But I am on a date, with my fiancee. Fiancee! Whoa, Fairy Godmother! Your new museum is amazing. I can’t believe it’s full of magical
things, like Tinkerbell’s pixie dust. Huh! Oh, look, Cinderella’s shoe, and the Mad Hatters
hat! Thank you, girls, well, if you think that is cool then let me show you the main
event. Here we are. Whoa! Is this really? Your magic wand! Huh, like the one you used on
Cinderella. When you made the courage and the fabulous outfit? It sure is, I still have
some powers without a wand. I figured it’d be safer to keep it inside the museum so princesses
like yourselves can see it for many years to come. Oh my gosh, that is so awesome Fairy
Godmother. Seriously! Well, I know that you all mentioned that you love Cinderella’s
dress, I actually have a whole section in the museum dedicated to princess outfits.
I actually have Aurora’s pink and blue dress, if you follow me this way. Ugh, I almost fell asleep creeping back there, that Fairy Godmother sure can talk. Ugh, she can talk. Shh, Lago,
don’t give us away. Okay, now I’ve watched enough Indiana Jones movies to know that if
I just swap this scepter for this wand… Remind me why we’re this again. Lago, you
birdbrain, my scepter is powerful but nowhere near as powerful as Fairy Godmother’s wand.
I need it so I can go back and undo everything that happened in my movie. You mean Aladdin’s
movie. Oh, tomato potato, anyway, I need to undo what happened so that Jasmine will have
to marry me not Aladdin. And then I can finally become the Sultan of Agrabah, mwahaha, mwahaha!
Mwahaha! Quiet, Iago, no time for villainous laughter, we have to get this wand. Alright,
girls, we’ll head back this way. Hurry! Excellent, let’s get out of here. Wow, that
was so much fun. Dare I say, snow much fun. Oh, Elsa! So cool, that she gave us these
souvenirs too. Hey Jasmine, hey girls, what’s going on? We just got a private tour of Fairy
Godmother’s new museum, it was amazing. That’s awesome! Yeah, it was pretty magical. Mhmm,
but we were just about to start heading home. No worries, Jasmine, I was wondering if I
could walk you home or should I say, fly you home. Ohh, carpet. Uh, Perfect, let’s go, see
you guys. Bye, Jasmine. Oh, just a squirrel here nothing to see, uh, they’re gone. Oh, can
I fly you home Jasmine… what a street rat move, ugh! Okay, time to use this thing, I
guess I just have to be rhymey, all right, here it goes. It’s backwards, boss. Right,
uh, I meant to do that. All right, magic wand from Fairy Godmother, I need something or
the other. Make the Sultan forget about Aladdin and think that I’m super happening. Reverse
that part from the movie, and uhh, I need a, give me a smoothie. Well, did it work?
I don’t know, sparkles and magic happened and I got my smoothie! So I guess it worked,
but there’s only one way to find out, to Agrabah! You might ought to change first boss.
What do you mean? Your outfit is not fire. Ugh, fine. Let’s go. Thanks for the ride
Aladdin. Of course, I’ve got all the time in the whole new world. Oh, Aladdin, do you
wanna come inside and hang out? I can’t, I still gotta go ring shopping. Really! You mean it? I sure do. I mean, uh, not to assume it’s for me or anything, but
if it is, I like a square cut with a halo. I know Jasmine, remember, diamonds are kind
of my thing. I know, diamond in the rough. Oh, I almost forgot, I got you something,
a flower. Uh, thanks Aladdin, see you later. Bye. he loves me, huh, he loves me not. Huh,
he loves me. Jasmine, what are you talking about, who loves who? Oh, hey dad, Aladdin
just gave me a ride home from the museum and then he told me he’s gonna go look at rings.
Huh! I think he’s gonna propose soon! Who? Aladdin, dad, you know, my boyfriend. The
street rat, Jasmine, you have forgotten, you need to marry a prince. What! What are you
talking about? Aladdin and I have been dating ever since our movie and you were, well, like
this, until Aladdin saved the day from Jafar and you came around. Oh, save the day from
Jafar, my most trusted advisor! You rang. Jafar, what are you doing here? Oh, you know,
just doing my job, advising the Sultan, being his best friend, right, bro? You know it Jafar.
