Will You Marry Me? The Truth about Marriage | Fyütchology S2 E2

Hi. my name is Harold Simmons aka Fyütch. And this is my dating profile video. -Are we ready?
-You got it! Okay
I’m not really big on dating apps But I will love you tinder and I don’t need a
cupid to know that you’re my match -How was that one?
-Great! Good okay I have a daughter so I’m totally open to dating women with kids As long as they’re not like my age cuz that would be kind of weird I’m looking for a woman in the 3a
to 4c hair variety Why spend money at a beautician when we can just do each other’s hair I don’t have a Netflix subscription right now so we can’t Netflix and chill but I do have Hulu So if you want we can Hulu and hug I’m not a super tall guy but I’m big where it counts I’ve got a biiiiiiiig heart
and a passion for people Alright I feel like an idiot are we sure this is even gonna work – [Director] Oh trust me you’re gonna get so many dates Alright let’s do it one more time from the top – [Director] And Action! [Intro music] Hello and welcome back to Fyütchology I’m your host Fyütch And I just released a new song called “I still believe in love” and while there are some humorous elements, this song is really my
sincere and honest declaration that I still believe in happily ever after.
even the comments have been quite telling besides the occasional heart eyes
people all over the world have shared that they too still believe in love. so
it prompted me to start a discussion with my Instagram and Facebook followers
and I simply asked the question do you still believe in marriage. and I must say
the results shocked me. a surprising 80% of people voted in favor of marriage.
Upon further discussion I noticed that these people broke down into three
categories of why they believe in marriage.
First, practical, legal, financial reasons sharing a home, tax breaks, health care
etc. Number two a soul mate or spiritual bonding. For
example, Christian marriage centered under the watchful eyes of God. And
number three, a general belief in acknowledgement of marriage despite some
of these people not actually being married themselves. For example, I heard
things like, “Yes I believe in marriage but it’s not for me.” Or “If it ever
happens I’m not against it but I don’t see it happening for myself.” Now as far
as the 20% of voters that said they do not believe in marriage,
here are their top three reasons why. Number one, disagreements philosophically
and theoretically with the concept. Overrated, unrealistic, impractical and
outdated. Number two, marriage isn’t the standard. The end goal of an amazing
partnership. They believe if you love each other you don’t have to get married.
Number three, past experiences. People who have endured rough breakups before
or never finding a true match. Life has just led them to the conclusion that
marriage doesn’t work. So what do I make of this? Overall I’m pretty shocked by
the results. In today’s era of swiping right, open relationships, and polyamory, I
just thought there was a more drastic and dying trend of undying love. But that
doesn’t seem to be the case. However I will say that as far as the data goes I
do have a hunch that those who believe in marriage were possibly a bit more
enthusiastic to chime in and answer the question,
swaying the results a bit more in favor of the marriage believers. The majority often feels a
bit more emboldened to speak up so I did take that into account.
My general takeaway is this: That we all have a different idea of what makes a
successful relationship and that it’s always crucial to communicate with your
partner exactly what you want and stick to those boundaries. The difficult part
is that many of us just don’t know what we want until we try it, have it, and then
lose it again, and again. And that’s life. Thankfully I’m finally in a place where
I know why I want exactly what I want. What do I believe? Well I believe that
marriage is ordained by God. And as for me and my house, we will serve the
Lord. I look forward to falling in love, popping the question, walking down the
aisle, and choosing that woman every day for the rest of my life. Well that’s all
the time that we have for today. Make sure you check out my new song “I still
believe in love” Available on all digital retailers. And
if you haven’t yet joined the conversation about love and marriage,
please comment your thoughts below. I’d love to hear them. Until next time, peace
love and SHABAM. [Song: “I still believe in love”] F-Y-U-T-C-H [Nardwuar] Hello, Fyütch!

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  1. Love this! I know the right woman is out there for you. Marriage is hard but you get out of it what you put in and it has been a blessing. #9yearsonthe19th

  2. Keep the quality up! The likes, comments and views may not be up right now but they'll come! These will still be great when the YouTube algorithms finally wake up the masses.

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