Women in Tech Romania| Celebrating International Women’s Day at ASSIST Software | 8th March

My name is Andreea Juduc and I am a Graphic Designer. I’m Irina Petrariu and I’m Head of Python Technology. My name is Alupoaei Andreea and I work in the front-end department at ASSIST Software. My name is Beatrice Gaube and I am a Mobile Software Developer at ASSIST. My name is Tatiana and I’m a QA engineer. Since I was little I liked Mathematical Sciences. I participated in some competitions and became more interested in this field. So, I decided to continue. I was lucky to have a computer when I was a kid and I really enjoyed discovering and learning new thing. Being an artist, Graphic Design came as a natural choice. Creativity does not take into account either pixels or colors, and art includes both. I chose to work in this area because I always have been fascinated by those hackers I was seeing in movies and how they managed to solve things. The IT industry gives you the opportunity to create, to be passionate about your work, to communicate. The hardest challenge was to debunk the idea, the stereotype that IT is just for men. I had to work on several languages at once, but it turned out to be a good thing for my career. The biggest challenge was the technological evolution and always keeping up with technology, especially because I’ve been working on a project for a few years. The biggest challenge is to work under pressure. Having tasks that you need to accomplish in a short period of time without having the necessary information. When I experienced complicated situations, I always tried to be strong. And when I needed help, I asked for it. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Programming is one of the most creative industries. It is an inclusive industry. I recommend it to those who are passionate about mathematical sciences, math, computer science… and also, don’t forget, the first programmer in the world was a woman. My advice would be to never give up on what you want, because often what seems impossible at first can eventually be done. They should find an area, a technology they like to work with … because it’s a completely different situation when you work passionately and not just because you have to. And they should work hard, and be persistent. Never lose your femininity, creativity and courage because a strong woman can be strong anywhere. Either in lab, or office, with a baby in her arms or in the kitchen. There is much to say … being a woman in this industry requires a lot of courage… to be you, to express yourself … Express yourself!

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