Wife Cheating On 10th Year Anniversary (r/AskReddit)

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our 10-year anniversary DR yesterday was our ten-year anniversary broad
flowers – wife’s office found some guy nestling her neck and her giggling yup
TL DR says it all my 35 male wife 35 female and I were married ten years ago
yesterday she has been working on a big project for the last few months the last
four weeks or so she has been putting an X for time staying late going in early
to finish up by deadline this is a career-maker for her I work construction
with the rain we have had we have crazy hours trying to make up time that we
missed so I work 12 hours on the days it’s nice sometimes a little longer if
it’s raining when I get up I don’t go in some days we get sent home when it
starts too dangerous I usually hit the gym for an hour or two Thursday we
started at 6 a.m. mid-morning starts to rain hard we go
home I go to the gym as usual I cut the workout short and head downtown to see
wife Megan to give her flowers and make plans for dinner that night as possible
we really haven’t seen much of each other this week I went to bed about 9:00
p.m. she wasn’t home called earlier me she is working late not unusual for past
month I stopped and got some flowers and went into her building about 12:30
Nicole was at the receptionist desk I told her I got here later than I wanted
could she put the flowers on Megan’s desk she said I don’t think they went to
lunch yet why not drop them off yourself she buzzed the door to get back to the
offices the place was deserted I went to her office the door was closed I always
walk in unless the receptionist tells me she is in a meeting I walk in some guy
is standing behind her Anna’s going her neck she is reaching back over his head
she is giggling only as she can saying we got to get this done
I am gut-punched I slammed the flowers down said happy anniversary and walked
out I didn’t hear what she said just went past Nicole said goodbye and left
made it two elevators and out the building then my phone started ringing I
bawled my eyes out all the way home went into garage pulled my camping gear
out of her rafters and took off I drove about two hours to a state park I had no
idea what to do I just had to run I hiked a trail we have been on in the
past about a three hour hike I don’t drink much so I had no booze I
just sat there thinking looking back I am glad I was in a rush normally I bring
a forty five calories with me camping we have black bears which generally scare
off but get aggressive if Hungary or Cubs around the way I was feeling I
might have ate the barrel that night my phone was blowing up from Megan so I had
turned it off I left the part to get aggressive if Hungary or Cubs around the
way I was feeling I might have ate the barrel that night my phone was blowing
up from Megan so I had turned it off I left the park to get reception turned
it on to see my good friend called I called him back
he said Megan called him to check on me make sure I didn’t do anything stupid we
talked a bit told him I got to think this through would catch up on Friday so
while I am thinking about this I go over our marriage from the beginning to see
what missed we come from completely opposite backgrounds my grandfather
raised me with my mom he taught me about life he had a little saying about
everything he told me marriage would be the hardest job said I ever had you had
to work on it every day god I miss him we did not have much third mom and
Grandpa having many discussions about bills they worked hard and my brother
and I did not miss out on anything we knew of Megan was born into money not
overly rich but very comfortable went to a great college always great clothes new
car etc and she is beautiful 11 stroke 10 beautiful
I would joke with her if she coughed about the Psalter spoon getting stuck in
her throat we met it off started dating I was dumbfounded how such a woman would
ever be with me we dated quite awhile before she told me
about her parents and lifestyle our friends called us the model couple
because they thought we were so good-looking we had to be models
families were not as kind afraid of the differences economically will come into
play her dad and I started to get along better my mom took some convincing she
graduates gets her first job we plan on getting married we work out between us
that we would expose each other to our lives that we live I took her whitewater
rafting she took me to the symphony we went ziplining we went to an art
opening etcetera we agreed we had to experience the others interests she was
really enthused about the more physical things we did I kind like the symphony
and such I own tit tuxes now I look back and do not see any red flags
her first two jobs she quit because the men all tried to get in her pants
she was paraded out in front for photo ops invited to conferences when other
newbies were not at dinner at a conference a partner tried to get her
drunk then tried to force himself into her room that night she quit the next
job the same thing quit again this third job has women as some of the partners
and none of that BS isn’t workplace she seems very happy we seemed very happy
so now Friday I am home I called her asked where she was back at work I being
in a crazy mood said that the marriage is taking second place to her job she
responded since I would not talk what was she to do fair enough
she will be home in an hour so I wait I want to save our marriage
if I am lacking in providing then I want to fix it I want to ask why of course
but I cannot accept her I do not answer how do i phrase this what else I be
asking I know I will get all emotional and forget everything so over the next
few days we will be going over and this what she did is wrong but please no
degrading comments she is still my wife thank you in advance probably too late
but maybe it’ll help the next guy here’s how you phrase it Megan I know
everything this is your first last and final opportunity to come clean and tell
me everything if you leave out a single fact or detail we are done again I
already know everything I’m asking you simply to measure your honesty and
humanity and to determine whether or not you have any shred of a conscience your
answers will determine whether or not we remain married
this is a tactic I learned in interrogation training it’s brutal but
it gets done the reason it works is because when confronted with it the mind
cannot work fast enough to concoct a lie someone trained to resist interrogation
or a sociopath will simply not answer and give themselves time to compose a
story a guilty spouse will feel they need to say something
it worked our enemy prisoners of war and it worked on my ex-wife all I had was a
strong suspicion she spilled everything to be fair in my office a lot of us tend
to go to lunch together if our brakes align if they are all hooking up I
certainly haven’t heard about it everyone is hooking up with everyone at
your work except for that one guy gal no one likes if no one’s hooking up with
you I have some bad news never fish in the company pond this 100% this my wife
cheated on me with a guy four years ago they worked for different companies in
different countries I found out and confronted her my life as I knew it
ended that day fast forward four years I’ve been through hell I took the blame
for her adultery as she said she was unhappy with the who I’d become I
carried the guilt I made the effort and I got nothing back in return I got
through that stage but still always had the trust issues she worked away a lot
now for the same company as the guy guilt turns to resentment resentment
turned into hate and then hate left and just left me with nothing there’s only
so long you can survive with trust issues ultimately for me I just stopped
feeling anything to protect myself it took four years but now it’s done and
it’s over your wife can’t say or do anything to repair the damage but I can
never be repaired the receptionist couldn’t tell him verbally because
people often get defensive when it comes to other people slandering their
partners Opie probably would have said she would never do that
the receptionist had to show him she’s probably sick of their crap knowing she
was married and not shutting down this guy’s physical contact
and work immediately on top of not getting material work done at the
workplace and this is the part of the movie where the receptionist and the guy
discover they are soul mates and live happily ever after in all seriousness
Opie she’s been cheating for a while you
tried to do the right thing and make up for the time you’ve both had to spend at
work and instead found her with another man I’m so sorry this happened to you
but I hope you can find someone who appreciates and respects you everyone
deserves that you

