Wife Repairing Marriage After Husband Cheated With Neighbor (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This is Couples Court
with the Cutlers.
JUDGE: We’re here
for McKinney versus McKinney. You’ve been married
two and a half years? BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE: But, have known
each other since Middle School? BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. That is something. And you have
a beautiful baby together. BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. DANA: Okay, so tell me, why in the world
are you here,
in Couples Court, today? Your Honor, I just
wanna know if my husband is sleeping
with the neighbor. Because… because he’s been acting
real distant. Our marriage just hasn’t, you know, it hasn’t
been the same. And… You know, he’s just
nonchalant about everything. He gets mad with me,
so I just wanna know the truth, today. Mr. McKinney… What do you have
to say about that? I have admitted to her
that I have cheated and everything. This has
been a year and a half ago. And, I’m doing everything
now, to make sure
everything’s free. I’m not cheating.
I’m not doing nothing. Okay, so you cheated
in the past? ALFRED: Yes, Sir. But that was in the past
and now you’re on the straight
and narrow? Yes, Sir. That’s the reason
I’m here, today. So that, she know that I’m on the straight
and narrow. Only thing I’m worried
about, is her and my little girl,
that’s it. And you don’t believe him? I don’t believe anything
he’s saying. Okay, can you tell him exactly what is
at stake today? If I find out you’re
cheating on me, today,
we’re done. (CROWD BOOING) You gotta get it together. And you say, you’re not
cheating, right now? I haven’t done nothing
since June 18. She’s just paranoid because I don’t know, she… (WOMAN CHUCKLES) DANA: Oh! She, she gonna go
through my phone. Facebook, all of that. It’s just the trust
is lost with her. JUDGE KEITH: The trust is lost? You broke that trust. And you recognize that
the trust is lost? ALFRED: Yes, Sir. And you’re here to rebuild
that trust, aren’t you? Yes, Your Honor. You’re here to convince
her that you’re deserving
of that trust? Yes, Your Honor. But you’re saying that
she’s paranoid? Why are you saying
she’s paranoid? Cause she knows,
all I do is, go to work and I come home. When I am home, it’s just me, her
and my little child. And we don’t have
nothing to do. We outta town
tryin’ do to something. Are you paranoid? I don’t think I’m paranoid. I just think that I have, I have a feeling in my,
you know, my gut, is that he’s doing something.
He’s always, like, he just not there, all they way.
A hundred percent. He’s nonchalant, you know? And look, I’m a married person. You’re looking at mine. Your gut, is your gut. A woman’s
intuition is rarely wrong. And you’re here to get
that corrected? Yes, Your Honor. You talk about
a woman’s intuition. From a man’s perspective, I mean, if he’s doing
everything he’s supposed to do, then her intuition could
be fueled by something completely paranoid? But look, he’s already… What he’s done
in the past… We’re talking about
what he’s done in the past, he’s talking about what
he’s doing right now. I’m not paranoid. He’s crazy. I don’t have nothing
to be paranoid about. I know what I’m doing. KEITH: You know what
you’re doing? I know what… DANA: Well, look,
I gotta tell you, was there a period
after the… fall out, a year
and a half ago, where things were okay? Only, when he, like,
on Valentine’s day, if he brings me a gift
or something but that still doesn’t
cover up the fact that, you know, that happened. DANA: Okay. Because I’m still damaged
from t. You know, so it’s never
really been a good, good, time. What about back
in the beginning? Yeah, in the beginning
it was good. We got, you know, we’ve
known each other since
Middle School. We fell apart then, and then we met back up
at a school we was going
to together. And, you know. (LAUGHS) CROWD: Aww. When you all met
in Middle School, were you all just friends, or were you boyfriend
and girlfriend in Middle School? I was like a geek to him.
