Wild First Birthday Party

[>>Kyndall] Hey, guys.
It’s Kyndall from Hallmark. Birthdays are a wonderful opportunity
to celebrate the people that we love. Today I’m here at
Hy-Vee to meet Colleen, whose son is about to have
his very first birthday party. Along with celebrating
this huge milestone, she and her husband,
Guillermo, have another reason they want this day to be special.
Let’s check out their video. [>>Colleen] Hi, Hy-Vee. Hi, Hallmark.
My name is Colleen. [>>Guillermo] Hi, I’m Guillermo,
and this is Lorenzo.>>Colleen: And we are planning
Lorenzo’s first birthday party. [>>Guillermo] And this
is a very special event, not only because it’s
Lorenzo’s first birthday, but this is the very first time that we’re
getting our extended families together. [>>Colleen] So we’re calling on your help
because we know that you are the best with families and celebrations. So we hope that you can help us out. Say bye, Lorenzo.
[>>Guillermo] Say bye-bye. [>>Colleen] Bye-bye. Hello.
[>>Kyndal] Colleen, hi. So nice to meet you.
[>>Colleen] It’s so nice to meet you too. [>>Kyndall] I’m so excited to be
helping you with Lorenzo’s birthday party. [>>Colleen] Yeah, me too.Thank you.
[>>Kyndall] Of course. So whenever I’m at Hy-Vee,
I love to start in the Hallmark aisle, just to get all the
inspiration for our party. [>>Colleen]: OK.
[>>Kyndall] While I was waiting, I was taking a look at some of
the baby’s first birthday cards perfect for an occasion like this.
[>>Colleen] Yes, it is. [>>Kyndall] So is there anything
that sort of jumps out to you? [>>Colleen] Yeah, I really like
the yellow one with the cheetahs. Because Lorenzo loves animals,
and he’s a real wild one. [>>Kyndall] Oh, he’s a wild child.
OK, I love that. Well, this makes me feel like we
should do sort of like a jungle theme. [>>Collee] Yeah, I like that a lot.
[>>Kyndall] I love this color palette, and it gives me a ton of ideas about,
like, a really easy DIY we can do. So let’s get this for inspiration, and let’s shop for a few
more things in this aisle. And then we’ll go talk to our
Hy-Vee experts about food, and drink, and a cake, of course.
[>>Colleen] Yes, yes. [>>Kyndall] OK, cool. So
why don’t you follow me? [>>Colleen] OK, thank you.
[>>Kyndall] OK. Hi, Kerek.
[>>Kerek] Hi, Kyndall. [>>Kyndall] Kerek, this is Colleen.
[>>Kerek] Hi, Colleen. Nice to meet you. [>>Kyndall] And she’s throwing
a party for her son Lorenzo’s first birthday– very exciting. And so this is what we’re kind
of thinking about for inspiration because Lorenzo is a wild child. So we’re going to do
sort of a jungle theme. So any way that we can incorporate
this into the party would be awesome. [>>Kerek] All right, fantastic.
This is going to be a blast. We can definitely work with this.
[>>Kyndall] Colleen, why don’t you tell Kerek a little bit about what
you’re thinking for the party? [>>Colleen] All right. Our party is going
to be around lunchtime. We’re going to have kiddos there.
We’re going to have adults. And so we’d love for all the
food to stay on our jungle theme. [>>Kerek]: All right, fantastic. We could
stay on theme through the whole menu. We could do a sub that
is shaped like an alligator. [>>Kyndall] Oh, cool.
[>>Kerek] We could also do fun things with vegetables, like a
cucumber– we can cut it up and put it together and
make it look like a snake.[>>Kyndall] Oh, fun.
[>>Colleen] The kids would love that. Yeah. [>>Kerek] And for drinks,
we’ve got you covered there too. We could do jungle-themed punches.
[>>Colleen] Oh, I like that idea. [>>Kyndall] Yeah.
Well, I feel super excited. I know Kerek has us all
set up for food and drinks. But what’s a party without cake?
[>>Colleen] Yes, cake is a must. [>>Kerek] Yeah. Our cake expert, Stephanie,
is waiting for you over in the bakery. I’m excited to see what
she does with that theme. [>>Kyndall] Me too. Well,
thanks so much, Kerek. [>>Kerek] Thank you.
And nice to meet you. [>>Kyndall] Colleen and I went
over to the Bakery Department to meet with Stephanie,
Hy-Vee’s cake expert. She showed us some sketches
for a wild-themed cake Lorenzo is sure to love. Before heading out, we
stopped by the Floral Department for some tropical plants and a variety of animal print
balloons for more wild fun. [>>Guillermo] Hello.
[>>Kyndall] Hi, Guillermo. Hi, Colleen. How are you guys?
[>>Guillermo] Welcome to our home. [>>Kyndall] This must be the birthday boy. [>>Guillermo] Yes, it is.
[>>Lorenzo] Hello. [>>Guillermo] And with that,
it is time for a pre-party nap. We don’t want him to be all crazy. [>>Kyndall] Well, Kerek’s here with the
Hy-Vee team. They’re going to get set up. And you and I can go work on the DIY. [>>Colleen] Great. Let’s go up this way.
