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WHITNEY DWYER: There is sometimes when I’m just like ‘F’ it, I wear bikinis and I
let it all out. WHITNEY DWYER: My name is Whitney and I’m creator, editor, founder of mypostbabybody.org. WHITNEY DWYER: Part of the reason why I started My Post Baby Body was because people used to constantly ask me if I was pregnant when I wasn’t. You keep that on, it’ll protect you. I’ve two children. My oldest is Brendan, he is six years old and my youngest is Grayson and he’ll be four next week. WHITNEY DWYER: This was when I was very swollen. This was after Brendan was born. This is baby Grayson and again, most of the pictures I
have of me after having kids, have a kid on me or in front of me. Oh you want to take
a picture? Let me grab my child and put him strategically in front of the places I want
to hide. WHITNEY DWYER: I, you know, I do what everybody does. So, I Googled, like post-baby body,
postpartum bodies and all I found were workout tips and dieting tips and wraps and all these things that women are expected to do to their bodies that no one would ever ask a man to do. When was the last time someone asked a man to wrap themselves in anything? WHITNEY DWYER: I didn’t really wear bikinis.
I didn’t really know what to wear at the beach. Once, I started doing My Post Baby
Body, I was like, I’m going to wear a bikini, like defiantly. And I remember getting to
the beach and I was like, okay now is the time Whitney, it’s hot. What are you going
to do? You’re going to chicken out or you’re going to go for it? And so, I took my cover
off and no one cared. WHITNEY DWYER: Toilet seats, always up. WHITNEY DWYER: I have seven moms coming and they’re going to take some nice shots in
their undergarments. We really want to make sure, we show the ‘my post baby bodies’. WHITNEY DWYER: I love my mama’s. That’s
my favourite thing about this project; just meeting different moms. WHITNEY DWYER: Okay the door is open.
LADY: Okay. WHITNEY DWYER: I’m so happy you’re here.
LADY: You look so beautiful. WHITNEY DWYER: Thank you, so do you. PAMELA ALLEN: My kids are 29, 20, 17 and 13.
And this is my journey, I’ll be 52, take that back, 53; I’ve had four caesareans.
So, I never showed my body off like this before. SAMARA JONES: Having the baby belly and things like that and honestly it took me a very,very
long time to become comfortable with my, I call it my fluffy, to become comfortable with
my fluffy, but I’m like, it’s just a part of me. I’m ready.
PAMELA ALLEN: Let’s do this. LILY ANDREWS: I found Whitney on Instagram and I messaged her and I asked her what about
post-abortion bodies or post-miscarriage bodies because I had an abortion and my body has
changed a lot. My skin is different, my hair is different, my cycle is different and she
wrote me back and said that I’d be welcome to participate that like no one had reached
out this far because there is so much shame and silence around it. LADY: Kind of tilt your head as you’re doing it. LILY ANDREWS: It’s already been like a huge confidence builder. I hope that other women
will read my story and they will feel like they’re not alone. WHITNEY DWYER: Shannon is at 1:00, Lily is
at 1:30, Anya will be at 2:00. Studies show that just being around other women raises
your serotonin levels, like women like being around other women and it, and it makes them
happy. And in the photo shoots, women are talking about their babies, talking about
their experiences. PAMELA ALLEN: No…! We’re seductive but not sexy. WHITNEY DWYER: Most women do the project to
re-claim their bodies and really just own it like this is who I am, this is my body,
this is the state it’s in. WHITNEY DWYER: I think we would love to say that we’re not affected by the media and
that it doesn’t impact us, but, it does! It does. Our appearance is not affirmed in
the media. Why am I not on a billboard? I’ve yet to see a stomach like mine in a magazine. WHITNEY DWYER: I’ve been everywhere between
a size zero and in some places I’m a size 12, although I think really I’m a size 10;
each and every trip in. My mind is in a state of being happy and satisfied with my body
and doing what I want to with it because you really only get to live once and who wants
to live their life not in a bikini – if they want to be in a bikini.

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  1. Lily Andrews is the only one even remotely pretty……….   nonetheless, they should've held the photoshoot at the local Macca's

  2. I know this is like a small business, but if she coordinated the looks of these women (lingerie, jewelry, shoes) it would take these photos from an 8/10 to 11

  3. “I looked up post partum baby bodies and found a bunch of workouts and no one would ask a man to do them” …… UHM yea hun. They don’t get pregnant

  4. Sport fixes everything. From emotional stress relief, to correcting the body you "hate". So acceptance can be replaced with physical exercise where health permits. For other things, I just call it laziness and a messy lifestyle.

  5. It s good to accept ur body but working out and diet is a must so …. i get the message u dont have to look like a model but wearing a bikini is not a solution , it's not a solution to show ur belly or what ever being naked has nothing to do with accepting ur self .

  6. I've been pregnant 3 times. My last one I was 33 and went to full term. I used coca butter and after I had him I did a lot of sit ups and palates. I always was lucky to get rid of my stomach but now I'm in my 60's and I have put on weight. My weight went everywhere. My point is you can lose the stomach. It just takes work. Good luck ladies in whatever you do.

  7. "its taken me a long time to become comfortable with my body" – yeah prolly twice the time it would have taken for you to DO SOME EXERCISE AND GET FIT.

