Woodrow Wilson Distinguishes Between His Democrats and the Progressive Party of 1912

Now, we don’t want to disturb the industry of the country, we are not here to destroy the
industry which these men have developed, but we are here to destroy the control
over the industry of other people, which these men have established and which makes it impossible that we should give ourselves a free hand in the service of the people. There are two programs. The Democratic program is this: to see to it that competition is so regulated that the big fellow cannot put the little fellow out of business, for he has been putting the little fellow out of business for the last half generation. The program of the third party is to take these big fellows that have been putting the little fellow out of business and regulate them, saying, “that is all right–you have put the other fellows out of business, but we are not going to put the little fellows back where you destroyed them. We’re going to adopt you and say run the business of the country, but run it in the way we tell you to run it.”

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