Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate Birthdays

Heya playas, birthdays are a time for celebration.
In fact, my birthday is tomorrow. I’m turning 26 but I feel like that number really isn’t
anything special. And in realizing that it made me think about whether or not birthdays
in general are special. We usually highlight certain milestone birthdays for people but
when it comes to the numbers in between we don’t really care so much and they kind of
lose their appeal. If a young Jewish boy is celebrating is 13th birthday or if a girl
is celebrating her sweet 16. You pat someone on the shoulder and give them a lotto ticket
when they turn 18, you give them their very first drink at 21 and then you help them through
their quarter life crisis when they turn 25. Then there’s some stuff in between and you
don’t really pay attention to it again until they turn 30. So on and so forth, but if the
numbers in between are irrelevant then why do we celebrate them? In our society birthdays
have become less about surviving another year and more about glorifying people’s admiration
and love for you. Some people become upset when others forget their birthdays or they
do everything thing in their power to make sure everyone always remembers that day is
my birthday. The vibe that you’re putting out into the world is that you are the most
important person in the world that day and you are the only one that matters. At least
you want people to feel that. I know, people don’t always take it to that extent but that
idea is enforced by our culture by the number of presents you get or how big your celebration
is. My birth DAY was Friday so does that mean we should celebrate my birthday every Friday?
But that’s besides the point, your birth date signifies that you’ve lived an entire year
since the last time you counted. And while survival isn’t something we really worry about
here in the first world it is something to take note of. The common argument I hear from
people not wanting to celebrate their birthdate is that nothing has changed from the day before
my birthdate and the day of. Everything is exactly the same. Not to be a stickler but
if I were to ask you yesterday to recall all the events of today you couldn’t and that’s
because you have 24 hours of life experience that you just gained. What I’ve come to realize
about birthdates is that you’ve lived this long because of all the people around you.
They’ve helped you through plenty of hard times, they’ve laughed with you and they’ve
also fought with you. And because of that we should actually use our birthdates to celebrate
them for guiding us to be the people that we are today. What I want to know from you
guys is who do you feel has helped shaped you to be the person you are today and when
was the last time you thanked them for it? Leave a comment below and let me know. So
when the clock strikes 12 and I am officially 26 and people see that little notification
on Facebook saying it’s my birthday I am going to use that time to thank them for influencing
me to be the person that I am today. As always guys, love and peace. Hey thanks for watching,
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  1. I don't like celebrating my birthday because the way I think about it is that it's just a celebration for a year closer to your death.. that's just me, and I get upset when people try to throw a surprise party or something. I just absolutely hate birthdays, they're so pointless.

  2. I don't like celebrating my birthday because the way I think about it is that it's just a celebration for a year closer to your death.. that's just me, and I get upset when people try to throw a surprise party or something. I just absolutely hate birthdays, they're so pointless.

  3. I hate birthdays. I hate celebrating them. I hate thinking about them. In this video, I lay out the clear cut reasons why we should just STOP celebrating them.

  4. I used to mix my birthday month (july when it´s in june) until I was 17 :/ The thing was that I couldn´t give less than a fuck about it :3 but I don´t follow a lot of our "modern" society celebrations and beliefs or at least I don´t feel them to be so "special" like people I know do 😛 nice vid men, was hard to find someone opinion about the subject 🙂

  5. Thanking others for their influence is a very good point you put across. Today so happens to be my birthday and I, personally, don't think of it as such a big deal. Then again, growing up Muslim advocated not to celebrate. I'm truly grateful for reaching this age in good health, but this type of feeling of gratitude should be made every single waking day one is alive. Life is a gift.

  6. I don't, i even turned off Birthday notifications on FB. I find it silly, haven't done anything great yet so whats point, even if not born world won't have been much different.

  7. Add to all those good reasons you gave us, the fact that this "celebration" stems from idolatrous nations Egypt and ancient Greek cultures and has nothing to do with Christianity. The Bible mentions two birthday celebrations of pagans in both innocent people were killed the last one being John the Baptist after Salome danced and the king promised her a wish.. Which ended up being her mother's wish to have John beheaded!! ..  First Christians century never celebrated their birthdays and for that matter we do not even know when Jesus was exactly born!! ..

  8. listen my birthday is today but the point is to celebrate getting older because someday you'll grow up and lose fun in your life so enjoy life while young

  9. birthday refers to our material body which according ancient vedic philosophy is a temporary illusion. Rather we are eternal souls who are never born and will never die. Celebrating that day when our material body was born means to intensify our false identification with something that we eventually have to give up again.

