Women in STEM celebrate International Women’s Day

My name is Kacey Suvada. I’m from Park
Ridge Illinois. I’m originally from Russia. I’m
originally from Hong Kong. I’m originally from Vietnam. … Rochester, Minnesota … Central and East Asia. Sandusky, Ohio … the Czech Republic. … from Switzerland … Barcelona Spain. My
experience with women in STEM will turn me to promote that girls pursue a
scientific career in my home country. It’s a great inspiration and a big opportunity
for me because I would like to start something similar in the Czech Republic.
… Because I think that we need to eliminate the systemic barriers for women in the
sciences. … had the initiative has helped me become a better-informed individual
about gender equality and diversity. It’s really great to have a lot of female
support in my professional life. The initiative helped me to realize the importance of gender
equity in our culture. … Helped me further development networking skills as well as
teach me how to empower other women. … Helped me establish international connections of
women in science. … that we give everybody, regardless of race, gender, sexual
orientation, an equal chance at having a career in a STEM field. … help me start a mentorship program to encourage young girls to go for their dreams and to
be a scientist. My goal in starting this initiative is to build a community that
will help make Chicago a national leader in training tomorrow’s women leaders in STEM.

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