Okay, what is going on? I don’t know what’s going on with you Jasmine, Jafar has been
my loyal advisor for years. Wait a minute, you should marry him, not that street rat.
He’s not a prince either. Uh, close enough. Yes, and he would make a wonderful Sultan
one day. Jafar, what have you done? You’re hypnotizing him again with your scepter, aren’t
you? No, no scepter here, nothing on my sleeve or my little flappies. Jasmine, you will marry
Jafar. Oh, no, what do I do? [phone rings] Jasmine’s calling, hey Jas, what? Your dad
says you have to marry Jafar! What! Hold on, I’ve got to put you on speakerphone. What?
It’s true, it’s so weird you guys, it’s like my dad doesn’t remember everything
that happened in our movie. That’s crazy, we can’t let this happen. We have got to
think of something. Well, you guys better hurry, ‘cause my dad want us to get married
fast, he even wants us to go on a date tonight. Eww! Tell me about it, I’ve gotta call Aladdin,
you guys. Don’t worry Jasmine, we’ll fix this faster than you can say, Abu… bad timing
I’m sorry, we’re gonna fix this. Thanks, guys. Hey, Jasmine, how’s the going? So,
I can’t say much, but I had a pretty successful day. Aladdin, we need to talk. What’s up?
Something’s wrong, as soon as I got home my dad said that we couldn’t get married
and that I had to marry Jafar. Did he forget the whole plot of our movie? That’s what
I said! Well, we just have to do it all over again and remind him. You mean? Ohh, Genie!
Jasmine, what are you doing? I have really important Sultan duties to get back to. Father,
this is important, I want you to meet someone I might consider marrying, he is a prince.
Oh, Sultan, I just beat your high score, mhmm ha ha. Drats! I don’t know how, but that
Jafar is so good at video games. Wait right there, I’ll be right back and you’re.going
down. Jasmine, how many times do I have to tell you, you’re marrying Jafar. Who is
this prince? Just give him a chance, here he comes now. Introducing the one, the only,
Prince Ali. Hi there, pleasure to meet you. Oh, my word, you’re a Prince? You look awfully
familiar. This is Aladdin dad, and he’s actually, a prince. Why I had no idea. And
you have a Genie? How fascinating. Me, fascinating, oh, stop, no, no, keep on going, stop, tell
me more. There’s no way you’re gonna catch up I got the highest… wait, Aladdin, Genie!
What are you doing here? Oh, you know, just getting the Sultan’s permission to marry
Jasmine. Again. Oh, no! Jafar, Jafar, technically you’re not even a prince, so it’s a bit
of a stretch anyway, but don’t worry, you’re always gonna be my loyal trusted advisor.
Not if I have anything to say about it, mwahaha ha! Whoa, what’s that? Fairy Godmother’s
wand! Wait, how did you? Huh! That’s how this happened, you stole her wand. Yap, but
you’re not going to remember any of that in a second. Magic wand, do your job, erase
their memories, blah blah blah, make them do whatever I want and also I want a croissant.
Wow, Jafar, your rhyming is terri- Jasmine, you will marry Jafar. That sounds wonderful
father, he will be a great husband and Sultan, Agrabah will be fire. And I will go back to
being a street rat, goodbye. And I’ll just go back in my lamp, bye bye. Mwahaha, mwahaha
ha, mhmm, this is pretty good. Mhmm, you should really try one of this when you’re not,
you know, whatever. Aladdin, Jasmine told us what happened and we’re here to help.
Um, hold on a second. Aladdin, are you folding laundry at a time like this? Hi, ladies, whatever
do you mean? Um, Jasmine you one true love is about to marry Jafar! Yeah, shouldn’t
you be like, saving her, something? Or at least thinking of a way to save her, not folding
laundry. You girls have it all wrong, Jasmine is gonna marry Jafar and he will be Sultan
one day, It was her father’s wishes and I will remain a street rat and do laundry.
