Woman Is FED Up After 37 Year Marriage Unravels Infidelity Secrets (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. This is the case of
Daskoski v Daskoski.
You all have been married
almost 38 years. You have a family together and your relationship
is in turmoil. Divorce attorneys have actually
been contacted because of allegations
of cheating. Ms. Daskoski, this is a lot. 38 years of marriage on the line. Tell me how you two met. I met him
when I was 12 years old. JUDGE DANA: Oh, my! First real love, first love of my life. He was gorgeous. Everything about him. He was just everything
I wanted. And we dated throughout
junior high
and high school and then, um one day he happened
to want on a little more than I was willing to give up and my girlfriend was. So, he ended up with her. JUDGE DANA: Oh no! And then we moved on
and I got married. I was young, dumb
and full of you know what. (ALL LAUGHING) JUDGE DANA: All right,
Mr. Daskoski, it started out. You said
“She had me. “She was dragging me in
by the hook “and then dropped me
in the water.” What? I told ya, I was young, dumb
and full of some. (ALL LAUGHING) JUDGE DANA: But you figured
it out at some point? Oh, yes, ma’am. I did. We figured it out
later on. JUDGE DADA: So… But essentially, she wouldn’t
give up the cookies, so you went to another jar. Ah, yes, ma’am. All right. JUDGE DANA: All right. You got it. Real awful way to phrase it. Thank you, Mr. Cutler,
thank you. You do good work. I do… Thank you. (JUDGE DANA LAUGHING) Pleasure doing business
with you. JUDGE DANA: All right, so, so tell me about
how you all reconnected. Well, I was, uh… In the navy, came back from a deployment and was at my mom’s house, dating another girl, and uh, she called and said,
“Hey… “I heard you’re divorced.”
I said, “Yeah, I am.” (ALL LAUGHING) She said, “You, uh, “wanna come over?”
I said, “Sure.” (LAUGHING) So, I told the other girl,
she had to take a hike. (LAUGHING) And… (CHUCKLES) You are something else,
Mr. Daskoski. I went over with her and stayed so, we’ve been there for going on almost 38 years. JUDGE DANA: And what was that
first night like? Amazing! Amazing! It was… She rocked my world. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE KEITH: All righty then… (ALL APPLAUDING) There you go! (JERRY CHUCKLING) LAURIE: It was a cookie
worth waiting for. You bet. That, yeah… JUDGE DANA: All right. Well worth. 38 years of marriage. Why have you opened
this case today, Ms. Daskoski? Well… When I was home
raising three children by myself
while he was in the military, I tricked him
when he came back home into admitting that
he had cheated on me at one point. JUDGE DANA: Oh! It broke my heart. You know, but I loved him
enough that I was willing to stick
in there. How did you end up cheating? I can explain that very easily. Okay. I don’t know how many people
in here ever been to Brazil. JUDGE DANA: No,
but I’ve seen pictures. But let me tell you. They got live sex shows. You go in the bar and you sit down and you watch, they pull out a mattress. A bed laying right there
on the floor. LAURIE: Hold on a minute,
hold on a moment. On the stage. You shouldn’t have been
at no live sex show to begin with. I understand that, but… Okay. You know… You shouldn’t have been there. You’re right, I shouldn’t
have been there. But I did. I went there. One thing led to another and like I said,
I was young and dumb. So, you weren’t proud of it, but you did it, you confessed. You decide to forgive him
for that. LAURIE: Mm-hmm. But then you start to see
warning signs. Mm-hmm. What warning sings
have you seen to make you think
he’s cheating now? Well, I went on to an app
on the computer to do a background check
on somebody in the family, and on this app popped up suspected husband of cheating. And I’d already paid for it,
so I put his name in and out popped
this woman’s name, linked right to him. (AUDIENCE SIGHING) JUDGE DANA: You’ve actually
submitted that to the court. Correct? Yes. JUDGE DANA: It says
you suspected mate of cheating and you put his name in it.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. And another woman’s name
and number comes up? Yes, Your Honor. JERRY: No, not a number,
another number. It was linked to a phone number
that we used to have. Okay, all right. Old phone number. LAURIE: Yup. Do you… Do you know
this woman? No, ma’am, not,
none whatsoever. But Ms. Daskoski, you believe
he has cheated with this woman and that’s why
the number came up linked to him? Yes. (AUDIENCE SIGHING) Well, it’s interesting
because about two or three months ago, on your… Facebook page… Nope, nope. This woman came up… Nope, not me. I don’t have a… I don’t have
a Facebook page. This woman came up. Never had a Facebook page.