He never noticed me. He was… ALFRED: I wasn’t into,
you know… I ain’t gonna lie. I was into
the streets, and I was running behind
those fast girls. (CROWD LAUGHING) ALFRED: And, you know… He didn’t want
no smart girl. She was a kind of nerd
at the time, you know. I just… looked there,
and kept going about
my business, you know. When did you realize that the freaks and the cheats
out in the street,
weren’t for you? And this was the one
for you? I realized that
once I got cheated on. So you know what it feels
like to be cheated on? CASSANDRA: Exactly? I knew it would feel
like this, so I’m trying to show to her that,
I’m doing what I need to do now. So, besides him catching
your eye, what other things made you fall
in love with this gentleman? He’s like my little
teddy bear, you know. He’s like, he’s somebody
I can come to when I’m sad, you know,
when I’m crying. He brings me Mothers Day gifts, every year,
when we have Mothers Day. DANA: Okay. You know, he’s just
my other half. He’s doing those things
that you would expect from your husband? And I love him, yeah. KEITH: At some point,
something changed. Is that correct? CASSANDRA: Yeah. All right. What was it
that changed? Just, every time I turned,
he was texting different females you know, then
saying he wanted you know, do oral sex
with people. DANA: Hold up. Was he offering
or asking? Oh, he was offering to do it. So, he’s a giver? CASSANDRA: Yes, Your Honor. (CROWD LAUGHING) I did do that.
I admitted to all of that. CASSANDRA: Yes, he did. Okay. We had our up and downs
and all that, and… It doesn’t matter. That’s what marriage is. It’s up and it’s down. When it’s down,
you don’t go somewhere else. (CROWD APPLAUDING) You stay in the game, man. I admitted to Marone
what I have done
and all of that. And this is one ex. That he, you know,
she was independent, she had like three jobs,
you know, a nice car. He used to always throw,
“Oh, she’s better than you, she’s more independent.” You know what I’m saying?
It hurt my feelings. What was the first instance
that you saw that he was texting someone? It was an argument
we had one night. He just threw it up
at my face. DANA: That he was texting her? No, he just threw it up
that she was independent and I’m not. you know what
I’m saying. I’m not nothing. Okay, so tell me
about that night. Why were you all fighting? We were fighting because
I was working seven days a week. Twelve to fourteen hours
a day. Yeah. DANA: Oh. The only thing that
she was thinking then,
is I was cheating. Because you were working
seven days a week? Because you were gone
so much? Twelve, fourteen hours a day. But you still had
time to text this babe? Yes, I… DANA: Okay, so that in a way, you should
have been spending with her. That’s right. When you had this fight,
did you talk to him
about that text? I talked to him.
He just… He didn’t care. At that point,
I wasn’t caring about nothing. Okay, I want you
to look at your bride. She clearly loves you. And, and you stood here
and said “Well, I didn’t care
at a point. “So I was just
doing me.” It’s about being
honest, love. You, you,
you gotta do that. (CROWD APPLAUDING) Was there anything else
that made you think that something was going on? I know it was one time,
when I, when we was, I made a friend
in this program, not extra, as a friend, can you reach out,
to him, maybe if somebody else talk to him, they can get through to him. Come to find out, she’s then, forwarding me
messages from them too. Well, he’s asking her
for oral sex, too. She came to me first,
then she switched everything around and made it seem
like I was coming onto her. That’s when you say,
“Dude, I’m involved.” CASSANDRA: And not only that, around June,
Fourth of July, whatever, he started messing
with the neighbor. He used to go to
her house, all late in the morning, you know,
and then don’t come home
all day long. I asked him, you know,
“Oh, what were you doing?
Oh, nothing.” At that moment,
was nothing going on, until me and my wife
had separated, that’s when other stuff started happening. He’s lying, because
when I went through his phone, he was talking
to his family members,
he was like, “She got a bit butt naked.” DANA: What? Did that happen? No, that did not happen. You did not text your
family members, to say she had a big
butt naked? I did. DANA: Okay, so that did happen? That did happen but I never seen her naked. CASSIE: It doesn’t matter.
