Why You Must Celebrate the Small Victories – The Dávila Notes #016

Why you must celebrate the small
victories. I’ve been struggling with this myself recently and it’s been driving me
insane. It’s been decreasing my productivity and
I needed something to rebound me and that’s actually how I came up with the
idea for this video. I was thinking yesterday, “What am I doing
wrong? With everything that I’m doing I haven’t been able to hit my goals.” But
then I also remember this message of celebrating all of the small victories.
It’s not like I haven’t been progressing. Actually, this month has been one of my
biggest jumps in my progression and I should be celebrating that but I wasn’t
because I didn’t quite hit the goal that I wanted. I have this minimum goal that I
wanted to hit but I didn’t get to it. But I got about a third of it. And just the
month before I was like at 5% of the total goal. All-in-all it equals about a
30% increase to hitting my goal in one month. That’s a good jump, however, I was
attacking myself because I didn’t quite hit that goal. If you think about it I’m
still far away off from it, but it’s a lot better than zero which I’ve been
living the entirety of last year. So in one month, I’ve been able to get a 30…37
percent increase in my minimum goal and that’s an amazing number to hit. It’s
good. I should be celebrating it; not attacking myself for it. And that’s why
we must celebrate the small victories. When I was attacking myself my
productivity just decreased massively. I was getting lazy. I wasn’t…I felt like I
was doing something wrong, but I wasn’t. I just have to keep on going along
with the process. I do need to keep on working and work
hard but that doesn’t mean I can step back and be grateful for the
progress that I’ve been able to have. With just that one idea – celebrate the
small victories – from yesterday to today is a big difference in my mindset. I’ve
gone from beating myself up being low on productivity to being grateful,
however is still impatient, but having a productive day. There’s nothing wrong
with being impatient to get your goals, but you have to be grateful for
everything that you have around you. That is the keyword, being grateful. If you’re
not grateful about everything that you have, you’re going to tear down your
happiness just like I was doing. I was stressing out. I was freaking out, really.
And I can physically feel it. It affects your physical body as well as your mind
and that’s why you must be grateful. You must celebrate the small victories so
you can develop that gratefulness for everything that you have and everything
that you’re gaining and will have. So that is all for this video. That is just
a very quick message that I wanted to put out there because it’s very relevant
to me right now. Like I said, I literally just had this idea yesterday and I’m
recording the video today. And I can feel the change just by simply stepping back
and appreciating it the small victory that I’ve been able to gain. Even if it’s
not everything it’s still a small victory and that’s the most important
thing I could give out in this video. So that is all for this video. If you liked
it, please do subscribe. Click the bell so you can get notified while I post new
videos and with all that said: Here is to our future selves.

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