Never made a Facebook page. Yeah, right. Right. We found this Facebook page
with Jerry Daskoski Ain’t me. Nope.and a photo was posted…Somebody else made that.…of this woman.She updated her cover photo and she posted this picture, and that photo that she posted was shared by Jerry Daskoski. (AUDIENCE SIGHING) JERRY: Not me. What is the likelihood that… She showed it to me one day
and I’m like, “Oh, ho, that’s not mine.” LAURIE: Everybody knows that… JUDGE DANA: What is
the likelihood that a woman that has the…
That is linked to you by phone number… JERRY: Mm-hmm. Shares a picture that is shared
by Jerry Daskoski and you don’t know her? JERRY: Can’t be ’cause
I don’t have a Facebook page. Never had one. You don’t have to. If she had one you can route
through other links. Number two… You can’t, no, you can’t. JUDGE DANA: Ms. Daskoski,
you don’t look like
you believe this at all. I don’t believe
a word of it. You almost look like you have
some tears in your eyes. Yeah. I mean, I don’t believe
a word of it. Do you believe that
this is further evidence of the connection
that they have? Oh, definitely. JERRY: No. Definitely. No way. JUDGE DANA: You do not know
this woman? That’s your testimony
you stick to. No, none whatsoever. JUDGE KEITH: Ms. Daskoski… (THUD) Ooh! (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE DANA: Oh! (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE DANA: Oh! JUDGE DANA: Did you just throw
your ring at him? You bet I did. You are saying you’re done. LAURIE: Well, Your Honor, other things happened
since then. Before… I watch
the show everyday. And so, I said to him, “Well, why don’t you put in
for the show and then
we’ll really see.” So, at that time, I said, “You’ve got
the opportunity “to tell me anything now.“Why break up
a 38-year marriage?”
JERRY:Hmm.LAURIE:First was…“I cheated when I was “at sea with
another woman too.” (AUDIENCE SIGHING) And then, “I ended up kissing
another woman.” JUDGE KEITH: So, Ms. Daskoski, after all these years,
you’ve been questioning his behavior. LAURIE: No… And after all these years
of denying it, right before you come
to this courtroom, he admits these things to you. Yes, sir. I was getting all the skeletons
out of my closet. Yes, Your Honor. I wasn’t coming on here
like a dummy, lyin’. But why did you lie
all these years to her? My face would turn red. Because I didn’t wanna
hurt her any more than I’d seen the first time. Oh, please. When the second time happened and I got back to the ship, there was a great, big
care box there for me she had sent, and it just flattened me. I mean, I broke down and cried. I did not go off
the boat again. No, you went to the next port
with the next woman. No. Yes, you did. It was the next port. And I didn’t get off the boat. Yes. You were tore up
over the first time, but you went to the next. JUDGE DANA: Okay, tell me
what happened. No, I wasn’t tore up over
the first time as much as
the second time. What happened the second time,
Mr. Daskoski? How did you get caught up
with another woman? It’s same way.
I was a bad, young boy. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) And it’s your testimony that those two times
are the only two times that you have been unfaithful
to your wife. Absolutely! In 37,
almost 38 years. But, You Honor,
I got started getting e-mails from this person
that he was connected to. With… Saying, “Thank you
for the fruit arrangement
purchase you just bought.” Or, “Thank you for the flower
arrangements I just got.” So, what did you…
Tell him what you got. I don’t… I’m confronting him
and he’s saying, “Oh, you’re just
electronically challenged.” If I was so
electronically challenged… So, Ms. Daskoski, okay,
what purchase? From a fruit
arrangement company. JUDGE KEITH: So, you got
a receipt? Right. And it says, “Thank you
for your purchase “for fruit arrangement”… Mm-hmm. …that you never got. That I never got. He didn’t send one to you. No. So, when you got
these receipts, what did you…
Did you confront him about it? I sure did. All right. Mr. Daskoski, how
did you explain
the fruit arrangement and the flower arrangement? That, this one’s easy. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE DANA: Oh! Like she said,
electronically challenged. LAURIE: Yeah. Okay, but nobody gets a receipt
from the company. Yeah, she got an e-mail, a typical advertisement e-mail. LAURIE: Company doesn’t say,
“Thank you for your purchase.” She clicked on the link. (AUDIENCE CHUCKLING) When she gets to the website, she clicks on the different
arrangements and stuff
up there. Once you click on one of those, it puts it in your cart. When you get in your cart, what’s it do? Check out now and she thinks
that’s a receipt. Oh, my God! JUDGE KEITH: And Ms. Daskoski,
you’re saying, you know it’s a receipt
when you see one? LAURIE: I know a receipt
when I see it one and I know where the money went
and I know where it is. I know. I’m not one of these
women that goes searching through
the husband’s phone or checking accounts… All the money… But when you get something… All the money… …purchased, you… All the money went in the car. JUDGE DANA: You know what,
Ms. Daskoski… LAURIE: You’re a liar. …when I saw you throw
your wedding band, it broke my heart. Because I believe. I see a 38-year marriage crumbling literally before our very own eyes. JERRY: Over nothing. Over six month period.
Not over nothing. You never… JERRY: Over nothing. You never admitted
that the car that I put 50 grand in, you let another woman in and do a video for so she could post it
on her website. Okay, wait a minute, hold on. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Ms. Daskoski… LAURIE: Are you going
to deny that? Ms. Daskoski, tell us about that. He… He bought a race car. He bought a car.So I put $50,000and made this car.JUDGE KEITH:This is the car
you got?
