Woman’s 29th Birthday Party Ends in Dry-Ice Tragedy; What Did A Husband Of Russian Bloogger Do!?

Investigators are finding out the circumstances of the death of three people in the spa complex in the south of Moscow. The night before, a group of friends celebrated the birthday of Instagram blogger Ekaterina Didenko. About 30 kilograms of dry ice were thrown into the pool – they were counting on spectacular white smoke. But everything turned into a tragedy. This is what happened. The video of participants at the party in Moscow’s spa causing the death of 3 people. In glasses and the special outfit is a guy who brought “dry ice” – Valentin, husband of a blogger Ekatarina Didenko. Dry ice … Dry ice! CO 2 carbon dioxide … Under ordinary conditions, transforming into a gas-gas state!! Valentine invited the guests to the pool – the big company gathered for a birthday for Catherine – and poured out into the water almost 30 kilograms of dry ice. Surprise for the wife – so that spectacular steam floats above the water. He swam, of course – an instant and very dangerous chemical reaction. “What is going on ?!” He died! That’s it, he is gone! But an unsuccessful joke turned into a terrible truth. “Vali is no longer with us … And also Natasha and Yura …” Valentin Didenko died in intensive care, two guests died on the spot, another four participants in the party in the hospital with burns and poisoning. According to the investigation, on February 28, 2020, in a spa complex in Moscow, a company of 18 people celebrated their birthday. As a result of using chemical elements to create visual effects, two visitors died at the scene. Several participants in the event were hospitalized, one of them, despite the medical assistance provided, died. In one of the photos posted, her husband Valentin Didenko with a cooler bag and a fire extinguisher. Either steam or smoke is falling from the bag. It turns out that Valentine has been experimenting with dry ice since at least last fall. Subscribers ask – What’s the point? The answer of his wife: with improvised means to get dry ice, to see his characteristics. And they say, “to be continued.” Which one, now not only Moscow knows. On a blog where Ekaterina Didenko tested medications, comments from subscribers from all over the country. Condolences, of course. And questions like: “You’re a graduate! Didn’t you know that you can’t throw dry ice into the pool?” Dry ice is a solid substance of carbon dioxide. Upon contact with water, vaporous gas is released. And if the space is small, compressed, without windows, a person suffocates – and death is quick. The temperature of this ice is -70 degrees – in contact with water we get a temperature burn comparable to touching a fire. The blogger’s little daughter asks where dad – the child does not yet know about the death of his father, Catherine asks subscribers for psychological help – how to tell the child about the tragedy. She asked me where is papa? I don’t know what to tell her. If you know some good psychological help please write me down. There are heated debates on the internet. Many subscribers recommend Didenko to close the blog. For example, who after what happened will believe such an Instagram pharmacist? Others, on the contrary, support her, and what happened they call a tragic accident. Investigators interrogate the bathhouse staff where everything happened. A criminal case has been opened under the article “Causing death by negligence for two or more persons”

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