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  2. Wait a minute… the first story sounds like a story time from Nikki Glamour. I don’t think it’s the same person but it’s a funny coincidence (she was the receptionist and her name is Nicole)

  3. Where are all the good men? Just a third…

    You think women would act this way if 30% of men responded to emotional torture/emotional death with physical torture/homicide? They would certainly not.

    Men would also be far more unlikely to sleep with taken women if 30% of their partners would commit horrible acts against them in retribution.

    It's fair. Perhaps not murder, but physical pain isn't anywhere near as bad as emotional trauma. Not even in the same league. All physical wounds heal but look at rape victims, it's not the feeling of forced sex that haunts people their entire lives it's the emotional state of helplessness Vs pure malevolence that shatters people. True trauma gets caused by cheating, even worse than rape unless the person raping you did so from a position of trust… So no, this isn't a flame post. I truly believe you should fucking eviscerate the person that would break you so.

  4. This story has an update and the wife has coincidentally made an post on reddit too lol


    the wife mini-novel


  5. I was a fool for ten years of lies and infidelity with several others. I stayed and tried with counseling and for my kids. Wrong. She never changed and she took kids and finally divorced. I filed!

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  7. Action speak louder than words ! What she said now will be in doubt or anyone doing it ! Better to go thru a lie detector test for any question ask ! if she's still want to made this work

  8. Sad to hear that OP. In all honesty, I know you still care but it's for the best to just leave. As many have said, it's probably been going on for awhile. Even if you manage to fix it. Your always ganna have trust issues and your ganna start looking over her shoulder to make sure. That's no way to live.

  9. Our marriage survived an affair. Barely. It took years before I trusted her again. There are still times I wonder and that was almost 30 years ago. We are still married. but I am not sure to this day I would use the word happily. There is always the little wonder in the back of your mind… She has been faithful since, I have access to her electronics .. But that little nagging thought never goes away.

  10. Everyone is saying leave, and I do understand the thinking behind it. However I wouldn't necessarily agree. My Dad and Mum, they went through a very stressful period shortly after I was born due to work stress, my Dad got drunk at a work event and slept with a co worker. My parents almost split up bur didn't, they cared for eachother and worked on it. Now they're very happy and I have two siblings. Sometimes people cheat for very stupid reasons and relationships can still be saved.
    That being said what you said you saw seems to imply it was going on a while which could mean that it's less of a stupid lapse in judgement and more likely a conscious decision. I say hear her out, if you both care about each other then counselling and trust building could fix things, but if what she says makes you think she could cheat again leave.

