Why you should NEVER use a marriage/matchmaking agency in UKRAINE

– And sometimes we have another problem
they sure to accept presents from men and they really need some time to get
used to the fact that man can give her presents – So a couple of weeks back
marriage agency owner or matchmaking broker sent me a video from a rival don’t you
just love how they like two dox each other in and in this video the … I guess
matchmaking service they review or they react to one of my videos my I guess
infamous video at this stage five reasons never to date a Ukrainian in
girls part of a series of course I made a couple of them gonna link those up up
in a card if you haven’t seen all of them already also down below in the
description go and take a click after you’ve watched this video of course and
I think there are some really interesting points that I can educate
you a little bit with in this video because you’re gonna see just how how
revealing a lot of their reaction to my video where I give you the honest
hardcore advice about you know the problems and issues the foreign guys
face when they come to Ukraine to try and date beautiful Ukrainian women and
you’re gonna see the reaction and there’s a little bit of an undertone
that’s very very revealing so let’s go and I’m gonna just react to just a
couple of clips in their video and you’re gonna see what I mean one of my
friends he was in Kiev and he matched with a girl on tinder and they agreed to meet at a
restaurant in the center and she said suddenly there will also be 2 of my girlfriends with me is that okay he went along with it he acquiesced
and he said yeah sure and so that’s three people on a date which is just
weird let’s be honest about it why would two girlfriends come
so anyways they had dinner and he paid the bill because Ukraine and he has to
pay entire tab that’s just the way that the culture works then they went to
another place across the street which is a very expensive and famous bar in Kiev
and he told me that when you know maybe ten minutes later all this sushi just
appeared on the table these girls have already eaten
so they just ordered it he didn’t speak Russian so he didn’t realize that’s what
they’re ordering why do you think my friend did in this situation you think
he got angry no no there’s a better way he just looked at his phone picked it up
and said ah girls sorry I have to take a business call it’s noisy here I’ll just be back man I’m gonna take it outside he never came back – he is
a real gentleman it’s nothing to say yeah a real gentleman and you know it’s
funny how a man is always a victim in such a situation why nobody’s saying that
he agreed to meet with the first girl he was open to meet her friends and of
course he was taken to the second bar not under the weapon – this is the thing
just because a guy invites you out on a date does not mean he’s legally adopted
you and that he’s now suddenly responsible for everything every expense
that you incur in his presence right there’s normal decorum and politeness and
manners which often Ukrainian girls don’t have it’s true but in this case
even in Ukrainian normal etiquette you don’t start ordering you know a second
dinner without asking the guy who invited you because he has to pay the
bill it’s so disrespectful and you see here their reaction their action is like
my friend or you in that similar situation you should just suck it up take out your
card and pay for it because that’s what you are there for and this is very very
disconcerting because these women owe a fiduciary … they have a fiduciary
relationship with their clients right so they I were supposed to look out for the
best interest of their clients who match my friend in this case right they’ve
where they’ve gone on a date imagine this happened with one of the women that
they set a client up with are they gonna react the same way she invited her
friends and they went to second restaurant and just used him for money for free
food – it was something that he wanted to – Probably he realized that there won’t be
a threesome yeah and then the dumb joke about the threesome as if that’s the
reason why he left when he was getting scammed again they think it’s funny they
think it’s a big joke of course the guy should pay and to get suckered the
Western guy when he comes yeah that’s what they’re there for
and that is what really got me when I watched this video really I
find it very very very disappointing So that’s it for me from this video I’ve
given you guys five reasons having talked to my friends who are foreigners
or in different countries like Italy Turkey US Britain about why you should
never date a Ukrainian girl it’s not always like in my video from Odessa where I
showed you you know beautiful weather a great city super hot
chicks – well maybe he’s dating chicks and not ladies so that’s a problem
— oh so another curious thing that I find about marriage and dating sites or
matchmaking services that are marketing themselves towards former men who want to
meet beautiful Ukrainian women in cities like Odessa on the shores of Black Sea
is the fact that they always use the word lady to describe the women that
they’re trying to pitch to their clients now of course lady is a word a general
word in English but it’s very for me a curious word to be using because you
don’t use it that often we use in terms of special context in English like to be
a lady is usually kind of a little bit more refined maybe – ladies use guys
Ukrainian ladies serious Ukrainian ladies – and obviously the equivalent on the male
side is gentlemen – gentlemen and ladies a real gentlemen and yes it’s in Ukrainian
traditions when the lady goes out to the gentleman with Ukrainian or the foreign gentleman foots the bill I don’t know any such ladies – now just think back where these words
were really commonplace that would have been probably a hundred years ago I’m
guessing maybe longer when it was very chivalrous women had no access to