  8. Ya now ladies…being pregnant isn’t easy. As a man, I’ll never now what y’all go thru. But I can say, my oldest sister, she was evil. Eating everything. Moody. Scary cravings that I will never understand. But always remember, you need just be you. Who gives a flying F*^% what others may think or say. You ain’t impressing them. Your their to impress yourself and your man. I understand that weight gain can really cripple self-confidence. But again, it’s not the other people you care about. It’s YOU that YOU care about. And your little ones and yo man! He ain’t gunna care either. So ladies…keep on keeping on and just put on that bikini and go to the beach. Cause f%^* it. Just f%^* it. Beach days are the best days!

  9. At least you guys can say a baby is the reason your body changed
    Because people like me never had a baby but hormones just changed
    And to be honest it looks like I could have had one or two kids my diet has always been the same since a child but now I diet to change the way I look and feel

  10. The first time I got asked if I was pregnant when I wasn't I was 14. I gained a bunch of weight when I hit puberty a year before and with the birth defect I have it was easy to assume for some. I was born with four nipples. The extra 2 look like dimples, but super pronounced. Growing up I hated them and every person who asked me when was I due or how far along I was. I got asked every single day if I was pregnant at my last job up until I actually got pregnant. I would shut them up by saying no I'm just a little fat or no I got a little chub on me. I always laughed it off, but cried after. As a kid that traumatizes you. I'm only 22 now and I hope that in January after I have my baby I can have the confidence to post a picture in a bikini or my underwear. Due to my extras as I call them I haven't worn a bikini since I was 8. That is the time I started to develop breasts and my extras started to sort of get bigger. Kudos to these women with the courage to do something as amazing as this. It must feel freeing and nerve racking all at once. I have never actually been "in shape" and growing up I wanted to, but now I just want to embrace my body and how it looks and will look post-baby.

  11. why didn't they celebrate before being pregnant bodies in lingerie shoots ? now they show us their milking bodies , shame on them ! pregnancy and post baby bodies turn off

  12. I tell my daughter never have children. Make sure you have the right man or surgery money. Your body might not pop back to what you was.

  13. I’d love it if people asked me if I was pregnant.
    Just so I could say no and see the horror on their faces.
    I’m just fat.

  14. i went through that same thing the girl in the see throu purple bra…your body isnt the same after you make that choice

  15. واو انا احبك ممكن اتعرف عل ايمو زبى واقف imo

  16. This is just about accepting your body period…your body internally heaps 9 months to a year post pregnancy. After that it's just lifestyle.

  17. WHY DO PEOPLE STILL THINK ITS ACCEPTABLE TO ASK A WOMAN IF SHE'S PREGNANT???It's none of your business either way.

    I love this. We don't have perfect bodies and were expected to spend so much time on beauty standards. I wish I didn't have to shave 2 or 3 times a week, I wish we didn't have to be ashamed of a little stomach purge, were not superhuman, OWN and SLAY the real-woman bod!! ❤

  18. I don't get this video I think these women jelly rolls look hecka good no no I take that back they look bomb

  19. I get asked all the time if I'm pregnant I had 4 fibrosis taking out my stomach I was cut from my belly button down to my hot pocket I am definitely not ashamed

  20. 5:13 “H&M be trippin.” RIGHT?! I’m a pear-shaped body (small up top, wider on bottom), and for some dumb reason, it completely confuses H&M clothes.

  21. It’s great to accept your body after giving birth, but it’s not bad to want to be healthy and workout. You do you.. 👍👍

  22. Honestly arching this whole series Shake My Beauty is empowering and beautiful to see such strong women but to me the saddest thing is that not one episode is about a man feeling ugly and depressed about their looks then finding their inner strength and to find their confidence. It shows that our media focuses on women looking a certain way that society deems beautiful. Why is it such a one sided thing?

  23. Your moms stomache is the reason you were born. So don't hate or shame them, the have feelings, and this is whom they are.

  24. This is very empowering. I always felt like the post baby body was something society implied you shoukd hide. As if it's done its job and isn't sexy anymore. I recently lost over 50 lbs and finally feel better about my body, but it shouldn't have taken that. That weight I gained was part of the process of growing another human being. Women should be given credit for undergoing such a life altering experience, instead of shamed. It's been 18 years since my son was born and I habe yet to buy a new bathing suit. These women make me feel like I shoukd do that and embrace the body that gave life.

  25. This is such a good thing! I know there is a lot aimed at plus sized Women, and I’m never sure how to feel bout it because I think it could promote and unhealthy lifestyle, but when you’ve had kids, loose skin and stretch is often part and parcel of having kids, and no amount of diet, exercise or healthy lifestyle is going to change that, only surgery can get rid of loose skin and not everybody has the money for that!!!

    So I am all for this! (P.S, I was mistaken for still bing pregnant too after having my Son, but it turned out I actually had a lot of swelling, inflammation and possibly an infection at the site of surgery because I’d had a Caesarean)

  26. I snapped back pretty quick after my first a little over 5 year ago. I'm 7 months with my second, still trying to be as active as I can and looking after myself. I won't let it take my body away from me, I'm not setting for 'mom bod'. It's not me.

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