Women at the Summit: Celebrating 50 Years of Coeducation at Trinity College

When co-education comes to an
institution like Trinity, I think there’s a value for society at large. I was watching the news as a senior in high school , applying to all women’s colleges
and thought, “this looks like a great idea.” So I applied and got in and came. I kind of liked the idea that we were gonna be the first class and we could be groundbreaking and you know forge some new steps for women. It was difficult and
fun and challenging and pioneering. It was the reason I came to Trinity. I’d applied simply as a favor to my pastor. But I told him, “Doug there’s no way I’m going to an all-male school.” I get an acceptance letter along with the notice
that they’re doing all these curriculum revisions, they’re doing the open
semester opportunity and they’re going co-ed. So I said, “Great. I’ll take a shot at it.” I think that women have brought
something very special to the College; and have enlarged the view and the
vision and the possibility of interaction in classes, in the culture of
the college itself. Those that are studying here are learning to be leaders
in our society. They’re going to go out to make this world a better place.

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