WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition: Patches and Next Steps

You know, I really was gonna do a video
on Thursday – on release day – but it was just a little crazy! So, here we are
Monday, and finally getting to doing a little video! And mainly I just want to
talk briefly about early access – now that we were actually in early access! So that
means we are both working on expanding the game, adding more features, more
animals, and then multiplayer, and then Slough Creek. And then, of course, there’s
mobile! We know a lot of people are very eagerly awaiting mobile! That is going to
take a while and certainly it won’t come out before the full game is completed
for PC and Mac. Because mobile doesn’t really haven’t currently access option.
And, even then, it’s gonna take a lot of work – so we don’t have any target dates. We may not even set a release date! Because last week was just really, really stressful… and I don’t really want to do that again! But we know you’re out there and eagerly awaiting it. And we’re also doing a lot of bug
fixing, now that the game is in your hands. And thousands and thousands of
thousands of people are playing it. We’re hearing about lots of new problems and
bugs and stuff like that. So we’re working on those or doing frequent
patches. We do really appreciate everybody’s enthusiasm and excitement for
the game! And we really appreciate all the comments on all the various social
media and on Steam and on the forum… Trying to read and respond to those
comments is kind of like trying to drink from a fire hose – they just keep coming!
So we do try to read everything but we don’t respond everything (especially
[in] places you really can’t have a threaded conversation). So please, if you got issues,
the best thing to do in the game is to use the F11 key to report bugs – because
then we get a screenshot and a save file, as well as your description – and we can
really try to look closely at tha. We also encourage everyone to check out
the Knowledge Base which we are expanding now. It’s got a lot of
troubleshooting tips. We are building up what basically is gonna be the game
manual there with a lot of information about the gameplay and stuff like that.
So it you’re a little unclear on stuff, be sure to check that out. That’s at support.wolfquest.org …Our new website launched on Thursday night as well!
So, go check that out. So. thank you again, everybody, for your ongoing enthusiasm
and support for WolfQuest! We wouldn’t be doing this–we wouldn’t be here –
without you! We are going to continue to do
dev blogs – but not every week, not every Thursday! We just have so much to do
right now – both with fixing up the problems with the current game as well as
continuing on! So, we’re not gonna do a weekly thing because it is a big chunk
of time… and now you have the game to play!
So, you’ll see them pop up, now and then, but we don’t really know what kind of
frequency or schedule right now. And if you’re watching this on YouTube: this
video is where we will post PATCH notes! Every time we release a patch to the
game, we’ll put the notes here –so you can keep track of what’s fixed and what’s new
in the game!

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  1. Im quite sad that im unable to play 🙁 I already had paid for wolfquest account and it wasn't working. I really wanted to play so i just repaid for the game. Sadly I cannot even play on amethyst mountain with just the bare terrain. My mouse tracker broke apart at one point and all the little pieces and were messing with the gameplay. It crashed 5 times in the 15mins I tried to play it. 🙁 Looks like such a good game but I cannot play it sadly. I have to stick with the 2.7 version which is still a wonderful game. My computer is i think 5 years old and is an apple computer. I hope everyone else can enjoy this awesome looking game!

  2. Question:

    When I start the game I can not see my wolf, so I can't see the customization or anything. I have an Acer laptop so I'm not sure what went wrong. I even tried to put it on no fur and still nothing. Can you help me please?

  3. I do have one question about photo mode, I love it! I get great pictures out of it, but when I take the screenshot I can’t find them. I tried looking through my folders and documents and stuff, but couldn’t find my screenshots. And it upsets me because I got some really good pictures so if you could reply maybe and tell me where to find them I’d appreciate it.

  4. are you currently giving more attention to multiplayer or slough creek? And will multiplayer be released this year or 2020 because a lot of people have been saying 2020 which is quiet upsetting if it is, I’ll bite my tongue and wait if it is 2020 but it would be nice to have some confidence to whether this is true or not? Thankyou (:

  5. I think WQ should let you go faster/slower when running, and also make turns slightly slower. Perhaps that could help with the running into trees issue.