You guys, something’s wrong. Aladdin, I think you’re under a spell. And I think,
I will move on to pants next. We gotta go find Jasmine you guys, something tells me
Aladdin is not gonna be much help. Okay, I just texted her and she said that she’s
at pizza planet with Jafar. He must have made her go there, let’s go save her. Okay, bye
Aladdin, good luck with that. Bye bye, only an hour left to ironing. Hey, can you pass
the red pepper please, mhmm, oh, look, mhmm, oh, fire, ha ha ha! Oh, Jafar, you are so
romantic. Oh, Jasmine, I know ha ha ha! Mhmm! Huh, Jasmine! We’re here to save you. Ugh,
Jafar, use a napkin, and manners. Huh, you three, get outta here, you’re not allowed
here, this is obviously a date. Actually, this is a restaurant and we can be here, but
Jasmine let’s go. But I am on a date, with my fiancee. Fiancee! Um, Jasmine, are you
feeling okay? I mean this is Jafar we’re talking about. You’re okay with this, ugh!
He will make a great Sultan and husband. Yeah, you tell them Jassy, actually, are you still
gonna eat that, let me just… First Aladdin and now Jasmine. What in the whole new world
is going on? [phone rings] My phone is ringing, huh, you guys it’s Fairy Godmother, hello.
Belle, I’m so glad you answered, right after you and the girls left the museum, someone
stole my wand. Someone stole your magic wand, oh, no! It’s strange, it’s not just that,
someone left a snake scepter in its place. Have you noticed anything weird going on?
Anything weird? Mhmm, pizza, pizza, mhmm, mhmm, mhmm, want some? No, mhmm ha ha ha!
Yes! You guys, this makes so much sense, I mean snake scepter, Jafar. He must have traded
in his snake scepter for the wand because it’s more powerful. Then used it to undo
Jasmine’s history and put everybody under a spell so he can get what he wants, to be
a Sultan of Agrabah. This is terrible, we have to fix all of this, meet me outside Agrabah
palace in an hour. You got it. Hello, can we get some more garlic bread over here for
the future sultan? Ugh, it’s so hard to get good help these days. You know what, forget
it, come on Jasmine, let’s get back to the castle, we have important things to do.
Let’s go you guys, we have to fix this. Ugh, he didn’t even pay for his meal, he
is going down. Huh, aaaaah! Huh, it’s just you three, sorry, I’m on high alert right
now with their security. I should probably hire these guys, for the security at my museum.
Same, it was tough to get past them. And it will be even harder to get where Jasmine is.
We told Aladdin to meet us here. Do you think he’ll come, even though he’s under a spell?
I think so, we sent him a message saying his presence was requested to be the new castle
laundry guy, it’s kind of a long story, but I think he’ll come. Look, here he is.
I have come to iron and steam. Hey, wait a second, it’s you three again. Aladdin, you’re
under a spell. I can fix this if I can get this thing to work. Not as good as my wand,
but it will do. We must undo the spell of falsehood and call upon the magic Fairygood.
Whoa! What happened? Elsa, Anna, Belle, what are you guys doing here? The last thing I
remember was Jafar had a magic wand and… Don’t worry we know, he put you under a
spell after he stole Fairy Godmother’s magic wand. We’ve gotta get in there and stop
this wedding. Um, I think that’s gonna be hard because there’s all these posters of
us that say, wanted whatever you do do not let these girls in the castle. There’re
everywhere. We will just have to disguise ourselves. I’m a clown. You’re a royal
circus performer, let’s go. Who goes there? Uh, hello, we are circus performers, uh, oh,
royal circus performers, huh. Where are you from? Very, very, far away. Uh, old country
called, […] land. We are here to perform for you, uhh. So if you could just step aside.
Oh, you must be here for the wedding, you better hurry, I think they’ve already started.
