Wim Hof: “This is how I have fun!”

Hey guys! It is summer! No bummer This is the way I enjoy myself here, in Spain Past the pain And all the ice baths I am taking also Rivers are still cold here And I have fun And most certainly You’ll have a lot of fun too! But look at the way I do it! It’s kinda funny. Chop the wood like this High-five man! Africa! Rythm! The beat! We are crazy mad! Have fun! Yeah, yeah, yeah…

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  1. Haha this made my morning! Greetings from 🇨🇦! Wish I could meet you wim, have a blessed day and smile on 😃❤️

  2. My friend and I stayed in a nice ski resort in Keystone, CO 7 months ago. After a full day of snowboarding, we swam in one of the icy streams will singing your kilamonjaro and crazy monkey songs! Everyone must have thought we were crazy and they're damn right! But were also having a lot more fun than they were!

  3. you and Jaques Fresco are on the top of.my.list. Wim Hof thank you for you!! saludos desde Costa Rica! if u ever visit you have a place man!

  4. I lost my mum at 6 and my step mother at 17 my dad had your experience twice he was an Osteopath. I know your story. You have helped me over the past year and I have practiced regularly your technique. Bless you wim for your passion and sensitivity.

  5. Hola buenas noche..wim estoy viendo sus videos son maravillosos…con este método se puede curar la artritis reumatoidea crónica? Por favor y gracoas

  6. Hello Wim, you're so amazing! I want to save some money next year to be able to go on your training trip to Spain. I am from Barcelona originally, lived in USA, and now I am in Morocco awaiting for my time to move to Spain again. I will go through the beginning training and can't wait to meet you in person and be trained by you!!! You're my role model!! Much love and blessings dear Wim!!

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