Woman Sues Fiancé Over Sex At Bachelor Party

this episode of the young texans brought to
you by gamefly goto gamefly dot com slash two i t for a free trial membership a woman he’s silly for exp on say because
he cheated on her during his bachelor party in las vegas her name is lauren staff and and she is sitting
in for sixty two thousand eighteen fourteen dollars because of the cost of the wedding
so apparently they broke up are less than four weeks prior to the wedding and she’s suing for the cost of the wedding
dress bridesmaids dresses and invitations and also the costs of of the wedding that
was supposed to take place in bora bora that way he she break up with him or did you bring
it with a is if you brought up whatever patients who are onto arguing that she broke up with him because
he slept with a girlfriend his bachelor party in vegas which by the way isn’t that what a bachelor
parties for is that right thank you for your right after the is best for i believe that happiest
was that pondered while maybe strippers but i think that’s what i said sizes you know so that some people apparently don’t have
given understand but that’s not sanction right valid outfitting about her picking football tickets you burger
with him ike i’d get her complaint here you know it’s
obviously it’s an interesting one uh… axes lighten up a great at the same
time with his wife’s cost a lot of money somebody’s gotta pay for it and that’s a good question is that we should
do it yeah they’re both successful lawyers uh…
i’m guessing that he has a little bit of money and uh… by the way sixty two thousand dollar
almost sixty three thousand dollars for the cost of wedding dresses and uh… a trip to
bora bora it’s unbelievable how much money people spend
on weddings like i understand why people in low i’d think the smartest people on the planet
you will because and why why would you want to spend
all this money on one day of your life it doesn’t make any sense to me i just with everything possible to without like another
spend that money answer something without like mad uh… i think i think it makes sense dot uh… it makes sense for her syncing for half of the cost for the wedding uh… because look you see he cheated on her but you’re right she made
the decision to break up and not try to work it out you know i think i think you have a conversation
about that i’d like that she’s not saying for some crazy amount of money i think a lot
so it makes sense so i definitely think you should pay old how much he should pay for the wedding
you know or what portion of the way did you pay for it and aghast that at that i think the like this it’ll be crazy that’s artistic would you like the supreme court man just
said highlight uh… or well uh… uh… fifty-fifty ok receptacle lawyers so
courses but more parts right is going to check out the disco look somebody’s got to pay for the extensively
that’s been canceled it’s not right but just that one person and again she did so i i get that conservatism
of the decision to break up and she’s a little bit decision dispense sixty
three thousand dresses it’s stop instead i’d say fifty-fifty split down the middle
u_-boat agreed change people don’t know this about me but
i mean underground gave her i dot i’d love to play video games well then
your lover who sponsor gamefly doable porches although i a video game rental service world seven of new at classic also no late fees no due dates
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  1. "ok, this is the last piece of strange ass i will be able to have without losing half of everything. so im gonna tap dat shit in the name of freedom!"

  2. oh my god! what has america become! a women can sue you because you cheated on her!!! thats bullshit, if it was up to him, he wouldnt have spent $63000 on a fucking dress. OMG OMG, you should see how many children die around the world every day because the dont have access to $1 pills for malaria! OMG!

  3. What a fucking douchebag. I love how naive Ana is, thinking every guy has sex at their bachelor party. That's hilarious.

  4. @fireroxmysox
    What's marriage got to do with being a couple? If they've been together long enough to get married, they've been together long enough to be classified as a defacto, and she should be entitled to her share.

    As for the suing, she's suing for the cost of the wedding, which makes sense. I agree with Ana that she should get 1/2 the cost of the wedding, that seems fair (assuming they paid for 1/2 of it in the first place).

  5. @BVargas78
    And yet if you get falsly accused of a crime I'm sure you'll be begging for a lawyer, right? Why do so many people hate lawyers? They're doing a job, a vital job.

  6. There is no legal obligation to uphold the principles of monogamy outlined in a marriage contract until the marriage contract is signed! He has no legal obligation to her, and is therefore not guilty. That being said, he should have been investing in the wedding initially – the fact that the woman has all the financial obligations is her fault – she shouldn't have invested so much money without him investing considerable capital.

  7. You don't get your money back because a relationship didn't work out. In that case the guy should sue for every dime he spent on her.

  8. @amkd215 whole wedding or just dress, that doesn't change anything. people in the west dont understand how privileged they are! they dont appreciate it. All the wealth of the world is stolen and given to them.

  9. In my observations, the more you spend on the wedding, the higher the chance is that you're going to get divorced. Almost every couple I have known that has spent 20K+ on their wedding were either having major problems or already divorced.

  10. He should pay for the entire cost of the wedding. He's the sole reason they broke up so he should bear the sole cost. She isn't the one who decided for them to break up, HE'S the one who decided to fuck a hooker knowing full well that would end the wedding plans if he were to get caught. Well guess what, he did get caught. It was his actions, he knowingly took the risk of getting caught, he is completely at fault and has to pay for the entire financial cost of the wedding HE chose to end.

  11. @fiercefunky Morally he's in the wrong, but let the law run it's course. Life, like the world of business, is not without risk. She took a risk by paying toward a lavish wedding and bachelor party for a jerk, and should have chosen her partner more wisely. Costs should be split, perhaps with him paying the lions share though. I look forward to seeing the outcome or how this case progresses though.

  12. shockingly, lots of couples spend a grip of money on their weddings, sometimes more than what they spend on their homes. its a disease.

  13. @mandolinroad You'd be surprised. Women go way fucking overboard during weddings, and I say this as a woman. It really annoys me that they spend that much. If I ever got married, I'd go to the courthouse to get married, go out for a nice lunch to celebrate with a few people, then go home and fuck. Much better than stressing out over stupid details, entertaining family members who I don't even like, and being too tired at the end of the day to fuck my husband.

  14. If you're not a swinger & you're going to force your man to have progressively boring sex with only you for the next 3-60 years, you should really give him that fling on his bachelor party.

  15. Everytime I hear ana talk about marriage I say ''just do not get married, you'll just end up divorcing anyway''

  16. lol Did Ana really think you were supposed to have sex with a stripper at a bachelor party?!?! She gets more and more attractive each vid.

  17. @BVargas78 Hmmm, I must say you make an excellent point. She was complicit in choosing him as a partner and putting her faith in him, especially in terms of a dollar amount. However, it could also be argued that he commited fraud. I'm certain he never put forth to her that he was the non-monogamous type, and in fact, probably made assertions to the contrary. Yes, she ''bought'' him as a product, but he lied, or at least greatly misrepresented the contents.

  18. This guy new what he was getting into so he boobytrapped the wedding. He never really wanted to go through with this thats for sure.

  19. This guy new what he was getting into so he boobytrapped the wedding. He never really wanted to go through with this thats for sure.

    the velvet sex shop dot com

  20. Who holds "bachelor parties" when they have a fiance, like your already single, not getting married or already have a girlfriend

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