Wine Tasting Party Ideas (HOST THE MOST FUN PARTY)

Dini: Do you want to host a wine tasting but
you’re not sure how? Well, I’m going to give you all the steps
and ideas that you need for you and your friends to have a lot of fun while drinking wine. At the end I’m going to give you my free checklist
with all of the details of what you need to know. If you want to live and drink good wine, then
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I have a fresh every Thursday. I’m Dini, and over the course of the 20 years
of working in wine, I’ve hosted a wine tasting for British royals, and a party with Julia
Child. And today I’m going to share all of my insider
tips with you so that you can have an awesome wine tasting party. Dini: The first kind of party that I love
hosting is called Get to Know a Grape. I like having a theme to my tastings because
it’s a way to give the whole party some focus, and also it gives me ideas for really great
ways to enhance the fun. So, for this wine tasting, pick a grape variety,
say something like a Pinot Noir, and tell all of your friend to each bring a bottle
of Pinot Noir that they really like, or something that they want to try. And also a type of food that they want to
try with Pinot Noir. This will make all of your party prep really
easy. You could choose to do it on your own, too. Dini: Now, for extra fun you can do a little
Google research and look up what are the flavors that you find in Pinot Noir. Then once you find things like roses, Coca-Cola,
and berries, you can take those things, put them in jars around the room. This is really fun because as you’re tasting
all of those Pinot Noirs, you can smell those things and think to yourself, do I actually
smell those in the wine? So then you’re going to be able to walk away
from that party with a little bit more confidence to be like, “Hey, Pinot Noir. I know that guy.” Dini: Another fun wine party idea is to choose
a food and center the whole party around that. I’ve done this with fondue parties, raclette
parties, pizza party, pasta party, paella party, you name it. Now take a moment to let me know in the comments
what kind of food party do you love hosting. For this, you could make it a challenge for
your guests. You could tell everybody, “Hey, I’m making
pizzas. Who can come up with the very best wine for
the pizzas that the most of us are going to like?” See my video that I’ve done in the link right
there about the Busy Mom’s Guide to Making Homemade Pizza. Dini: The third kind of party that is so much
fun when you have people who feel a little bit more comfortable around wine, about talking
it and describing it, is a blind wine tasting party. Which is to say that you disguise what the
wines and you don’t reveal what they actually are until the very end. Oftentimes what I’ll do is I’ll take bags
and put the wine bottles in the bags or foil around them. Or you can see from the video that I did last
week about the Gift Guide for Wine Lovers, and the link is right there for that, I found
this beautiful hostess gift of these carafes where you can pour the wine into the carafes
and then people could mark on the little chalkboard which wine they liked best. You could of course do this at home, just
with some jars or decanters and things like that. And put out little note cards for people to
be able to vote, too. Dini: I really love this because at the end
of the night when you do the reveal of these are all the wines that you guys liked, a lot
of times people discover that they really liked a wine type they never would have considered
before. So, I bet you didn’t know how easy it is to
be able to host your own wine tasting party, right? And it can be even easier with my checklist
that you can get in the download below. Go ahead and click on that link. You’re going to want it because it’s going
to give you all of the steps, everything you need, the full checklist guide to be able
to host your own wine tasting party. So click on that link below. Get your free guide. Dini: In general, I think hosting a wine tasting
party is a lot of fun, and it’s one of the easiest ways to entertain actually, because
you don’t have to do a lot cooking and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a lot of fun. If this video has inspired you, then give
it a like, share it with all of your friends who love to host, and don’t forget to subscribe. And then I would to know from all of you hosts
out there what kind of wine tasting would you like to host first? Let me know in the comments. Happy wine tasting. Cheers.

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  1. I love this Dini! One of my all time favourite food parties to host is a POLENTA party. This would pair so nicely with a wine tasting and for some reason, I'd never thought of it!

    I love to run long platters of soft polenta down the middle of the table, and then have a big variety of different toppings and sauces on different platters. Toppings like: Braised winter greens with garlic, classic Ragu Bolognese, sage sausage & mushrooms, squash and white bean stew, and LOTS of parmesan cheese. People can help themselves to a bit of this and a bit of that. You just have to make sure that all the toppings compliment each other. Sounds like we've got parties to plan! Great video!

  2. I love the idea of having a theme, this makes planning so much easier and it sounds like it would make the party loads of FUN! Cheers!

  3. Love this idea Dini! I've been to the blind tasting party before and those are so fun! I think having a party centered around a food would be a blast. Thanks again for the great video!!

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