  10. I avoid my birthday at all cost. Since I haven't had Facebook for over 5 years no one remembers it. (Including my mother) and I'm ok with it. I hate the attention.

  11. Why would you celebrate one year close to your death that's literally waiting for your death to come closer and closer.

  12. Just think if we didn't celebrate birthdays or even have them – we wouldn't "know" what "age" we supposed to be and a lot of people would be a lot younger for a long time. I notice in cultures that don't have birth certificates or birthdays that people who might be 80 years old look 30 something… in other words they stay in prime health because they are not conditioned by society as to what age is and what "old" is

  13. Shut up !! Just shut up I can celebrate my birthday if I want to way to spoil my day today's my 13 birthday 😤😪😥😡😡😡

  14. Birthdays are stupid, everyday, it is birthday to 2 021 917, so what. The day you were born is nothing to celebrate, you are just another human.If anything, you can celebrate your mother achievement of making you. Maybe parents make it big for themselves? They just love to spoil the little version of them.Its okay for kids but you know, get over yourself, you are not special and most probably will not make any change at all in the human history. Good video and f**k your birthday, f**k everybodies birthdays.Thanks for reading.

  15. My parents think like this. However, it's nice that the people you care about show that they care about you. I understand your point tho.

  16. I don't like birthdays. I don't see somebody getting older as a means of Celebration. And these people that end up having a bunch of guests and renting out a special room all because of their birthday seem to be very full of themselves and my opinion

  17. Not many people know how spell my name and if i ha vs braces no one notices and my mum even forgot my birth date and thought i was like eight one time

  18. Got to say i agree a bit with you. I just want to say that there is no problem with celebrating your birthday. Just don't tell ppl at school or on youtube comment section say "Hey, its my birthday" because to me a birthday is something only a family and maybe a few close friends can celebrate. Not random ppl who may or may not see you everyday. To me thats just being a narcissist.

  19. Birthdays should always be celebrated. Its a blessing to live a another year. A BLESSING. I respect your views, but not appreciating the anniversary of your birthdate is sad. It is very worth celebrating…

  20. Birthdays aren't really special when you get older. Look at it as this way… from the age of 18 onwards you're still the same person even though your birthday occurred or will be occurring.

    Also, money is involved in birthdays, annoying people is also involved because who wants to know about your birthday

  21. I HATE MY BIRTHDAY I JUST WANNA DIE AND START OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  22. Birthdays are not for celebrating a person as if they're the most important person on Earth. Birthdays are for honoring a person's life, to show how much people love you. "When's the last time that you ever thanked THEM?" What do you think birthdays are FOR?

  23. All Birthdays are important! I'm 53 today. And I can tell you it hurts, when you sit at home alone, wishing your family and friends would stop by or at least call. To me…. a Text message is not a good thing to send your mom on her Birthday.

  24. Some people r extreme on their birrhday… as with a lot of things… everyone has something that excites them where it may bore someone else… their kids, vegan or not, natural hair or not,careers, material things. U enjoy YouTube videos and editing. I celebrate my birthday every year and thank God I made it another year where so many had not. Ppl say " that person died 2 soon" that's a weird statement bc no one knows when u will die.

  25. All days are the same, I can eat cake or go party whenever I want, there are special days when nice things happens to you, but it could be any day, So i do not worship some astrological date as though we were summerian or something, the earth is always turning, nothing special about your f…ing date, and why it has be a solar year, why not a moon year , why not every month, all of this merely conventialism for the stupid masses. _Also gregorian calendar are a roman thing, some narcissitic caesar invented the months names and now all of these grown up children are following thinking they are special cause they were born in x w z month.

  26. My birthday is today. I hate celebrating my birthday and since I’m still living at home I’m made to celebrate it


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    Again, where does it say Birthdays or Holidays?????   The reason Watchtower Witnesses  don’t want you to celebrate things is purely financial. If you aren’t spending money on holidays then you will donate it to those eight people sitting in the TOWER.

  28. I'm 57,58 maybe 59. I quit counting and getting it right at 27, who gives a flying fuck, YOU'RE putting a number on your forehead indicating how you should act and feel?

  29. You can thank people for influencing how you are on their birthday. Let them know how they inspired you. Why make a day of birth into such a bad thing? It's ridiculous. If you don't wanna celebrate your birthday fine. I don't celebrate mine either but not for the reasons you give. I'd rather be productive for the most part and I don't usually make or have time to plan a party. But I have no problem with anyone saying happy birthday to me.