The wedding, it’s happening now! I mean, yay, let’s quickly. Jafar, thank you so
much for asking me to be your best man, you are the coolest. Of course, bro, anything
for my soon to be father-in-law. Jafar, do you take Jasmine to be your wife? You got
that right minister, Agrabah you are about to be mine. Oh, we can go ahead and change
this, mmm, uhhh! Oh, my! And do you Jasmine… Not snow fast! Uh, uh, an army of clowns,
my goodness! Wait! Minister come back, these aren’t clowns, I see right through you,
Elsa, Anna, Belle, Aladdin and old lady. Um, this old lady has your scepter, I’d watch
what I’d say if I were you. Pssh, I don’t need that thing anymore, ‘cause I’ve got
something way more powerful, your wand. Ha ha ha. Give it back Jafar. Never, Jasmine
is going to marry me and the wand is going to stay right here in my pocket. Well, it’s
in the other pocket, wait, oh no, where did it go? Right here, thanks Abu. Ahh, curses,
not the monkey! Waaa! Now to set things right, magic of good, magic of light restore all
things make it right. Huh, oh my gosh, what just happened? Why am I in a wedding dress?
Oh, no, please don’t tell me I’m Mrs. Jafar. No, Jasmine, we got here just in the
nick of time, Jafar had you under a spell. My word, Jafar, is this true? I mean, uh,
it’s not – not true, well, gotta go. Not so fast Jafar, you made this a huge mess,
but you know what, we’ve got a job for you. Oh, oh! Thank you so much for helping me get
my wand back. Huh, of course, and thank you for saving me from marrying Jafar. And me
from my weird obsession with doing laundry, ugh, so boring. From now on I’m keeping
my wand on me, I think that’s the safest place. Oh, um, Jafar, I think you missed a
spot, ha ha ha! Ugh, I get what you did guys with the whole making a mess, making me a
janitor thing, ugh, but I can’t do this okay, I have delicate hands. I wasn’t made for manual
labor. Ugh, this is disgusting! Oh, I think I got a splinter from this broom, ugh. Sorry,
Jafar. You do the crime, you have to pay the time. This is so not fire, okay, like really
not fire. You know what they say, all’s fire in love and war. Ha ha ha! Okay, let’s
see, we have the desserts, the cucumber sandwiches, and the crumpets. Cucumber, yuck! Don’t
worry Chip, we have plenty of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for you. But I feel like
I’m forgetting something. We have the tea of course. Uh, how can I forget, yes Mrs.
Potts, you’re right, the tea. Just think, in one more hour, the annual princess tea
party will begin. Are you ready to party? Woohoo, I am. Not so fast my dear, you have
to take your afternoon nap, or you can’t be a part of the festivities. Ah, man! Ha
ha ha! [music] 14, 15. Gaston! Uh, 999. Wow! 1,000 and done. Wow! Hey, did you now that
Belle’s annual tea party is today? Says right here on this calendar. Well, yes, yes
it is, she invites me every year. How can I have forgotten? She does? Why, yes, of course,
she does. It’s just the mailman gets my address mixed up every year. Uh, sure Gaston,
I don’t think she’s actually ever invited you every since you locked up her father and
got the villagers to go after the beast. Whose side are you on, LeFou? Oh, well yours of
course, Gaston, but maybe instead of trying to marry Belle all the time, you just buy
her a nice gift and tell her you’re sorry. Marry, gift! [music] LeFou, you’re a genius,
I don’t care what people say about you. Huh? Hey! Come on, we have a special gift
to get for Belle, ha ha ha! One cup of dragon’s breath, ha ha ha, that’s it, and one teensy,
weensy pinch of giant’s tears, uhh, voila! My facial beauty mask is complete. Ahem! Well,
if it isn’t the muscle man and his little sidekick buffoon. Well, thank you, awfully
nice of you to notice. Actually, it’s LeFou. anyway, whatever, make it quick, you’ve
interrupted me. Uhh, what are you making? Some wicked spell. Spell? Oh, this cauldron,
yes, a very wicked spell. Actually, that’s kinda why we’re here. Gaston was maybe looking
for a special gift for a certain princess. Yes, a gift, that makes her wanna marry me.