education make money or anything like that and what was the natural the
natural consequence to that men were 100% the providers for the family the main
breadwinner and I know that’s part of the marketing is traditional values but
basically they’re using this word lady in this very antiquated sense when let’s
be let’s be frank about it you will be taking out your credit card to pay for
things and to sponsor your lady – you know it’s very strange usually guys
contact us and they’re really they don’t like that
politics of feminism they don’t want to compete with women but at the same time
they come to Slavic countries because women are more traditional here yes
– right let me just stop it there the number one reason why Western men at
least come to Eastern Europe hoping to meet beautiful women is that reason
because they’re more beautiful let’s I mean I know all the marketing for these
marriage agencies is always about traditional values and there’s a certain extent
radical feminism I talk about this obviously in one of my vodcasts so again
up and below as always if you want to go and watch those if you’ve missed it but
yes that is a factor but that’s not the number one factor if that was number one
factor Western man would be running around North Africa or the Middle East
looking for women and their men wouldn’t be coming to Eastern Europe either if it
was all about traditional values believe me women the Middle East women Muslim
women they’re super traditional but they’re also not sexually liberal and on
average although was like Lebanese women I did talk about that in one video where
it is of course more liberal in Lebanon than the rest of the region they’re not
as beautiful on average this is the reason the guys are here and she’s
trying to put it about Western feminism here that just doesn’t gel this is not
the reason why Western men come it’s not you know if the women were ugly in
Eastern Europe compared to Western European women believe me there wouldn’t
be so many guys coming and running around looking for women in Eastern
Europe this is the number one reason not this stuff about traditional values so
yeah – I don’t claim anything maybe they are like nice people but if a girl is
dancing half-naked or if she posts half naked photos it doesn’t mean that she’s
like a wife material so that sad – very interesting that the continuously
slut-shaming is actually I found a clip in her video where she shows quite a lot
of cleavage his own I mean I’m not gonna start slut shaming but interesting a
little bit hypocrisy maybe yeah – don’t try to date people from such trashy
dating sites or don’t go to nightclubs right she is very like your smile and a
mini-dress and it’s all – they’re all very anti girls you would
meet in night clubs or bars but a lot of them they organize what are called
socials which are basically parties for their clients that are exactly like
nightclubs and bars they’re basically a banquet hall a nightclub or a bar it has
music and dancing it has alcohol and has basically everything a bar or club would
have except admittance is reserved just for their clients and they invite a huge
number of women to them all right and they charge a huge entrance fee to the
guys who go so I can actually see where the value might be and this for certain
guys who basically don’t want to work on themselves and they’re normally very
unsuccessful night clubs or bars otherwise you just go to night club or bar and
actually the ratio of being ten to one is actually good if all the women are
actually generally there to meet someone which of course you can’t really vouch
for but we’ll just leave that out for the moment so that’s actually what they
appeal appeal to certain guys on is basically like listen you basically
suck and you can’t go to a bar or club you can’t get attention from women in
your hometown but come here we will rig everything so that you have this
experience like kind of nightclub experience where girls want to talk to
you and they’re actually interested in now that’s one way to do things I’m not
saying that’s a scam or anything just wouldn’t it be better to work on
yourself and actually become the guy who can go to the nightclub or bar or club
or any sort of social situation and actually have women genuinely interested
in you rather having to create this artificial set environment where the
girls are supposed to like you and also isn’t it very interesting that unless
you’re paying for their nightclub or bar you don’t find good girls and nightclubs
and bars – of course ladies that go out to clubs and now they are till 3 a.m. would
be quite different from the ladies that we attract to our exclusive matchmaking
base or ladies that do not go clubbing – you know just be skeptical about why they
they’re against night and bars they’re competition because nightclubs and bars
obviously corral women beautiful women the top women often into these places
where there’s alcohol and fun and music they tell you no no you’re not
gonna meet them there but you know you pay us the big bucks which basically is
about the same as paying for a table at a normal nightclub normally from what I’ve
seen on pricing you can come to a social which is basically another name for a
private party at a nightclub or bar – So one thing that you really have to realize
about Ukraine and dating is that it’s absolutely massive business an industry
insider actually told me that Russia and you can combine is a dating market
marketed towards foreigners is actually a 1 billion dollar per year industry so
basically that’s why they have all these structures the disingenuous agencies
basically set up to milk you along the way as much as possible you have to
realize that if you’re paying for stuff like communication and all these
expensive relatively expensive for Ukraine services like sending flowers
and gifts and of course they’ve already set you up as I explained earlier in the
video with all chivalry and ladies and gentlemen and you’re the white