  30. Me too I hate my 🎂 I don't want to celebrate I don't remember I was happy on my birthday. my 7th birthday is a nightmare,our house caught in fire the day after my birthday.😢

  31. I am 9 but my mom dose not celebrate my birthday but we celebrate her birthday and my brothers my birthday today 😥😥

    Jk sorry

  32. I don't like to celebrate birthday because …I don't want those wishes over and over again… I really don't feel special about it

  33. People say if Jesus didn’t celebrate his birthday, why should we celebrate ours…What something may have meant 100 years ago is not what it means today. The Bible speak of DEADLY sins and I've never seen where celebrating your birthday or holidays is mentioned as a DEADLY sin (Gal 5:20-21). God read hearts and He knows what your MOTIVES are. No one’s MOTIVES are to idolize or live like Pagans lived. (1 John 5:17 – “ALL unrighteousness is sin, yet there is sin that does NOT lead to DEATH.) I really don't think God is going to destroy someone for something that is NOT celebrating PAGANISM.  Things don't mean the same thing this day and age. People say if Jesus didn’t celebrate his birthday, why should we celebrate ours…Why didn’t Jesus wear gold and diamonds, why didn’t Jesus get married, why didn’t Jesus pig out from time to time, Jesus didn’t have a bucket list, Jesus didn’t go on vacation and swim with the dolphins, Jesus didn’t go to doctors, Jesus didn’t eat certain foods, etc… Just because Jesus CHOSE not to do certain things, doesn't mean we can't do them. Jesus Christ got baptized at the age of 30, why do people baptize babies and children?  1 Tim 2:9 = “And I want the women to make themselves attractive in the right way. Their clothes should be sensible and appropriate. They should NOT draw attention to themselves with fancy hairstyles or gold jewelry or pearls or expensive clothes. Why do you see women wearing gold wedding rings, pearls or clothes that are expensive?

  34. I remeber the day. I was born witch was a date a month year and time that was created by man. Not only for. Recognition on the day you was born but also so that we are entered into the system of the society which was made by. People with great power and influences. If we. Go back to history. When birthdays did not exists. People lived much longer then they do know not only because we are programed that we are getting older but also. The the things we consume. Into our body's. So the day comes when your 21 now. That automatically makes you an adult. So the years go by and you realize your 50 wooow no your old ass fucck you cant do the things. You used too do cuz of mind programming your young stay young

  35. Yes it is true sometimes birthdays can be irritating. In fact, everytime my birthday falls on 22nd February my aunts and cousins will have to remind me that I am getting older so I better act like I am older. However, I don't like to think old I like to think young. That is why sometimes I tell my aunts not to make my birthday so lavish because I don't want to draw too mich attention to myself, stress my aunt out making the cake I'd rather be happy when my close family members come together and spend time with me whether it's my birthday or not. Because I want to feel better everyday just by interacting with them.

  36. I like to think of it as, we celebrate people’s “we are closer to death “ day . And the fact that we have to state our age by a number is fucking sad. Being told happy birthday should be considered as an insult. Like how do you make something like death enjoyable?

  37. Thank you for this video it's Friday October 4th 3:38 a.m. my birthday, and I'm not going to celebrate it because, I heard it was a sin. Celebrate life everyday.🌎🗺☺👍

  38. I think there's a fine line between this birthday celebration and just growing up. When I was a kid suuuuuure I loved the gifts and thought that's what it was all about a day of celebrating my birthday by my family. Now that I've grown older through the years when I hit 17 to 18 I didn't really want a gift I more so wanted to give back I feel much more joy for giving especially on a day that most people would give to you. And I agree most people celebrate for all the wrong reasons and they tarnish the point of the celebration. Anyways good video I agree for the most part just in my own opinion

  39. I will tell you why we celebrate birthdays. It is acknowledgment of your exisitance , that you were born and others are happy that you were….

    I cant stant birthdays since pre teens …I have loathed them . I'm glad as a adult I can choose to avoid to typical birthday procedures …and carry on my day like any other

  40. Hers a fun fact: BIRTHDAYS ARE NOT SPECIAL, EVERYONE HAS ONE EVERY SINGLE YEAR!. There are just entirely too many "special" days in the US, and to top it off, along comes your birthday where you expect everyone to spend money they don't have. Why? Simply because you were spit I to the world on a certain day? It's asinine… Plus we have to make up days for people now so they have a day of their own. You can't go 2 weeks in this country without it being some kind of holiday. I think next week is overweight autistic kids with irritable bowel syndrome day, it some shit. Hey America, not everything needs a special day because eventually, they will all be special. Then when all days are special, none of them are.

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