World Teachers’ Day 2019 – Celebrating teachers like David Ashby

What did I choose to become a teacher? Originally I started a trade and I was in the construction industry for years. I
was looking for something that really gave me a sense of purpose in going to
work each day. I wanted a position that would allow me to give back to my
community and allow me to see growth both in the students and in myself
really in my room in practice. My current role is a year four/five teacher in a
primary school context. I facilitate a STEM role within the school focusing on
design problems where students have to come up with a creative solution to a
design problem. I notice the kids especially in my context really respond
to the STEM side of things. Just being engaging and being able to apply their
learning to something practical. Being a leader in growth for the kids, really
focuses you to focus on your own growth and development. Being in teaching for 18 months now and seeing how I’ve grown in that time and coming across challenges
and wanting to improve in little facets. Seeing it as a positive kind of keeps me
interested and engaged in what I’m doing. Each and every day you become such
a big part of the community that you really see a difference in mostly the
students’ lives but within the community as well. I get to see the
rewards of kids in improving academically, kids are growing socially
and emotionally. And just seeing them light up each and every day. One of
the great things that I’ve loved about this school is the focus on
social-emotional learning. It’s been incredible to see students come in where
they’re so reluctant to even come into the room. Terrified to engage with you
around anything academic and to be able to transform that in a way where they
create a community within the classroom itself. And see that extend outside the
room is fantastic.

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