knight coming with all your with your credit card and they’re they’re the ones
that are gonna take advantage of that so just be very cognizant of just how big a
business it is in this region and Ukraine is pretty much the ones who
marketed the most now contrast that to what what I explained in a recent
episode of my vodcast with neighboring Belarus where the situation is very
different where there’s a strict rule of law and you basically cannot really get
away with being a scammer yeah just be very very careful if you decide to come
to a marriage agency in Ukraine that you do understand how everything’s structured – Yeah we were in Odessa this summer just to give an example and basically the Western Europeans also from the Middle East or Turkey I saw
even and it was clear the girls they were so I will not call them
professional but very smart in deceiving those poor guys who had no knowledge of
the way of their thinking and actually took advantage of their wallets and then
made them pay for clubs and food and drinks they did not order and the bill
was higher and basically scammed them and they were not really successful asking me as I said I’m with the insider so it’s
not gonna happen very simple – so there you go that’s my
video about why you should never ever use a marriage, matchmaking or dating service in
Ukraine if you are really determined though to go and use one of those
services in spite of all my warnings in this video then definitely go and check
out the links below to the couple of matchmaking services that appear to be
genuine that I have done some collaborations with in the past go check
out their … I have some content also with them some other videos so you can go and
at least learn from that now if you are looking for something very different
which ironically in the last year has actually led to a lot of success two of my
my clients who lived the tsar experience are actually getting married which has left
actually me really shocked because that wasn’t this explicit purpose of coming
and living the tsar experience it was almost a possibility of course as you
know if you’re a regular viewer of this channel I do not provide any matchmaking
dating or marriage service explicitly what I provide with my clients is just
an unforgettable experience here in the east of Europe whether that happens to be in
Russia Ukraine or Belarus if you are interested and you believe that you are
worthy of living the tsar experience because it’s not for everybody it’s not
a good fit if you’re not interested investing the time and money into developing
yourself and actually pushing yourself to really be worthy of dating beautiful
women in this region and you’re not completely crazy unrealistic about what is possible I’m obviously gonna help you a
lot but I can’t make miracles happen if you’re not the right fit if you’re not
actually coachable you have to be open to actually developing yourself if you
are that kind of person then I have an application form that you can click on
below in the description to this video go to that fill out the questions and if
I think having reviewed it that you’re potentially good fit to work with me
then we’ll be jumping it on a short strategy call together to see if we can
work out the technicalities technicalities of where and when we
would meet could be here in Odessa Mama not at this time of year to be clear
Odessa is not a winter city I don’t recommend coming here in winter but in
summer it is a phenomenal place to come to we’ll probably be hitting another city
if it’s in the next few months together equally if you put on this video you’ve
watched it because you were maybe a lot younger … also thinking of a dating
service I see that they’ve now started marketing themselves a little bit to the
younger demographic they seem to be pushing into things a little bit like
pickup artistry which is kind of hilarious for me because that’s not
really what most of them seem to be suitable for but if you put on that and
you’ve been on this video you’ve come across it and you’ve been considering
because you find yourself in that category like you need a lot of maybe
help with coaching on your confidence you’re not maybe in the older category
you know trying to find a wife because you feel like your biological clock in a
certain sense it’s obviously more relevant for women but also for men feel
like you’re getting older but if you’re in that younger category then also the tsar
experience is not going to be for you because quite frankly I want guys who
have a certain level of confidence with women I have helped you know some of my initial clients with that but it’s really not where I think I can give
the best value and it’s not really what I want to do myself there are other guys
normally or women on the Internet who can help you with maybe basic confidence
coaching how to approach women how to build up yourself and actually be able
to engage with women be normal with them and actually then push on be able to project
yourself I think that’s probably best for you to do first before you apply for
something like the tsar experience because it’s really kind of like I guess
then the last level the last step you’re gonna have to take in terms
of developing yourself to actually be really successful here in Eastern Europe
with women but it’s actually not just that it’s just like you’re gonna come
here and have a phenomenal experience but if you don’t for example feel very
confident fit in well in nightclubs or whatever category you fall into then
or when you go out socialize you’re just a bit awkward a bit out of place then
it’s not really gonna be for you you need to work on other things in your
life of first before you can get that level and then you can apply to live the
tsar experience anyways I’ve been rambling on до свидания! до побачення!
from Odessa Mama ciao! – Conor Clyne – please feel
free to make a review on this video of us reviewing your video – you should be
careful what you wish for life!

