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(grunts) (suspenseful music) – Ronnie, what the (beep)? What the (beep) is this? – [Narrator] On this episode
of “How Far is Tattoo Far?” Andre and his boyfriend Ronnie give each other some ultimatums. They’ve been happily
together for five years, but Ronnie wants
to shake things up. – The sex life, is it- – Our sex life is awesome. – Wait, why is, why is Ronnie
looking off into space? – Because Ronnie
wants to be a whore. – Ronnie wants to explore. – Explore. – Let’s say Ronnie
wants to explore. – Ronnie wants to explore. – You say whore,
you say explore. – You want to spice it up? – Yeah. Our sex life was poppin’
the first two years, but now it’s getting a little
dry if you know what I mean. – [Narrator] Andre, on the other
hand, wants to settle down. – As opposed to just caring
about sex all the time, I want Ronnie to care
a little bit more about our relationship. – [Narrator] When it
comes to these tattoos, both are using the opportunity to get things off their chest. – What are the intentions
with these tattoos? – My tattoo is an ultimatum. (beep) or get off of the
toilet kind of thing. – Oh. – It’s been five years now, and that is long, long time. At the end of the day, you have to either
marry me or it’s over. – My intent is a
kick in the ass, because Andre’s been
dragging his feet so does he want to
shut up or show up? – Oh! – I wouldn’t mind a third person coming in and helping us out, but Andre, he’s never ready. – [Narrator] Any
last words, Ronnie? – Game on. – Game on. – [Narrator] Let
the games begin. It’s tattoo time. (hip-hop music) – If this tattoo is (beep) up, Andre’s packing his bags. – Really scared. I think it’s in
a horrible place. I think Ronnie knew that
this place would hurt. I feel like this is
payback for something. – [Narrator] Well, let’s find
out what Andre and Ronnie put on each other forever. – So do you guys trust
each other right now? – Just nervous. – You should be. – (beep) – All right, Andre. Come on! All right, Andre. – Get ready to cry. No more beach bod! – Can you put him out? Does he have to be
here when I see it? – What’s the worst thing that could be on your
stomach right now? – Anything that comes from him. It doesn’t matter at this point. – What are your intentions
with this tattoo without giving it away. – Things in the bedroom was
getting a little boring. I wanted to get rid
of the conversation and get it poppin’. – Are you ready to see
what’s on your stomach for the rest of your life? – Not really, but yeah. (suspenseful music) – Ronnie, what the (beep)? (suspenseful noises) What the (beep) is this? – It’s a threesome, babe. (hip-hop music) – [Andre] Why would you do this? – Are you really upset? – You think it’s a (beep) joke! – Can you tell us the message
you were trying to get across? – The message is
just to, you know, I know we didn’t
have our threesome. – You could’ve (beep)
asked for a threesome! – Have you had this
conversation before? – We have touched,
like, the conversation, but it’s never been like this
is something definite I want. And they’re not even having sex! Like they’re just (beep) ass! It’s not funny, dude. – So throuple or nah? (upbeat music) – (beep) no. – Ronnie, do you
have any regrets? – No. – You have no regret’s
after seeing how mad he got? – No because he
signed up for this. – How are you feeling
about the second tattoo? – I’m feeling great
about the second tattoo. It’s gonna embarrass you, and you’re definitely gonna cry. – I’ll take that. – [Justina] Well, are
you nervous now Ronnie? – The energy dropped when
I had to come up here and put these shades on. – Tables have turned. – Well one thing’s for sure. Your life is never gonna be
the same after this tattoo. The time has come. (suspenseful music) – I’m asking you to marry me, but I’m giving you
also an ultimatum. Five years is a long
time invested in someone. I’m tired of all
this waiting around. So either you marry me
today, like right now, or never. – Yes. – I love you. – I love you. – I just so happened to
be an ordained minister, so can we get some
help out here please? (upbeat pop music) – Hey, babe, let’s
get you right. – We have one more
surprise for you. We have a couple of your
closest family and friends to join us. Welcome and thank
you for joining us, as we celebrate the marriage
of Andre and Ronnie. Wedding rings are an
unbroken circle of love, the joining of two hearts, the joining of two souls, the joining of two spirits. – I love you. – I love you too. – I now pronounce you
husband and husband. Now Justina. – I’ll add a couple words, let me get a beat. Okay, look it’s a celebration, let’s do the macaroni, congratulations on
your holy matrimony. I’m like I’m about
to get my dance on, I can’t believe you got
married with no pants on. It’s a really beautiful day, I’m like, shout to Ronnie
and shout to Andre. Thanks Father Nico,
I’m like hot damn. The world is yours, baby,
go and kiss your man. – [Narrator] Wow, that
could’ve ended so differently, but it didn’t. Congrats, guys. What are the
newlyweds up to now? – My family loved
Ronnie’s tattoo, but they had to dissect mine. – They was like, “Are you crazy, what made you do
something like that?” – The main one: “Are
y’all still together?” – There’s no way you
can go tattoo far with someone that you love and the wedding was great. – And I want to do
it again, don’t you? – Yeah.

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  1. Idc if u been my friend for 5000000000000000000 years a tattoo is there for the rest of ur life i aint trusting no bitch to put something on my leg😂

  2. He said Throuple or nah like the last fucking girl that got that shit tattooed over her heart. I live for that fucking shade

  3. I hope this is fake because if not… y’all motherfuckers are crazy. Who marries a person after that said person intentionally gives you an awful tattoo like that?

    Boy bye 👋🏼

  4. I think this is what anti-gay proponents think of when they protest the LGBTQ community. This is so many stereotypes magnified. At the same time, congratulations and I hope the couple lasts.

  5. I'm not gay but I feel sad for the other guy cuz he tried seasoning in the other guy was just being an ass whole you know what I mean cuz people eating ass yeah but I'm not gay just feel sad for some reason

  6. I saw the freestyle clip on ms Valentine's Instagram…im so happy i saw this full episode…so crazy, passionate + sweet

  7. I don’t get it do they get paid fo evening on this how as in the people’s getting tatted??!! 🧐🤨🤣🙆🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️

  8. Rodney seems too immature for Andre n definitely not into monogamy 🙄..maybe Andre jus need to keep it moving
    Edit: I need to start watching the whole video before I comment lol

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