Winter Special Tambola in Standard Tickets / Kitty party games / Offers List/ English subtitles😍

Hello friends, I am your pal Anu Singhal Cheerfully😃Welcome all of you to my channel Friends, Winters❄are going to start soon In fact, they have already showed up Today, I have prepared a winter special tambola for you in our standard tickets which means you don’t even need to make your ticket just stick the tickets on a simple white⚪paper And you need to write some winter❄️special words which i have given the number of tickets should be equal to the number of members in group I have prepared a housie ticket with 6 blocks Identical to our 3 boxes as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Number1️⃣ – Muffler🧣 Number2️⃣ – Angithi♨️ Number3️⃣ – Gajak🍬 Number4️⃣ – Heater🌡 Number5️⃣ – Peanuts🥜 Number6️⃣ – Quilt🛏 This is the entire preparation you need to do for your any type of your party🎉 NOTHING other than this And your winter special housie ticket will be accessible I have created these 2 tickets for your help by showing a demo same as prepared tickets Lets come back to our game I even have the offer’s list📝 which shows all the appropriate prizes which make our winter tambola special Let’s get to the offers list📝 Before showing the list, I have a humble request to you If you are new to my channel And you like to watch kitty games Under my video, there is a red🔴coloured button with SUBSCRIBE written on it Please click on it along with this, please press the bell🔔 icon also Because if you subscribe without pressing the bell icon You won’t get updated about my latest videos This bell icon will notify you every time I upload a new video This is the offer’s list📝 I have created You can just take a screenshot to view this anyone in your phone I have also added my email address in the description box below👇 you can also ask for a copy of this by writing a mail📧 to me about the same The 1st offer🎁is Best6️⃣ Best6️⃣ means 1 number each from all the 6 boxes that we have in our ticket This is NOT AT all like early 7 Early 6 consists of any seven numbers irrespective of the block they belong to Best6️⃣ means when we have 1 number spoken from each block Best6️⃣ is done now 6️⃣Blocks is our 2nd offer 6️⃣Blocks means When a block is done out these 6 blocks decided you can also number them as 1,2,3,4,5,6 for your ease Its your wish, you want to set the offers as the names or numbers I have told you about the Best6️⃣ and 6️⃣Blocks Our 3️⃣rd offer is 3️⃣Pairs Our first pair is Muffler🧣 + Quilt(Rajai)🛏 We WEAR both muffler and quilt in winters❄️ When both our 1st and 6 block is done then only we can consider it as our First pair Our Second pair is Gajak🍬 + Peanut🥜 We EAT both of them in winters❄️ When we complete 3rd and 5th block, we are ready to claim our prize for your second pair Our Third Pair is Anghiti♨️ + Heater🌡 We use both of them for WARMING us in the winters❄️ This pair consists of 2nd and 4th block This will be enough for winning a gift First was Best6️⃣ and Second was 6️⃣Blocks and third was 3️⃣Pairs You can keep your offers according to collection of money you can keep the offers twice if you have heavy collection of money you can remove some offers also if you are deficient in money you collected for tickets Furthermore, we have Breakfast🍞, Lunch🍱 and Dinner🍽 which we usually follow in double tickets These are our simple pairs This will be top to bottom pair – Muffler🧣 and Heater🌡 The offer we call as Breakfast🍞 will be completed Lunch🍱 will be of 2nd and 5th block This will be of Anghiti♨️ and Peanuts🥜 Dinner🍽 contains Gajak🍬 and Quilt🛏 This is 3rd and 6th block This is an additional and optional option we have to take Muffler🧣,Anghiti♨️ and Gajak🍬 for our Upper🔼🏠House Lower🔽🏠House contains Heater🌡, Peanut🥜 and Quilt🛏 Bumper🏘House is the entire ticket comprising of all blocks which are Muffler🧣, Anghiti♨️, Gajak🍬,Heater🌡, Peanut🥜 and Quilt🛏 When we will complete all the 6 blocks we can gain the prize for Bumper🏘House You have to force your friends to call the following things at the time of houses “Thand⛄H Bhai!! Bahut Thand🥶H” has to be called out after yes at the time to win a prize “Thand⛄H Bhai!! Bahut Thand🥶H” is forr all houses🏠(Upper🔼🏠House, Lower🔽🏠House and Bumper House🏘) You can keep the number of Bumper🏘Houses as per your collection So Friends, How was my idea of winter special tambola? If you Liked🙃it keep a smile😀 on your face😐 and hit the like👍Button Your Likes👍 and comments always motivate me for making new and new videos We will meet again with a new video🎥 Till that time, take Care and Bye-Bye

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