Windows 10 Anniversary Update tech support available in ASL – audio described version

♫ quiet background music ♫ Narrator: Microsoft Disability Answer Desk title screen Two men communicating in ASL stand at a table with a Surface Book they are demoing Ryan: Hi, I’m Ryan Ben: And I’m Ben Ryan: And we work on the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk team. This month, Microsoft released the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and people are loving it. Ben: One of the things we think is pretty cool is Windows ink. Narrator: Ben uses the Surface Book and Pen to write a digital sticky note and then shows the settings for the Surface Pen Ryan: On a touch-enabled device, you can use your pen to draw or even write yourself sticky notes like “Send homework to your professor” or “Buy hearing aid batteries”. And one of my favorite features is being able to customize the pen itself to get what I want. Like a single click could open OneNote and a double-click could open my Sticky Notes. There are lots more features in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update that we hope you check out. And remember, if you’re interested in getting technical support for Windows or Office on the phone or online chat, visit our website at or if you prefer to communicate in American Sign Language, you can contact us at 503-427-1234. Ben: We’re excited to help you enjoy your Microsoft products. Bye! Narrator: Microsoft logo in high contrast, sign language, braille, and the standard Microsoft logo. Disability Answer Desk

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