WIN Project MMD & The 50th Mustang Birthday Celebration! –

Dave: Well, here we are at day 2 of the Mustang’s
50th birthday celebration, put on by the Mustang Club of America and Ford. And we’re here to
give you a special treat, that’s this car that we’re going to give away. American Muscle
partnered up with MMD to trick this project car out, and now to give it away to you. You
want in? Click the link below, or head over to our website: And
like all these folks you see around me here enjoying the festivities, you can have a chance
to win this car. Now, American Muscle went ahead and made this car go. We put on the
Vortech V-3 Supercharger, we put on the Snow Performance Kit, added the tune and made 590-horsepower
at the wheels. MMD? They got some of the classic favorites on there, like your Hood Struts,
like your Louvers. However, they took it a step further with some of their stuff. If
you look at this car, it’s got their amazing new wheel – the 551c wheel. It’s got the Digital
Air Ride setup; the car is truly tricked out. Now, we’re going to give this away officially
at our car show, August 16 at Maple Grove Raceway. Join us there, you can see it once
again in person as well, but in the meantime, if you want to stay up to speed on everything
we’re doing, go ahead and click that link below, subscribe to our channel and you’ll
get to see us and our project cars in all their glory.

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  1. Nice!!! Congrats for Justin!! Hope him and his wife have a gorgeous healthy baby 🙂 I love american muscle!! Ever since I got my first Mustang, no other website compares!!! Hope to visit Pennsylvania some day and stop by American Muscle headquarters 🙂

  2. Nice! wish I could sigh up to win and be at the show in August. Would love one day to go and see the American Muscle shop. And Congratulations Justin!

  3. Im 16 and have loved mustangs since i was a little kid and always wanted one (67 gt 500 elanor) this would be a DREAM first car good luck to everyone

  4. Idk what I would do if I won that. Maybe faint? Maybe cry? Maybe go crazy in joy? Idk but that is my dream to own a nice mustang like that. Wow is all I can say

  5. Wow because I'm Canadian I can't enter this? Sooo upset, Canadians are big mustang fans to AM, wake up! Total bullshit

  6. That Car show was AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Wish you were there Justin! But still you get to be a an amazing yourself, congratulations! I took care of all the fun for you! 

  7. oh man i would be one of the few to actually have a gt in my town, everyone has a v6 even me its really sad 

  8. I applied to win. It'll be my dream come true. Specifically since I've been driving stick shift since I was little!

  9. Dot dot dot… wheels ripped from Vossen CV3. Nice car though. Too bad they didnt boost it more passed 600.

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