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– Oh my ( makes animated noises). Happy birthday to me. I’m turning 23. November 17th. This Saturday. Last week, I asked you guys
to send me gifts to my PO Box and you did, of course. A lot of you guys did, of course. And they’re sitting next to me, of course. And I’m gonna open them. – Of course! – I actually did ask you
guys to send me gifts. Which may sound peculiar
to some: asking a bunch of strangers for birthday gifts. But, it’s my birthday. ♪ It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday ♪ ♪ I’m a live my fantasy ♪ – I’m gonna open, not
to exploit, I didn’t ask for anything fancy. I just thought it would be fun
to make this video this week. So, before I begin, I wanna
say thank you to everyone who actually sent stuff. I appreciate you. The first thing I’ve interest
in opening is this box that says, not for everyone. (metal clacking) Sounds broken. It’s from FIREBOX. I think this is a
promotional box rather than a subscriber sending me a gift. I don’t know, let’s find out. Whoa! And there’s a sloth spray
painting, on this side of the box. Is that a sloth? What the (bleep)? Is that a sloth? Or like a really deformed human? I think it’s a sloth. I don’t know. Wow. Beer socks. These are socks in a beer can. It says, wear responsibly. So how do I, access, okay I see. (clicking) Soup Socks. Chunky, minestrone Soup Socks. Wow, I love this. I love these a lot. These remind me of Saved by the Bell. The intro music videos. ♪ Saved by the bell ♪ That is just not how it goes. Thank you, to who, I don’t
know who, who sent this. I’ve been curious about this package. It feels like a book. A while ago, in an unboxing video, a subscriber named Kendall
sent me, The Art of Not Giving a (bleep), a book that I
read and really enjoyed and genuinely learned a lot from. I think this is the same person. This is from Kendall. “Alex, here’s another dope book.” Okay, thank you Kendall. “Two rules: learn something
from this, two, keep passing “this shit along. “This book is called, When
Strangers Meet: How People “You Don’t Know Can Transform You.” Wow. I can already tell that
this is going to be an interesting book. So if you want it, after
I read it, because Kendall made the rules, I didn’t, right. She said I had to pass it along,
leave a comment down below. Let me know why you deserve it. This is freaking heavy. It feels like, if I were
to guess, I’d guess that it was a mug. Whatever is in here smells delicious. We’ve got a Lavender Ridge Farm sweat-pea and ivy soap bar. Another soap bar:
eucalyptus, olive-oil soap. Ooh! This is the type of stuff I
would never treat myself to. So it’s really nice when
other people get it for you. You know what I mean. These are from Totally Addicted Co. What is this? Is this a candle? Yes! It’s a candle. Um, oh my god, it smells so (bleep) good. Yes, stringy-strings. Okay, I just made a real big mess. And last but not least; I
think last but not least. Yeah, there’s nothing left in there. You know when you’re opening
gifts, you would know that there’s nothing in there
but your really just gotta make sure, ’cause– ♪ I want it all ♪ Avocado socks. I had avocado for breakfast. Wait, what the (bleep)? This sock has avocados
and this sock has tacos. Okay, okay. You know, I didn’t expect it, but I’m not mad about it. This next package is from Walmart. I’m certain Walmart
didn’t directly send it, so I guess one of you guys ordered something and
sent it to my PO Box. Let’s see. There’s just one thing in here. And it’s lube. Why? Did you really send me lube? Okay, I have lube. I have lube. Doesn’t even say who sent this. There’s no gift receipt. No one wanted to take credit for that. I kinda understand. Moving on. This package is from Amazon. Same deal, I’m guessing one
of you guys ordered something on Amazon and sent it to me. Holy (bleep), what is this? Beaver Nuggets Sweet Corn Puff Snacks. “Dear Alex, Buc-ee’s is a
Texas staple, especially “on road trips. “Known for their barbecue baked
goods in pristine bathrooms. “Buc-ee’s is much more
than a convenient store “and gas station to Texans. “Happy birthday from Bailey R.” I hope these aren’t for beavers. I hope they’re for humans. ‘Cause it doesn’t look like human food. I gotta be honest. It smells like maple syrup. Here goes nothing. Kinda taste like Kettle corn. Kettle corn meets Cheeto texture. Oh my god, oh my god! No! Okay, I just gotta phone
call and I answered it and about 20 minutes just passed. So the excitement, well I’m not gonna use the word excitement. The shock from opening this
package has sort of sizzled out. But I’m still disgusted. We’ve got a cup holder that
says, eat a bag of dicks. From dicksbymail.com. And then they sent me a bag of dicks. That is disgusting. Am I gonna get demonetized
for showing this. What is this? What? It’s a menu. I guess I did tell you
guys to send anything. The Underwood Specials. On the back of it, it just
says, “I hate restaurants.” What the fuck? There’s nothing else in here. Tag yourself: what would you order? I’d probably order the
tomato soup or the oyster. Or that flatbread. Oh no, there’s mushrooms
in that, I don’t want that. This is not even real, so
I don’t why the (bleep) I’m debating. This next package is from Pureology. Whoa, there’s a lot of shit in here. We’ve got a cleanser, we’ve
got an ointment of some sort. A moisturizer. M&Ms. I’m most excited about this. It says #treatyourskin, on
these M&Ms, which is kinda contradictory, because
milk makes me breakout. Just a thought. And then there’s another little container with a bunch of pins. I like this one: it’s
a black ice cream cone. A little cup cake, a rainbow
cake, blue macaroons. And I don’t know what the
(bleep) this is, flan, is that flan? There’s a little packet, it
says, “These quick-healing “stickers absorb the zit’s contents. “Leave them on overnight,
peel them off and presto “shrunken zit.” Whoa, I could use that, now. Next! Whoa, I love this. It’s an art print. Which I’m literally, I’m in
the process of picking out new art for the wall back there. And I will definitely hang this up. It is a squirrel riding
a motorcycle on a page from the dictionary. I fucking love this. I would purchase this on my own. Who sent this? Who are you? “Alex, happiest of birthdays to you. “Thank you for making me
laugh in every video you post. “You inspire me to be myself
and to never stop improving “as a human. “Keep being you. “I hope your day is as great
as you are, love Logan Paul.” I’m just kidding, “Love Logan H.” Thank you Logan H. The next package we have
here is also from Walmart. And I am really hoping it
is not from the same person that sent me lube. I’m scared, I’m legitimately scared. I feel like it’s gonna be something weird. Wow. That’s like the least weird
thing I could have gotten. It’s just a family sized box of Cheez-Its. Which by the way I love. I love Cheez-It, there so
good, but it’s not something I would go out of my way to purchase. So thank you. Ladies and gentlemen,
the final package award goes to. (cheers and applause) There’s a gift receipt that
says, “Hey Alex, I just “found your channel and
lets say I’m going to stick “around, ha ha ha, PS we
share a love for stickers.” They sent me stickers. I’m presuming, yep. Yep, here they are. A (bleep) ton of stickers. That is a lot of stickers. Dinos, animals, more
animals, sea creatures, fish, llamas, other animals, lots
of animals, lots of stickers. Okay, you didn’t write your
name, but to the person who sent this, thank you. Thank you to everyone. Wow, I’m exhausted. It’s hard work getting free shit. Thank you guys for watching this video, I hope you enjoyed it. If you did make sure
you give it a thumbs up, leave a comment down below. Subscribe; I upload videos every Thursday. Turn my posts and
vacations on to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Bye now.

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