  6. You should add where your wolf (if female) can be pregnant! Like it would say "your wolf is pregnant" or something like that and then you have to find a den and go into it and your mate brings you food! (Or if male then you bring your mate food)

  7. The game has deleted all of my wolfs twice now and I’m pretty mad about that is there something I can do to fix it or can you guys fix it please it’s really irritating and makes me not want to play anymore

  8. Ok I bought WolfQuest 2.5 and everything I could with it but I don’t have it on comp can I download it or will I have to pay for the game again?

  9. I finally got to play it today! It's super challenging, but that's a really good thing! It makes it so interesting. I only ever played wolf quest one so this is amazing for me. I growled at a bear and he just decided to freakin one hit me and it scared me so bad. Also haha you have discord notifications.

  10. I have a question. Say if you bought the full version of WQ 2.7, on mobile, would the full version be available on pc too? Or would you have to buy the full version again?

  11. 1:28

    No one:


    If you have issues-

    Me: I guess I'll be making alot of reports on all of my issues…on myself…seriously…I have issues….

  12. Hey, I have a question, are we gonna be able to have more than two adult wolves in a pack? In the wild there can be up too 20 wolves in a pack and the pups in the old game were never seen as adults or ever seen again in general. Like if you have the same questions hopefully Dev will see this

  13. I think my wolf just had a dream? I'm not sure, but I slept and pictures of different animals rippled on screen. Im not sure if this happens regularly, my wolf's had a ruff life and just got all her health bars to full and it happened. It was really pretty

  14. Wolfquest! When I Press f11 on my PC the bug report menu does not pop up an I see lots of bugs going around! :/ Hopefully you can fix this?

  15. Question: If I have the purchase of the wolfquest 2.7 in mobile but I want the game in pc, is there a way to connect the purchase in mobile to pc?

  16. I’ve only been playing the early access for a little bit, haven’t gotten all too far in quite yet, but for right now My only comment for the early release is the camera, I prefer it following the back of my wolf instead of manually controlling it’s direction; for me, it makes it difficult for me to see and look around. Maybe if you guys can have an option for that, that would be great! (If it’s there and I’m just being mega stupid and blind, please do let me know-) Everything else is pretty darn fun! Keep up the good work ^^

  17. Plz I have a question you answer me once so here's the question
    how do I get wolfguest 3 plz answer I have been wondering for a month now plz and thank you

  18. WolfQuest was my childhood! I'm so excited to hear about Anniversary version and can't wait to try the early access. Do you guys accept donations? I bought the game long ago, but I would like to support all the work you guys are doing to release a new and improved version!

  19. Hello, dear developers. You have created the best game in the world. I would like to ask, and those who play wolf quest in the phone, they will be able to play in the third part with those who play on computers?

  20. I cant load my saves or even get into the actual game like i can get on the menu but i cant play the actual game without it saying sorry wolfquest is not responding im getting mad at my cp >:T

  21. I literally bought a brand new gaming pc so that I can have less lag with this game… turns out I now have more lag than before 🤷🏽‍♀️ my pc runs all top AAA games so I’m struggling to understand why it’s not working?

  22. I have downloaded version 2,7? I think but it says I get it for free and it will automatically download, but I still don't have it

  23. Do you hate when your mate kills your pups in 2.7? Well say goodbye to that! Keep going! Your amazing and I love wolfquest! Keep up the good work!

  24. ESPAÑOL: lo pueden traducir al español ya que hay mucha gente de habla hispana que le gusta tu juego por favor se nos ara mas fácil entenderlo en las misiones y no tendremos que traducirlo hablo por los que no sabemos ingles. 🙂

    ENGLISH: They can translate it into Spanish since there are many Spanish-speaking people who like your game. Please, it will be easier for us to understand it in the missions and we will not have to translate it. I speak for those who do not know English. 🙂

  25. Hey i have a question so I’ve purchased the full game on pc and and im also currently playing the early version and its great but for the full game of 2.7 do i have to re purchase for mobile as well so i have proof my wq account is Alaskastorm thanks

  26. Would a windows 10 hp laptop be able to run this game? I downloaded it but it’s super laggy it’s okay on the menu before u get into the game. Actually it doesn’t let me load a game at all. I’m not sure, I have the graphics on fastest and it helps a little not much. Thanks for your help and I hope I can play this amazing game soon 🙂

  27. I sned you guys 2 emails because my game just doesnt work! Its apperntly FPS I dont know please reply to it I need help

  28. Oh well I guess I should stop checking the App Store multiple times for WolfQuest 3 XD

    Take your time guys!