You should have never said it if he didn’t want
it to get out. Okay, so he didn’t
see that coming. He didn’t know
he was going get caught. You know, a big butt
and a smile, you can’t trust that. Yeah. Cannot trust the big butt
and the smile? Never trust the big butt
and the smile. All right, so, why are we here today? What do you think
he’s doing currently? Your Honor, I still think
he’s cheating on me. You know, we get to arguing,
and he’s just, “I’m done.” He walks out, takes the car,
and just don’t come back home. Until when he feels like
coming home. I do that because
I don’t wanna fuss. CASSIE: It doesn’t matter. All right, well, you know,
fighting is a part of being in a relationship. That’s correct. I wish I could sit here
and tell you that we don’t fight. We do fight. We gonna fight here. Yeah. That’s the reality. One thing we do try to do,
is we try to fight fair. KEITH: All right, so we talked
about the neighbor, what else do you think
he’s doing now? Like, there’s times
that I cal him, he doesn’t answer the phone. You know, he goes for hours and I don’t know
where he’s at. You know, I just want to know
where is he at? Did you ever meet
or confront the neighbor? Oh, she’s confronted me before? She confronted you? Oh, what did that look like? CASSE: She talked about my man.
She come over and say “Who are you to tell him
what to do?” You know, she was getting
in my face. I’ll pop you in the face and just
all kind of low. You know, all in my face. All right, so what
did that look like? She took my phone
out of my hand. The neighbor took
your phone out of
your hand? Yeah, I was laying
on the sofa playing a game. At the neighbor’s house? ALFRED: Mm-hmm. And then she threw
my phone back, so I read the text,
and they were sending texts back
and forth. So, after she leave,
I leave to go to my house, and as I get there,
they fighting back and forth. I just told my wife
to sit down and let it go. “Sit down and let it go?” Woo! I might have to fan
on that. I-I-I-I… KEITH: We’re missing
something here. Because you’re lying
on your neighbor’s sofa,
playing video games and out of the blue,
the neighbor comes and takes your phone? Yeah, this time
I was broke, out of a doubt, you know? And she was talking
about giving me checks and all that.
I was just, you know, putting little words in here. Now, what was the conversation
with you and the neighbor as you layin’ there… He told you what happened, he said she was giving
him checks. And he’s texting
another woman. She’s hot. That’s what happened
isn’t it? DANA: She gave you some
money and you texted Yeah. your wife. and She’s like,
“Who’re you texting?” Yeah. That’s exactly what happened. CASSIE: Wow, no. You know what? This is the kind of stuff
where you can get real hurt. Kinda hospital visits. CROWD: Yeah. Were you sleeping with
the neighbor at that time? No. He was. He’s lying. So she gave you money,
but you weren’t sleeping with? There was a lot going on.
She just wanted me to leave my wife and come
move in with her. KIETH: So, then nothing
could go on? There’s something that
probably went on but nothing was going on
at the time. KEITH: So, she’s laying
the ground work? Yeah. KEITH: Okay. At what point do you
end up sleeping with her? This is not the one
I was sleeping with. I slept with… KEITH: It was another neighbor? Yeah. (CROWD GASPING) KEITH: All right, all right. Well, hey…what… Maybe you should not
have any neighbors. What neighborhood
do you live in? You would make a desperate
housewife look boring. KEITH: All right, so… anything else current
going on that you think is
evidence that he’s cheating? I know, there was one time where I found, I went
on Instagram and I found this stripper that
he used to have when we first got together.
And he, you know, befriended her on Instagram. You gotta look out
for the girl on the pole. Well, that’s… (ALL LAUGHING) You, you need to
have questions when you see one of
those pictures on
your husband phone. And so, fast forward
to now, why do you think
that stripper is still
in his life? Because she buzzed me
on Instagram. It doesn’t matter.
You should never have been friends with her on Instagram. You don’t have
to be friends with none of these… These days, I don’t
own em. I don’t get on Instagram. It doesn’t… On Snapchat, on Facebook. But he friends on Instagram. Okay, so, with all
that you told us, and it’s a lot! It’s a lot. Why are you even
in the game? I don’t know. I’m just trying
to just see if there’s something here still. You know what
I’m saying. I don’t just
give up easily. I don’t have a mom
or a dad. So, yeah him, Oh, my God. and my daughter,
they’re my world. DANA: What are you feeling? CASSIE: I’m feeling pain,
hurt and betrayal. ‘Cause you’re supposed
to love me. You’re not supposed
to love no other female. (TEARY) You’re not supposed
to cheat. You’re not supposed
to do anything. If you’re with me,
you’re with me. And it hurts. ALFRED: That’s what
I’ve been showing you for, I don’t know
how long now. About a year? It doesn’t matter
about ow, junior. And what are you feeling
when you see this? I’m just, I was an idiot
at the time. I know the pain
that she’s going through. And I hate to see her
going through this. That’s why I’m changing now. That’s why I don’t change.