Ha ha ha! Marry you? Wait, I just thought you just said you were gonna get a “I’m sorry”
gift. Who said that? LeFou, pay attention! Are you two done bickering yet? Get on with
the story already. Well, it all started when Gaston didn’t get an invite to Belle’s
annual tea party. Hmm. Ugh, I don’t have all day, I’m a very busy mistress of darkness,
here take this. A teapot! It’s a magical teapot, you fool. Whenever you’re around
the princess you want to marry, pour her a cup of tea from this magical teapot, whoever
drinks the tea will want to marry you. Ha ha ha. This shall work perfectly, she’ll
want to marry me in no time. You owe me, Gaston. But, what if she’s not the only one who
drinks the magical tea? Gaston did you hear that or? Now to go watch my favorite TV show,
mhmm. Come on LeFou, we don’t have all day, you know. Gaston, I look silly. Come on, you
look great and besides, I can’t deliver it to the door, Belle will know I’m up to
something. Ha ha ha! I look ridiculous. Don’t worry LeFou, you always look ridiculous. Hey,
and you know what, I’ve actually kind of been thinking. What if more than one person
actually drinks from the marriage tea? LeFou, you’re such a worrywart, Maleficent clearly
said that the tea will only work on Belle. No, Gaston, she didn’t. Maleficent said
that if you… LeFou we don’t have time for the petty detail, the package. Fine, but
only because you’d do it for me, ‘cause I’m your bestest bud, if the roles were
reversed, of course. What? What LeFou were you talking, I wasn’t paying any attention,
ugh! Stop your yapping and go deliver that package, her mail is always delivered at 3:00.
I should know since I always look through it. On my way, oh, where’s my hat? Hopefully
Belle is the only one that drinks from this thing. [doorbell] Oh, there’s the doorbell,
all right, I’ll go answer the door and you two start brewing the tea. Hmm, that mailman
looked awfully familiar. Oh, someone sent me a present, my dearest Belle, open on the
day of the tea party with all your princess friends. Aww, this must be from Adam, he must
have felt bad that he had to go out of town on the day of the tea party, so I will make
sure I will open this when all my friends arrive, huh. I’m just so glad you all could
make it. Of course, we wouldn’t miss your annual tea party Belle. Me either, I’ve
only actually had tea with Prince Eric, sad to say, he’s not really good at making tea.
We’ll be right back my dearies, enjoy. Thank you Mrs. Potts. Uh, that Mrs. Potts makes
the best hot brew I’ve ever tasted. Yeah, seriously Belle, she has a gift. A gift, oh
my gosh, I almost forgot, I got a gift. A gift? Yeah, look, I got a gift. Oh my goodness,
who’s the gift from? That’s the thing, I don’t really know, I think it’s from
Beast, he really wanted to be here, but he…He probably sent the gift as a sweet little keepsake
for the party. Well, why would Beast send it in the mail if he lives here? Well, what
are you waiting for, open it? Can you help me? Sure, I love opening gifts. Oh, uh, it’s
a teapot. Another teapot! Look, why would he get you another one, doesn’t he already
have Mrs. Potts? Is there a note or anything inside to explain it? Let me look, oh, there
is. This is a magical tea kettle, one drink from its brew and all of your wildest dreams
will come true. Magical tea kettle, I’m in. Whoa, whoa, whoa, what if it’s a trick
or something? You heard her, Belle said it’s from Beast, right girl? Well, I think so,
it did say, Dearest Belle, on the card and that’s how he always addresses me. Oh, so
maybe he sent it to make our tea party even that much more amazing. This is so cool, so
what do we do, just make new tea in it? Well, I don’t wanna offend Mrs. Potts… wait,
it’s heating up on its own! Oh my, there’s already tea in there! Really, Uh, thank you.
You’re welcome. Okay, it looks like we all have our magical tea, cheers to making our
wildest dreams come true. Cheers. I’m in love with Gaston! What! Belle, how could you
say that? Everybody knows that I love Gaston. No, everybody knows that I wanna marry Gaston.