  29. 😢 Very sad at the moment.. My game won’t load and I was taking down, well almost finished taking down the Lamar pack! I am very sad.. Also my game won’t work any more.. 😭 I have been waiting for this for 3 years! And it won’t work..

  30. For someone reason the report a bug key doesn't work for me. I click it but It doesn't seem to do anything. I've definitely had my fair share of flying-across-screen-type glitches that I think someone should know about!

  31. could you change the wapiti pack to the mollies pack because it is more realistic given the wapitis current ingame territory

  32. Will you be able to create a pack? Aside from your pups and mate will you be able to accumulate other wolves to form a pack?

  33. I only started to play this yesterday but I attempted to play it three years ago but I did not get it but now I understand it and I’m going to get the full game and I’m delighted that this is coming too! Take all the time you need wolfquest because this has a great opportunity this is the best simulator for animals that I have seen yet the detail is amazing it’s also very educational good bye for now hope it comes out on iPad too I’m willing to pay the price for this masterpiece 😀 I love this community so much because people listen to each other while some game creators don’t read what people say when they are missing out on awesome creative ideas one thing that dose slightly make me uncomfortable in wolfquest is the chat filter and how people can still stay stuff but will space it out or write it with numbers I really hope this changes and one more thing before I go when people write a bio it’s normally just normal like nice,helpful and happy but some people write other stuff…and I find that will be a common thing when wolfquest3 is out but I understand you can’t help this maybe add block button just a idea because I already know there is a report button I hope the game does go well and the amount of players will rise ~Marmi Pop

  34. Whenever I play the game I can’t really have any good quality in it because if I try and put the quality on high or something then my game lags a ton and I know it’s an early release so I’m not sure if it’s just how it runs on my computer or if it’s cause it’s an early access

  35. I love wolf quest! But when I get on the game it lags a lot when I run it lags when I try and hunt it lags it’s slow :((

  36. Well, one of my friends waited until 10pm to play wq3…
    She didn't sleep all the night, but she spent it to play this awesome game uwu

  37. Is there any way we can spawn as puppy wolves with family, or alone?
    Or maybe as a pack member, so like, you spawn in pack with your family as puppy with siblings and live a whole wolf life, or just spawn as an adult wolf in the pack, so, none wolf from your pack can attack you, you protect the pack teritorry from stranger wolves, have mate and pups in the pack, blah blah, or we can only spawn as lone adult wolf?

    Also, my mind: i think it would be better if everything pauses when we press E to show emotes, so we have the time to find and pick the emote we were looking for, like this, for example if we're in a fight and we wanna snarl aggressively at stranger wolves, in time we're looking for the emote a wolf can attack us. This is only my mind, you don't have to do anything about anything. (Also, i don't know if it's already added to game, like i said, i don't have the game)

  38. Also, when I play my FPS is like 4, all my settings are as low as possible, any idea how to get higher FPS??

  39. I really want to get the new wolf quest cause I havn’t had time to set up a steam account and all that other stuff I’m hoping today I can

  40. After I got it there was a problem it's really weird to me tho the wolf trying to be a standing branch and it was really laggy and still laggy when I put all the graphics down please tell me how I fix it 😭

  41. I have a question, how much does the Early Access for WolfQuest 3 cost in Australian money please reply because I going to get the game and I want to know how much it is so please WolfQuest please reply

  42. Hey dude I have a question..

    If you have purchased wolf quest 2.7 in phone. Can u also get wolfquest 3 in pc from ur gmail or something?

  43. When will the new version be free to play? By the way, I'm on mobile. 🙁 It's tormenting to see the new version when I can't have it.

  44. I've been having a lot of bugs and the wolf when it grabs the elk/moose/etc. My wolf goes through the grass and falls through ground.

  45. Ah! Don't rush yourself! The game will be amazing no matter what! I know I speak for all of us when I say I am proud of you guys! 😆👍

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