Will Smith SURPRISES Neymar & Teaches Him A NEW Goal Celebration!

Me and Neymar, we’ve been trying to meet
for almost 10 years, really. Hey, what’s up, y’all? We’ve had four or five near-misses. So, this is the first time
we’re actually going to meet. But he thinks a famous chef is coming. And I can’t cook. Brother, brother. -Finally!
-Finally! Yeah! We’ve been trying to meet
for about 10 years. This is our first meeting
and we made it happen. It’s a surprise, he didn’t even know. A big surprise!
I’m very happy. I have followed your career
for a long time, so… I follow you too! Have you ever done any acting? Yes, in xXx. That’s right, yeah. -xXx.
-Did you like it? I liked it a lot. -Yes, because I…
-It was different, but I… I didn’t feel comfortable. What was your most difficult film? Ali, the movie about Muhammad Ali. -It was a year and a half.
-Of training? Of training, yeah.
A year and a half of training with professional fighters
and all of that. See, I’m an actor, so… I didn’t… I thought I was going to act
like I was getting punched in my face, I didn’t realise I was actually going
to get punched in my face in training. A dialect, having to talk like Ali. And then having to box like Ali. Nothing in my career
has come close to being as hard as Ali. I really like the film
‘The Pursuit of Happyness’. ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’?
Yeah, with my son. Yeah, that was beautiful also… -Just to be able to do it with my son.
-Yeah. You know? Being able to see that… That father and son bond,
doing what we do. You know about that. So, for you, was it harder? The pressure is still here. -You still have it.
-With the family. But my father is someone
who has helped me a lot. I’m very proud of that. What advice would you give me
in terms of dealing with Jaden, with my son, who’s coming up now? I think you should never lose the essence that your family gives you,
that your father gave you. Always try to be sincere, honest, happy. These are the most important things. Of course, having a father like him… Trust me, how it looks
from the outside is one thing, but what the kids are actually experiencing,
it’s still all the same problems, all the same difficulties. Whenever you’re inside it, it’s just harder
to see what’s happening with your kids. You know, even with me,
just my presence, just being there sometimes
is pressure on my children. So, you know,
I struggle with understanding that. -I should be the one asking for advice.
-I know! We’ll show you some goals
and his celebrations. Yeah. I’m going to do that. One day at the Oscars. That’s the cool… That’s the superhero,
the action hero face. Because he’s just gone… Yeah. I like that. You’re like:
“I mean, what did you expect?” “What did you expect?” I like that. So, the next goal… There’s a thing that I saw in India. A guy did this… Where he would say, “Hey”, and go… You know? So, I started doing that. I just picked it up
as it was a really nice thing. You know, when you greet somebody.
So, that’s for a goal. When you get a good one,
do that and I’ll know it’s for me. -Great.
-You just go… You know?
That’s like, “All my heart, big Will.” “All my heart.”
You know? That was really nice. You know? With the injury, coming back, how is that affecting how you can train
and how you work? We obviously prepared for the season, for the French league, for everything, but, unfortunately,
we could not reach all our goals. We won the French league, and mid-season,
I ended up hurting myself, getting injured again. I was away for three months. I have a session at the gym
before the games, with my physiotherapist. This helps a lot, so I don’t get hurt. But I’m back now,
there’s no pain. For you and your family. Yeah, that’s perfect. It’s signed already. Translate it for him. “For Will,
with a lot of admiration from a big fan.” -Not bad.
-“You’re the best.” Oh, lovely. I appreciate it, man. Very good. That gets framed immediately. Let’s get one with the Eiffel Tower. It’s in the distance. Thank you. Thank you, all.
That’s fantastic. -I appreciate it, man.
-Thank you so much. -God bless you.
-Thank you so much. Man! I am very glad and happy. It was a great pleasure, man.
I met the guy! I already knew he was a cool guy.
He’s amazing. Another great day. We’re in this together. Thank you.

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