JUDGE DANA:Wow! That’s the car
you bought for him?
LAURIE: Four months ago,
four months ago. JUDGE DANA: Wow! JUDGE KEITH: That’s a nice car. Okay, you said,
this is the car that he was
giving a woman a ride in? LAURIE: No, he told me, she was a sponsor for a show that he’d already told me
he even wanted to go to. So, he says, she asked
if she could take a video
in the car. So, she got in the car,
revved up the engine, took a video and told him what…
Where she was gonna post it. Why are you gonna have
another woman in that car when you’re married to me for my children to see
all over social media? (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Ms. Daskoski, it sounds like these things just keep
popping up. Right, and then all of a sudden to admit to it when you had the opportunity,
and I told you.He’s always been good to me.So,at first, I thought, well,
maybe somebody was trying
to bait him or set him up or something. But then when I started
getting the arrangements, or my birthday came along and all these big,
fantastic birthdays that I always had, didn’t happen that year. JERRY: What happened… What happened
with the birthday was we went to a car show
and it ended up costing me more money
at the car show… LAURIE: It cost you more money? …than I anticipated. So, I couldn’t have enough… Back up, Mr. Daskoski. No, I didn’t have enough money. Um, you didn’t pay for it. After that car show,
you didn’t. I paid for it. All right, Mr. Cutler,
I think we have
enough evidence. You say, Ms. Daskoski, that Mr. Daskoski recently
admitted to cheating, more than 30 years ago. But you’ve seen
additional things, you have found a website, his phone number
is linked to this woman… LAURIE: Right. And then we later find out that that woman posted a picture
that a Jerry Daskoski shared. Then you also have these receipts for purchases
that were made for, flower arrangements
and fruit arrangements
that you didn’t make. LAURIE: Right. And for those reasons, you believe that Mr. Daskoski is, in fact, cheating. LAURIE: Yes. JUDGE KEITH: Stuff just
keeps coming out. I love him. I, I don’t want
the marriage to end. I didn’t wanna hurt her again. But you continued to do it
with the car four months ago. So, if you didn’t wanna
hurt me, why did you keep on
hurting me? That was a chance
I thought I’d get where we didn’t
have to pay for that event. That I put all the money into. Ms. Daskoski, if you find out today that he’s cheating, your 38-year marriage is over? I want to know
that I don’t have to worry everyday that he goes out. Is he with this woman? JUDGE KEITH: Well, to get
to the bottom of this, to get to the root
and the heart of these cheating allegations, this court has done a full
and complete investigation. At this time, the court would like to hear
from licensed and certified
polygraphic examiner, Kendall Shull to determine, is he cheating? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Ron, please escort
Mr. Shull in. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) RON: Kendall Shull. Mr. Shull. How are you? SHULL: Good day, Your Honor.
Fine, how are you? I’m good. You did
a polygraph examination of Mr. Daskoski.
Is that correct? I did, Your Honor. All right. I’m looking at, um,
the Daskoskis. Mr. Daskoski, you look nervous, and you, I mean,
you are gripping this thing. I ain’t nervous. Are you nervous
about these result? Yes. Why are you nervous?
How are you feeling? Because if you’ve done it and kept it from me
all this time, and you did it four months ago. Something to hurt me. Why am I to believe that you’re not gonna continue or you’re not still doing it? (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE DANA: Let’s go
to the results then. Mr. Daskoski was asked, “Did you have
sexual intercourse “with the woman “your wife found linked to you “on the background
check website.” Heck, no. Heck, no. JUDGE DANA: What was his
response? SHULL: His answer was “no.” JUDGE DANA: What did
the lie detector determine? The lie detector determined
that he was being truthful, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Of course, it’s gonna
be truthful. He admitted to it all
just before the show. JERRY: Not that woman. Don’t know her. JUDGE KEITH: All right,
we still have another question. Mr. Daskoski was asked, “During your marriage, “besides the two times “your wife knows about, “have you had
sexual intercourse “with any other woman?” What was his response
to that question? SHULL: He said “no,”
Your Honor. What did
the lie detector determine? The lie detector determined
that he was being truthful, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE DANA: Ms. Daskoski, do you want
your wedding ring back? Yes. All right. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) JERRY: Let me put it on. JUDGE DANA: Ah! But, Your Honor, I wanted him to know
even though he’s passed
this lie detector test, at any time, I might request
another one. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE DANA: You’re on notice,
Mr. Daskoski. You clearly love each other. You have this beautiful story of being childhood sweethearts
essentially. And that awesome car. You all need to be in that car,toolin’ all over Americahaving a ball at this point.If there’s another woman
in that car, he’s out the door. JUDGE DANA: No, there shouldn’t
be any other women in that car,
but you. Treat your wife like the queen
she is… JERRY: That’s it. And stay out of Brazil. Happy wife. (LAUGHING) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Happy wife, happy life. JUDGE DANA:
As we say in this courtroom, do not cheat yourself out of an opportunity to have a happy, healthy, and in y’all’s case,
a vroom vroom, marriage. Court is dismissed. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)

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