Will and Zoey Make Dinner! | The Little Couple

Do you want to do the spoon
taco dip or the guacamole? Jen and Will definitely
deserved the night off, and I’m happy to watch the kids. They can have some time alone. Yes. Let me help you. The plan for tonight is to make
tacos, make guacamole and make this dip called spoon taco. All right, y’all are
doing a good job. You can lick the spoon,
but then we’re going to put the spoon in the sink. Do you want to add the
rest of the things first? OK, now give me that spoon. Just put a little bit
of onion in there. What’s an avocado? OK, well wait. Let’s wait for the masher so you
don’t have to use your hands, right? I don’t want you to put your
hands back in there, Will. Wills hands, they’re usually– most of the time– clean
before we start cooking. But he gets in there. Will, that’s a lot. Over the sink, please. I love the kids. I feel like they’re
my own, butt but I get to leave them at night. So basically, I have the easier
end when it comes to that.

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