. I just wish them all the best.

  5. Utter defensive bollocks…ooo everyone must be jealous…..what if Meghan is just having trouble adjusting?. Totally understandable. But don't blame everyone else if she's bitten off a bit more than she can chew. The only way she could have done it would have been seen to fully support the institution then change it from the inside. Instead she has been painted as someone who 'does her own thing' right from the outset. It won't wash here I'm afraid and Harry is too ingrained. I fear the worst. What a shame.

  6. This is hilarious. Be worried about your marriage when your wife starts watching Delores Claiborne on a loop. Made me take notice.

  7. If you are married it is best to spend less time with the heavy partying friends. You should be friends with other couples. That's how it should be royal or not.

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  10. In light of the recent Game of Thrones season, I feel the need to point out that Jon’s family (and Westeros, largely) didn’t approve of Daenerys either…look how that turned out 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. An announcement Harry & his smelly prostitute Meg-loon died of an overdoze would be most refreshing and very welcome!

  12. She is just yuk….Harry could have got someone more down to earth and someone like his mother…..a girl who cannot get along with anyone is just no no….she has no class…..gold digger…..all the blackies might find her to be God but reality is she is a cross around Harry's neck…

  13. Why you should never marry someone who acts for a living. You'll never know if their love is real or just a really good act.

  14. Not worried just trying to keep them in the lime light ..most do not care …all the royals sex scandals come out like prince Andrew they will get eyes on them then 😂 nasty inbred royals..their some dirty secret in that family

  15. His own brothers warned him. But Megan bit his balls off and fed them to the ravens.
    And soon Harry will have to deal with paying child support for a single mother and a child with royal blood.


  16. I don't worry about harry and Meghan married , Harry has make his bed so he can lie in it. I do think that harry and Meghan are getting to big for they boots ,

  17. WE are not worried WE are hoping she FUCKS OFF ASAP before there's no taxpayers money left for her to squander!!!

  18. Why does anyone care about their lives? Heres a thought why not worry about you're own lives and stay out of theirs?

  19. Nicki Swift is actually weirder. Keeps posting videos about people’s marriages and calling them weird like they live and sleep with the actual couples.

  20. Soooo 8 years of dating before actually marrying, William and Kate express concerns over a year and a half sum total of knowing/dating/ marriyng….is racist or being unsupportive? Really?

  21. Kate didn't even have this much drama and she and Will dated (and once broke-up) for 10 years.
    Meghan's drama and needy, this won't last

  22. Don’t worry about Prince Harry and The Duchess of Sussexes marriage. Theirs is solid; Harry married for the right reason and is in love. Worry instead about the Prince William and Kate The Duchess of Cambridge’s marriage, allegedly under stress due to William’s affair and wandering eye having been long bored with Kate whom allegedly he went ahead to marry against his better judgment and one of the reasons for the disapproving Harry annoyance with his elder brother! Once you start reporting on these false stories about the Sussexes, you see how quickly others are are to dredge up allegations being swept under the carpet about the Cambridges whom the Royal Courtiers and media are determined to protect at the expense of the biracial lady whom the lovely Prince Harry CHOSE as his wife? In other words stop spreading muck about Meghan and Harry in the guise of reporting on what other’s allege. You are fooling no one. And incidentally, I hope you do not hold your breath for the demise of the Sussexes’ marriage and the diminution of their value to the World and/or the Royal Family. These two are earth shakers here to do good, long after others have written them off.

  23. I'm bored with all the attention given Meghan markle. She wants attention and bad attention is better than none. I may read or watch something once in a great while but for the most part I'm over it.

  24. Who cares about those two? they are hypocrites talking about climate change and what lesser people than themselves need to do while they jet about the world in a private jet. Gag! They are disgusting.

  25. I ain't worried about there marriage just the cost to my self and other tax payers for keeping them and there houses

  26. Harry an Meghan Duke an Duchess of Sussex THE BIBLE SAID LOVE COVER A MULTITUDE OF SIN . You both showing love you're living it you're speaking it you're walking the walk of love you're displaying it in multiple ways. An your will prevail over hate . Teach Archie love shower him with love no matter what he is in God hands . Be happy sweet couple you're bless by God .love your Royal Duties respect it an the Monarch.

  27. Law sued? Sounds so American! Thats America right there. In America you can be sued for any little dumbass reason! Thats meghan!

  28. It's so sad how everyone puts the blame on Meghan! Oh William and harry have drifted bc of Meghan! Harry's losing his hair ever since marrying Meghan give Meghan a break!! Everyone is only judging her because of her colour!! It's sad but it's the truth


  30. Who's worried? They're the ones who should be concerned , not us, though I will say this. I don't care what charities and good causes they stand up for and fight for which is admirable, I just don't want MM to forget that she's NOT number one here i.e. a malignant narcissist. The Queen is "numero uno", Prince Charles is next in line and then Prince William and Kate the Great! The Royal pecking order which is thousands of years old! Meghan forgets they have different customs and a very different culture there esp within the Royal Family and a very very long rich history! BEWARE MM, the Firm has it's modern day beheadings as we've all seen…and "history repeats" in more ways than one! Thanks for sharing Nicki Swift~

  31. Lol this whole vid is basically boasting that Meghan is an angel and everybody around them is jealous. Grow up. She’s a bitch that’s why she’s hated

  32. Again a lot of lies! This is the garbage that keeps getting passed around. What will happen is they may push Harry away from the UK! He will take his wife and family and move to another country! Which is what the British press is pushing for! They just hate Meghan that much!

  33. WITH AWFUL white coat LOOSE hair for engagement PHOTO diasterno NEED for anybody to worry ABOUT MEGS she loves herself so much .main FOCUS PRESS and plenty …and open DOORS to CLIMB LADDER FOR CAREER she could not make as markle ..

  34. Megan is Beautiful lady Harry is lucky man and I think she's great at being a princess great at it ! The woman that call,s her self the biggest B.t.. in Britton. She sucks and has no talent what so ever she's just mad because Harry has great taste in women ! We are awesome in The U.S.A.. Charles needs to come over .he is hot we love him as well he could find a soul mate over hear . Live Camilla and come across the pond baby we will show u how a king should be treated. Charles you are still smoking Hot and u would love us U.S.A GIRLS BABY.

  35. I wonted to put this comment on the other interview but it will not let me but Katie Hopkins I think u just don't like the U.S.A girl,s because we are hot and beautiful we can not help that are Megan is what Harry loves . I love u Meg keep up the great work and u make it Beautiful and plz keep the great style up to u dress great. love everything you have worn and maybe you can show the British how fashion is done .They could use some pointers lol .I love u and wish u the best .You know how to make fashion look great .

  36. As with Princess Diana, there's too much media coverage here. And remember, there's such a thing as burn out. Might be refreshing to step out from under all these neon lights for a while.

  37. They won't last that's all. I like them but I feel like when you both came from a broken home its not gonna work unless one of them came from a loving family so they can fulfil the other one.

  38. Their marriage is not in our control, why worry over something that is not our business. Let them have peace. What will be will be. There are many more important things we can do to help others that are in need or to be productive.

  39. You may be worried about Harry and Meghan but nobody in the UK is. They are both a pain in the neck and most people are sick and tired of their shenanigans and trying to get bigger and better headlines on a daily basis. The entire country has had enough of their hypocrisy and attention seeking and frankly can't wait to see them up and go and live in Hollywood where they actually belong. They will be happier and the UK taxpayers will be happier. A win win situation. They are not royals. They are celebrities like the Kardashians.

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