Why You Need To Celebrate Your Successes

So today I want to talk to you about something
that I love to do and it is celebration with her. It’s big or small. I’m all about celebrating the milestones and
the wins along the way. But today I want to talk about why this is
so important because there is actual science behind it. It’s not just about popping bottles and feeling
good. There are real reasons why we should take
a time to pause and celebrate and especially this time of year December coming to the end
of the year. It is a beautiful time to do just that. So we’re going to talk about three ways that
celebration can really support you in what you’re up to and why it’s so important to
do it. So stay tuned for that. And if you’re new here, welcome. My name is Kristen Constable and I’m a leadership
and business coach to values driven entrepreneurs who want to create big wins in their business
and their life. And I support them in doing just that by activating
their inner leader and having that wise guide inside support them along the way. So celebration is something I talk about with
all of my clients all of the time and is baked into the goal setting system and process that
I use and it’s because it’s not just a nice add on that we do when we think about it or
when it’s something really big is celebrations along the way are critical to your success
and they’re actually really supportive. There’s lots of research around as celebrations
supporting our wellbeing both mentally and physically. And so let’s talk about how celebration can
help and how to integrate it into some of your rhythms and rituals and both your business
and in your life. So I want to speak to one key difference I
find in people who are goal crushers and those who kind of have failure to launch. And the key differences is the ones that are
goal crushers is they know that it’s not about necessarily where they want to go because
that can be really big. Like if you’ve got big goals, big dreams,
it can be exhausting and overwhelming to always look at what you still have to accomplish. What these people do is they have an eye on
the prize and I on the vision, but then they also are more connected to the distance that
they’ve had come already. And the only reason and the way that they
can do that is by actually celebrating and acknowledging where they’ve come along the
way. So that is the first thing to keep in mind
when it comes to celebration and reflection, is it’s an opportunity for you to really stay
connected to all of the work that you’ve already done, all of the steps that you’ve already
taken. And this is what builds momentum. And momentum is critical when it comes to
achieving your goals. If you’re working from a sales like steady
state and then trying to take off, it’s really hard. But when you build momentum along the way,
it can be really a lot easier. So one of the things that I share in my goal
setting blueprint that I’ll link below you can download, is that for every milestone
for your goals, you’re going to chunk down your goal into things called milestones. I’ll talk more about that in next week’s video. But you’re going to have a celebration attached
to it. So it’s not just a celebration for the big
end goal. It’s celebrations along the way. And that’s super, super important. So next I want to talk about kind of this
psychology around why celebrating is actually from a scientific perspective important. So when we set goals, what we’re actually
doing is we’re opening loops in our minds. So we’re saying, I want to do this, I want
to achieve this. And it kind of opens this loop that we are
out to close. But if we never actually close the loops,
if we just move on to the next thing in our brains, we don’t actually know that those
things are complete. And what ends up happening is we get mental
clutter. So if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or you
know, like you don’t have enough time for anything and then you actually go write down
what you have to do and you’re like, Oh, there’s actually like not that much to do. That is an example of mental clutter. It’s all of these things taking up brain space
that actually don’t need to be there anymore because that low loop has been closed, but
it takes something and it’s a more proactive way to go about that. If you consciously close the loops that you
open, so knowing what you’re giving your word to, what you’re saying yes to what goals you’re
taking on, and then consciously closing that loop with celebration will help you feel more
grounded and less mental clutter. Top tip. Love that. One final reason I want to talk about when
it comes to why celebration is so important is it gives us an opportunity to really reflect
on the things that light us up. So especially now that we’re at the end of
the year. Doing a reflection on the year past can be
a beautiful way to really get connected to what are the types of things that now looking
back on them were the most meaningful. What are the things that even if they were
really hard maybe to accomplish or they were big things like those types of things. Often when we’re in them, whether it be launching
a program or a product or a business can feel sticky at the time and really challenging,
but when we’re actually conflict, when we’ve accomplished it, when we look back on it,
it can be one of the most fulfilling or the highlights of our year. So when you start to notice the types of things
that are the highlights, maybe it’s those big things. Maybe it’s the small moments with friends
and family that are the things you’re really celebrating. You can start to get a handle on what are
your values, where do you want to spend your time and what’s really important to you, and
this can be incredible data to use when it comes to setting your next goals as opposed
to setting them from an end goal perspective where you’re just looking at what you want
to achieve externally. You can actually reverse engineer them from
what are the things that actually light me up the most? What are the things that are most important
to me and why I call those values driven goals? And those are game changers when it comes
to having motivation to achieve them and also to actually feeling fulfilled when you get
there. And I have a whole video on values driven
goals and how to get their soul link that in the cards above. So my suggestion, my recommendation would
be to use this month in the great way that it is a book and into an amazing year that
you’ve probably had, whether it be good or bad, everything that happens isn’t a chance
to celebrate whether it’s something that is positive or whether it’s a learning experience. So take this opportunity to look at all that
you’ve accomplished, everything that you are and take this opportunity to celebrate others
as well. It’s a beautiful time to acknowledge and celebrate
those that have supported you along your journey. So that’s a little ritual for this month of
December and I will link below that goal setting blueprint. If you’ve done your celebration and you’re
ready to get into the next stages. And I’ll be doing a video next week on the
blueprint in full. So stay tuned for that. Thanks so much for being here. Have a wonderful holiday season

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