[>>Kyndall] OK. So I have a really easy DIY
that we’re going to do to take our jungle theme over the top. We’re going to make some leafy vine garland.
[>>Colleen] Oh, cool. I like that. [>>Kyndall] So for this DIY, we
need some tissue paper, scissors, twine, pencil. And then I just made a leaf-shaped stencil
out of card stock that we’re going to use. [>>Colleen] Great.
[>>Kyndall] So I’ve layered up sheets of the green and gold
tissue paper, four sheets. And then we’re just going to fold along
the fold lines that are already provided. [>>Colleen] OK.
[>>Kyndall] So then we’re going to take the leaf-shaped stencil, and we’re just going to draw leaf
shapes all along the tissue paper. Then we’re just going to
cut our leaf shapes out. And it’s really important that
your leaf shapes have a stem in order to tie them onto the twine. So then you’re just going to cut the
length of your twine that you want. And you need to actually
cut it a little bit longer, because you’re going to pre-tie loops so that it leaves an opening
for us to fasten the leaves inside. And just tie those all the way down. And so now we’re going to
attach our leaves to our twine. So you’ll take two leaves. I like to put the gold on top so that you
can really see the shimmer and the shine. And I like to add a
little bit of crease to them, just so it gives them some shape. And you’ll just stick
the stem inside the loop and then pull tight. So it’ll just be like that.
It’s so simple. We’ll just do it all the way down.
[>>Colleen] Great. [>>Kyndall] We’re going to use them in a ton
of different ways to decorate for the party. So let’s finish these up,
and then let’s go finish getting set up. [>>Colleen] That sounds great.
[>>Kyndall] OK. [>>Guillermo] Whoa.
This photo wall looks great. [>>Kyndall] Yeah, this is so fun.
You came up at the perfect time, though, because I think Hy-Vee’s
all done setting up. So why don’t we go see what they did?
[>>Guillermo] Perfect. [>>Colleen] Oh, my goodness.
[>>Guillermo] Oh, look at this. [>>Colleen] Look at it.
This is incredible. I love the croc teeth.
[>>Guillermo] Look at all this. [>>Kyndall] Kerek, this looks awesome.
[>>Kerek] Thanks. We had so much fun doing this one. Let’s go through the
menu with you real quick. Over here, we have our
jungle-themed punches. We have our Tiger Punch
and then our Mamba Juice. And over here, we have our jungle snacks. We have our lizard eggs, our croc teeth, cheetah chips, and tiger claws.
[>>Kyndall] Oh, so creative. [>>Kerek] We got the lion hummus
with the cucumber snake. [>>Kyndall] Wow.
I love that. [>>Kerek] We also
brought these fun Kiwi Owls. [>>Guillermo] My mom would love those.
[>>Colleen] I like those. [>>Kerek] But your guests will love
these gourmet wraps, or Rainforest Rolls. They’re delicious.
[>>Colleen] This is awesome. [>>Kerek] And with the Alligator Sub,
we really captured the wild side. [>>Guillermo] What?
[>>Colleen] I love it. [>>Guillermo] That is so cool.
[>>Kerek] And over on this side, we have a Fruit Sundae Bar
with a chocolate fountain, or Mud Bath, as we’ve called it.
[>>Colleen] Too cool. [>>Kerek] With fruit to dip and
plenty of fun toppings. [>>Guillermo] Is that a watermelon turtle?
[>>Kerek] Yeah, isn’t that fun? It’s a hit at any party we make these at. [>>Colleen] The kids are going to love that.
[>>Guillermo] Absolutely. [>>Kerek] And Stephanie’s here
to tell you all about the cake. [>>Guillermo] Whoa. [>>Kyndall] Stephanie,
this cake is so impressive. [>>Stephanie] Thank you.
I had so much fun making this cake. And the card that you
gave me was great inspiration. So the bottom tier is all fondant-covered and really sets the scene
of the jungle background. We have the fondant figures–
the cute monkey and the lion. On the top, we have a
smash cake, just for Lorenzo. So when you’re ready, you can
remove it, and your wild one can dig in. [>>Colleen] Yeah, he’s
really going to dig into that. Thank you so much, Hy-Vee and Hallmark. All of your hard work
has really helped us out. And it’s going to make
the day very memorable. [>>Guillermo] Thank you all
for really capturing the wild side. Our entire family will never forget this. [>>Kyndall] Oh, it’s our pleasure.
It’s been super fun. Well, it’s almost time for the party, so you
guys better go wake up the birthday boy. [>>Colleen] Yeah, let’s go get him ready.
[>>Guillermo] Thanks so much, Kyndall. [>>Kyndall] Of course.
Thanks for joining us for a wild and fun first birthday party. For more tips and inspiration, you can visit
Ready. Set. Celebrate! on HSTV.com. And if you host a birthday party
of your own, we want to see it. Tag us on Instagram @helpfulsmilestv.

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