Wiggly, the Fun Interactive Jacket for Kids that supports better child development

Hi, my name is Omar and I really appreciate you are watching this: The very first introduction of Wiggly. ¿Have you ever watched a movie that made you re-think your attitude towards someone? ¿Have your ever been angry and a friend cracked a joke and you couldn’t be angry anymore? Well… that’s fun getting the best of yourself and that’s exactly the reason why of Wiggly. So, I decided to create a very special device that brings out the best within children but also, giving them a really great time. ¡It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Wiggly! A unique wearable device that it’s designed to offer healthy recreation to children, making them move and have fun. While exercising their reflexes coordination and improving their physical condition, and cognitive functions. Hey, come here, we are recording the video. My daughter María José and my niece Pamela will show you how to play it. Push the left cuff button to turn it on. Turn right or left to select your language. Select one song by raising your right hand and waving it from side to side. And perform, correctly and in time, the movements that Wiggly indicates throughout the songs. Wiggly will give you the instructions through a friendly voice, that will be backed by a yellow light that will turn on indicating which part of your body you should move. The lights will turn green when a movement is performed correctly and in time. But if isn’t, the lights will turn red and it will count as a mistake. The movements are: But be aware that, you shouldn’t perform movements according to a tricky robot voice that might be heard, because it will count as a mistake as well. And making many mistakes will lead you to start the song over. oh well… if that happens: Wiggly helps your children to learn from it and they will be encouraged by its motivational never-give-up phrases. And, when your kid passes the song, Wiggly will motivate and reinforce to keep up the great work. oh!! and since Wiggly is also a jacket, and a very cool one: your daughter or son, can be indoors or outdoors protected from the elements and looking as super cool as you know they want to look. This means, that you will never struggle with wrapping them up ever again. Now, to me – that’s what a smart device should be all about – So now, if you share our vision about using a wearable device to encourage children to move from lethargy-reinforcing gadgets to instead engage in precious and fun physical exercise. To improve their reflexes, to get the courage for dancing and to have some healthy laughs. To boost sociability, to find their taste for music, and to realize they can achieve anything they want to, and to enjoy the journey. While playing the same kind of joyful, innocent and imaginative games that you played when you were a kid, and which helped you to get where you are today. Support our Kickstarter campaign to take Wiggly and its vision to children, everywhere. Thank you very much for watching.

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