No, I want to be betrothed to him. Sorry ladies, but Gaston is my dream husband and I’ve
got to find him. Not if I have anything to say about it, and I know a shortcut. Gaston, let’s get betrothed. Gaston, will you be my merman? Gaston, let’s get married.
Gaston, you know I’m the only one for you. If you marry me you could be king. Chip, Chip,
what is it? Where are the Princesses? I don’t know what happened, I was napping and then
all the Princesses screamed that they were in love with Gaston and ran out. In love with
Gaston! There’s something seriously wrong. They acted like they were under some love
spell or something, yuck! Love spell, we must call for help at once. Better yet, I know
just the thing, quickly to the kitchen, I have to place a call for help. And that was
the time I broke my record and ate nine-dozen eggs in one sitting. Fascinating stuff Gaston,
but are you sure the magical tea even worked on Belle? Well, I anticipate that Belle should
be arriving any minute now, look, there she is. Uh, Gaston, are you sure that
just Belle drunk the tea? Gaston! Run, LeFou! Gaston! Free archery lessons for life, pick
me. Gaston, the Princesses are gaining on us. These Princesses are crazy! Well, crazy
for you. Good point LeFou, come on, run faster. Gaston I adore you. No, I adore you more Gaston.
Gaston, you could be the Prince of all the clans. No, you could be ruler of all the seven
seas, out of my way. No, out of my way. If you marry me, you could be king. I came as
quickly as I got your message, what’s the matter? I’m afraid I didn’t have anyone
else to call. Prince Adam is out of town and it’s an emergency. The Princesses, including
your Jasmine and our Belle have been put under a love spell. A love spell? Oui, they think
they’re in love with Gaston and went screaming out the door into the village. We don’t
know who put them up to this. It can’t be Jafar, because he is in jail at the moment,
I mean, I just locked him up myself. I think I’ll pay Maleficent a little visit, I bet she knows
something. Okay, but hurry, we must reverse the spell at once before one of them does
something absurd. Yes, like marry Gaston. Finally, back at my place, I can catch my
breath. Uh, sorry Gaston, but they found us. Oh, uh! Gaston I’m here. Oh my gosh! No,
I am. Gaston, what about me? Whoa, whoa, whoa, ladies, ladies, calm down. Meet me at the
church tomorrow at 10 AM sharp, I assure you there will be a wedding. Ha ha ha. Uh, LeFou.
Oh, uh, yes, tomorrow at the church there will be a wedding, find out, right Gaston?
Gaston! Oh, he’s so dreamy. Sorry ladies, I’ve got a wedding dress to shop for. Huh,
not if I get there first, uh! Aurora’s dress is pink, right? Maleficent! What, uh, what
do you want Aladdin? Are you coloring? No, no, no, I was hatching an evil plan. Listen,
I know you’re the one who put the spell on the Princesses. No, it wasn’t me. Let’s
just say I know for a fact that it wasn’t Jafar. And if you don’t tell me how to fix
the Princesses, I’ll tell everyone that you were coloring. You wouldn’t dare. Oh,
yeah, watch me, I’ll tweet about it right now. Fine, what do you want? I wanna reverse
the love spell that you put on the Princesses. You know, technically I did not put them under
the spell, it was Gaston. Whatever, I just need a cure, a new spell please. Fine, take
these treats and have each of the Princesses eat one, they’ll be back to hating Gaston
in no time. Perfect, thanks Maleficent. Oh, Aladdin. Yes. And remember you never saw my,
uh, artwork. Nope, never saw a thing. Thank you everyone for coming to my royal
wedding to Gaston. You mean my wedding to Gaston, Gaston is marrying me. Uh, I don’t
think so, listen, Gaston and I were made for each other, we even have a movie together.