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  1. I don't care how pretty they are once I'm disrespected that's it! I would be blunt and tell them straight up I'm not paying for that shit!

  2. Dating Sites and marriege Agencies are a bunch of C**p to me, the best way is to go out there in the "real World"" and find a Lady. However, need to be Careful with the Gold Diggers out there since this World is full of them . I paid attention to many girls around the World and to me, a woman is going to be a woman anywhere in the world, they're hoping to find someone to be a burden you have to dedicate in every way to them and what do you get in return??
    Almost nothing,They're coming out with inflateable dolls and I'm hoping that would be the Solution.

  3. I'm not saying nobody can be successful using an agency, but foreigners will have a much better chance just doing things the normal way. What is the normal way? Maybe make contacts online first on VK, Mamba, FB, etc. and then meet them when you're here. But make sure not to get into a 'friend zone' first, or else it'll be much harder to get her to think of you in a romantic/sexual way! Also, you can make no contacts and just come and meet girls the traditional way – parks, city squares, bars, clubs, etc. If you're staying in a hostel you can even have 'wingmen' to go out with you. Also, if you're saying a while, a few weeks+, then its easy to make friends there who can introduce you to girls. Friends being either male or female (including women you struck out with but still stayed in touch with). But I think it's too risky using an agency, just my opinion..

    As for me: I met my girlfriend through a mutual friend in Russia. The friend and I introduced on a free international dating site (but not whats considered an 'agency', it was completely and utterly free, more likely an international version of Mamba). We didnt hit it off romantically but we stayed in touch and she introduced me to my now girlfriend.

  4. Can't believe that Dioli decided to take you on….a lawyer…crazy broads. I have watched some of her videos and she is definitely suffering from narcissism. On the matter of the man paying, they imply that western men don't want to, that is certainly a stretch from not wanting to be scammed. I once went to dinner with a Ukrainian date at a restaurant that also sold cakes for take out. She ordered a slice for dessert, then asked if she could take one home for her brother, then for her mother, then for a friend. She went home with three cakes!!! I really didn't mind because they were $7 each US and it was so funny to see her struggle with her acquired $20 booty! But come on…three cakes, LOL. There is a comedy to some of their scamming…desperate as some can become as they try to apply their wiles.

  5. Thank you for this excellent video, Conor. Great points and warnings. Way to nip these points and claims in the bud. Well done, Sir.

  6. I really appreciate your videos and the work you do. It’s incredible the money that these services like “UADREAMS” wants to facilitate a relationship. It seems like they’re just after my money…When the time is right, I’ll work with you on meeting some girls…

  7. Nevertheless, you made a video with a woman who manages an agency. I do not get why you changed your opinion.

  8. You are so right Connor. These woman try to use men as ATM’s. Agencies like Dillion charge insane prices to meet woman who only want free dinners, flowers and expensive gifts and are not interested in getting married.

  9. Eastern european are not mariage material. They are looking for a meal ticket out of Their country. And this is true for most poorer countries. Ask yourself this very simple question. Why would they choose you over a local man? If you know the answer and I suspect most of you already know it. Anyone can get a woman. And if you think eastern european women are different to western ones, you are delusional. Once you bring them to your homeland see how fast they become westernised. I cant believe People still use dating agencies in Ukraine or Russia and afterwards start crying à river when theyve been ripped off.

  10. the resistance and desire for unhealthy situations … this man … otherwise he would not focus on it …

  11. I will make a video on this soon but this is a normal scam that they do. Bring friends then build the check. Conor is right but there is a hidden reason.

  12. If I went to Ukraine" I'd go out to clubs and just sit there and observe everyone and see who comes up to me' and go from there.

  13. A foreign affair" knows damn well those guys in their 50s and 60s have no chance of developing anything with a woman 20 years or more younger. But there are guys that take the bait!

  14. Well the only reason many Western men go to Ukraine for girls is because there seems to be an industry for the "girlfriend/wife experience" there. Aging, mediocre-looking men are pretty much guaranteed to be able to have access to the bodies of young women way out of their league as long as they are willing to spend enough money, while deluding themselves that they are getting a girlfriend/wife and not an escort. As for looks, it's all relative. To me, Arab girls are a lot more attractive than Ukrainian girls, they are just unwilling to show skin or put out so they go unnoticed by Western men.

  15. I think they exposed you as a creepy little douche. It's natural they should laugh at the entire premise of your so-called "business" of introducing (?) craven dudes to "ukrainian girls", as if there's a cohort of wholesome chicks aching to be plucked by horny foreigners so inept they need an Irish tour guide in Ukraine… The reality is that you guys are the butt of their jokes : You as well as your "clients" — are going to be taken for a ride, spend the money you believe can buy their asses, for zero action. Normal girls aren't interested in sex tourists, and those who are, are only interested in their money : It's called prostitution and the only guide this line of business needs is a cab driver or a bell captain. Every guy with a minimum of brains knows the meat market in a city is the club and bar scene — if you need to be told, you're not likely to cut it. It's pretty clear that all of the beauties you cast in your videos are professional models paid for the part — several of them are well-known. Now imagine the opposite; imagine an Indian man said : "Hello, lusting Arab/Indian/Chinese/Russian businessmen : I will get you laid with gorgeous but broke young redheads in Dublin, thanks to the power of your wallet".

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