That’s why I… Only thing I think about,
day and night is her
ad my little girl. I don’t have no time
for no other female. So, here’e the deal. At the end of this,
if he has not cheated on you, are you going to let it go? I’m gonna let it go
and move forward. KEITH: Do you realize,
Mr. McKinney, that your marriage
is on the line? Yes, Your Honor, I do. Okay, cause we got
a lot of work in here. And you stand by
the fact that you have not cheated
in the last year? I have not cheated on you
in the last year. We will see. All right. This court
has ordered a polygraph test and we have the results. Ron, will you please bring
Mr. Williams in. RON: Yes, Your Honor. DANA: Mr. Williams, WILLIAMS: Good morning. you’re a state certified
polygraph examiner, is that correct? That’s correct. DANA: Do you see a lot
of married couples? I see a lot of married couples
over the last 25 years, I’ve done hundreds
of cases with married couples. So, let’s talk about
the case that we have here. You had an opportunity
to examine Mr.McKinney, is that correct? WILLIAMS: That’s correct. And you asked him
a series of questions? That’s correct. DANA: You asked Mr. McKinney, “Other than the one time
you admit to having sex, “with the neighbor
in June of 2016, “have you had sexual contact with the neighbor, since?” And what was his response? WILLIAMS: He said, “No.” What did
the lie detector reveal? WILLIAMS: It revealed that there
was no significant response to this question,
which indicated
he was being truthful. All right.
This is a good start. How are you feeling? I feel great. You know,
right now, I feel great. But, that’s not it. DANA: And how do you feel? Well, it’s telling the truth.
I told her. Well, there’s
still more questions. There was a last question,
is that correct Mr. Williams? Yes, Ma’am. You asked Mr. McKinney, “Since June of 2016, “other than the one time
you admitted to having sex with the neighbor, “have you had sexual
intercourse with anyone “other than your wife?” Is that correct? That’s correct. And what was
McKinney’s response? He said, “No.” What did the lie
detector reveal? On this question,
the subject showed high, physiological response, which indicated to me
that he was being deceptive. CROWD: Oh. CASSIE: What’s going on? ALFRED: I’m telling you
the truth. Mr. McKinney, is there
another woman, that you had sex with
in the last year? No. Mr. Cutler, you ask him,
maybe he didn’t hear me. KEITH: All right. This is the time
to come clean. This is it, because
your marriage in on the line. If you come clean, We might be able
to salvage this thing. Yes. With the neighbor, we was about
to have sex, but I didn’t go forward with it. And why didn’t you go
forward with it? Because I just thought about
what it would do to her,
if I did it again. How do you feel? Miss. McKinney? I just feel… I don’t even know, just back to square one again,
you know, just like my heart is telling me
to stay, you know, still be there.My mind is
like, he no good. KEITH: In looking at you all, when you all were talking
about the good times, there was a gleam
in both of your eyes… Even up to this point, there’s still a part of her,
that’s why she’s struggling. There’s still a part of her
that wants this to work. She’s not really ready
to kick you to the curb. If you leave her no choice,
she will. Now that you have
the results, what’s next? We can move forward, but, it’s just,
he can’t do this again. He can’t cheat on me
again, because that’s it,
I’m gone. Me and my daughter
are leaving. You ain’t gotta
worry about it again. Again, don’t do it, again. The fact is, she hasn’t
left you yet, and is still willing
to give it another chance, you’re a lucky man. DANA: And you love,
on the other hand, you deserve better,
and inspite of his behavior, you have the high moral road. But don’t get so high on
that road, that you destroy him. CASSIE: Yes. If you gonna give him
a chance… Give him a chance. DANA: Really give him a chance. KEITH: Right. Be his biggest cheerleader. Okay? Okay. KEITH: Right. DANA: And as we say,
in this courtroom, on a regular basis, do not cheat yourself, out of an opportunity to have a healthy,
happy marriage. This court is adjourned.

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