  11. I wonder if Meghan came home to you after a tryst without cleaning herself! That's a significant amount of disrespect. If they also disrespect the marital bedroom. All hope is lost. I sure wonder what happened!

  12. Once a wife strays she will always. It does not matter if it's your fault or hers. There is only one solution dump her and get a new life, the life you had with here is gone forever.

  13. Poor guy can’t understand that everything is over because either he won’t be able to trust her or she will do it again. I wish also we could find what happened.

  14. No indication if the wife's snuggling and flirtation had gotten to an intimate sexual level, BUT any guy snuggling a married woman's neck at work obviously was already in her pants. I would have dumped her sorry ass and smashed the guy's face in. But that's just me. As for the wife, I would have fought her tooth and nail in divorce court. She's not worth it.

  15. Beauty can blind you. Just remember, there is a price to that stuff. Don't grovel, just let her go. You never had her to begin with.

  16. So where is the story "Cheating Wife tells how and why she cheated on anniversary" I would love to here how that story continues.

  17. This is super Reddit drama:
    Meghan's reddit post:

    Bob's follow up post:

  18. Just delivered the divorce papers to her work, make sure she gets it, and then move on. Ain't worth the heart aches when she doesn't care about you!!!

  19. This is probably fake. A guy with a linguistics degree thinks that this post, the update, and the wifes account were written by the same person. (https://www.reddit.com/r/relationship_advice/comments/c3xuuu/update_my_wife_cheated_on_10_year_anniversary/)
    We all need to be careful and not believe everything we read on reddit if we don't know the source. I believe their is a movement to divide people in America on a variety of fronts. I believe that while MGTOW makes some good points, life is more nuanced than "All women are bad". I believe that this post is meant to further the divide.

  20. You think she is your wife ??? Men like you are an embarrassment. A REAL man would have severed all communication immediately and gone to a lawyer the next day to begin divorce proceedings.

  21. I would be heartbroken. If the trust is gone, it is likely the marriage cannot be saved, and my trust in her would be gone. She would have to start by quitting her job and breaking off all contact with that man, immediately and permanently. And I would be allowed to check her phone, computer, whatever whenever I wanted.

  22. Shes never yours its just your turn. https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/why-are-millennial-women-cheating-more-than-men

    And guess what, they blame it on men.

  23. Fake post, as investigated by reddit users…sigh, the lengths people will go to for attention.
    Just for consideration, the power move would have been to wine and dine Nichole, bang her, record it and keep her panties to send to the 'wife' after divorce proceedings.

  24. is this guy that stupid ? YES.once they cheat. they always cheat.how can people cheat in the eyes of god ? maybe they should think about their vows.all cheaters will BURN in HELL.

  25. Move on brother.Some things that get broken can never be fixed.Happened to me and I thought my world was ending. I stumbled through life for years in the darkness, then 18 years ago I found my true love and we have a wonderful 15 year old son and they are my whole reason for being born.

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  27. Any women that blames her husband or partner for her cheating is irresponsible and not taking responsibility for there selfish actions and never deserved a second chance because blaming there spouse is the first lie the second is it was there free choice to cheat before leaving the relationship! Also I was cheated on and blamed and I was a fool the only one that defended her until she showed that the rumours were true so I do have trust issues at trusting any women even mothers are selfish at some point !

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  29. A cheater will always find a reason to cheat and it will never be them, always you. If you think your wife/girlfriend is cheating SHE IS. Loss of trust is like a cancer and will always destroy a marriage. Even if you stay together it will never be the same. If you question her and she is telling the truth, she gets mad and blames you for trust issues. You will never completely trust her ever again. Best to cut the ties and move on.

  30. Yeah, if you try to stick around, you’ve shown your SO a gap in their lie, they’ll correct it and continue on.

    I’ve found the most satisfying thing to do is just walk away and not answer the phone for a few months. Since a good majority of people who cheat are doing it for a thrill, their relationship with the other person will deteriorate very fast and you’ll finally get that phone call you need to hear: ‘I’m so sorry honey, I don’t know what I was thinking (affair partner) robbed/beat me up/ threw me under the bus/ got me fired, can I please just stay at your place for a night? Maybe we can talk about things?

    That’s when you laugh at them and hang up knowing they got exactly what they deserved.

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