Sorry Belle, sorry ladies, Gaston is mine and I wanna make him King of Arendelle. Don’t
waste your time ladies, I saw the way he looked at me. He’s here! Aaaahhh! Wait, that’s
not Gaston, it’s just LeFou. Hello Princesses, I see all of you lucky ladies lined up for
the chance to marry the one and only Gaston. Now, in a few moments time we’ll head inside
the church and… Hey, wait, where’s Jasmine? She must be in the church already. As I was
saying… Aaaaahh! Looking good Gaston, but then again, we always look good, uh, ha ha
ha. Huh, where are they? I told them to be here at 10 AM sharp. I’m here and I’m
ready to get married. No, I’m here. Gaston, remember me Gaston? I can’t wait to be married
Gaston. I can’t believe you tried to sneak into the church without me Gaston. Ladies,
please, there’s no need to fight over little old me. Exactly, because Gaston is marrying
me. Belle, I like your enthusiasm, attagirl! Now that you’re all here, I get to choose
which one of you I’ll marry. But, before I give the final rose to just one of you,
I must learn why each one of you is the perfect choice for me. Merida, why don’t you go
ahead and start. Easy, we can rule the clans together and I can teach you how to be a master of the bow and arrow, plus I’m the perfect companion for all your outdoorsy adventures.
Mhmm, I like what you’re saying Merida, but I’m not sold yet. Jasmine, why do you
think you’re the perfect wife for me? We can fly on my magical carpet to a lovely honeymoon
and the Genie can grant us three wishes as a perfect wedding gift. Okay, Ariel, I wanna
know why you’ll be the perfect sugar to my pepper. You think you have fun walking
around up here, you can have the best of both worlds. Wait till I show you how magical the
ocean can be. Not a bad offer, since no one swims like Gaston. Let’s see who’s next?
Oh, of course, my little Belle pepper. Well, Gaston, I think we would be the most perfect
match because we’re from the same village and I can invent anything your heart desires
and we can go to Paris on our honeymoon. Oh, my little liberty Belle, you know I have a
soft spot for you. Elsa, why should I marry you? Well, Gaston, it’s simple, why be a
prince when you can be a king and you can rule over all of Arendelle with me by your
side. Oh, and by the way, I can make you ice cream every single day of your life. Uhh,
king, I do love ice cream. Uh, this is a hard decision, you’re all very nice Princesses,
but I have to go with my heart. [burps] that wasn’t my heart, that was a burp. I… choose…
Belle! Yes! I won, I won, I can’t wait to marry you, huh! LeFou, start the ceremony
at once. LeFou, LeFou, LeFou where are you? This is the most important day of my life.
Who are you? Sorry, LeFou wasn’t uh, feeling well and didn’t wanna distract so he asked
if I, uh, could take over and marry you. Fine, I suppose you’ll do, now other Princesses,
sit down and watch in jealousy. Huh, this is the worst day of my life, uh. I’m so
heartbroken. I know, I can’t believe that he didn’t want to rule the clans with me.
What I’m I gonna tell my parents? Just when I thought I’d founds my perfect
king, he goes and chooses somebody else. Before we start the wedding, please join me
in a traditional pre-wedding snack. Thank goodness, I thought you’ll never ask, I’m
so famished from all the running around I’ve been doing all day today and yesterday. Oh,
not you, sir, it’s only tradition for the bride and the females at the audience
to eat the snack. It’s a sign of good luck in the marriage. Pre-wedding snack! Hey, that’s
not very nice to leave the groom out on his big day. Why am I wearing a wedding
dress? Are we about to… is she… why are? I’m so confused. I’ve said it once, I’ve
said it a thousand times, I don’t want to be betrothed, especially not to Gaston. What
just happened, why am I wearing a wedding dress? Huh, oh, no, was I gonna marry Gaston!
Huh, what happened? I don’t like Gaston. Why am I here with Gaston? Why am I wearing
a wedding dress? Because we’re getting married. Huh! It must have been the cupcakes, you tricked
me! Are you even a minister? Nope, sorry Gai, my name is Aladdin and I had to stop this
wedding. Aladdin, oh my gosh, it’s so good to see you. Thank you so much for stopping
all these craziness. Sure no problem, but if you’ll excuse me, there’s someone I
need to go talk to. Sure no problem. Gaston, when will you learn? See, this is why I never
invite you to the annual tea party. Huh!

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