World Teachers’ Day celebrated by the President of the UN General Assembly

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  1. hello : Since there is life , there is hopes , as a french proverb , so hand in hand in all the world , we can save the human being , from neither climat changements , but from all crisis , by having confiance in God , his dons , and human sciences . So , no one can be left behind , to act , in order to build a new civilisation off , co-existence , peace and tolerance .

  2. The best teacher ever in the history of mankind is "prophet Muhammad"…!!!!
    Happy teachers day to the world!

  3. I don't like how this guy talks.

    His pronunciation unclear and with low volume. I have trouble when hearing him in some UNGA videos

  4. Happy Teacher's day to all teachers in the whole world out there !
    We the teachers are doing unique and amazing dedications for our students.

  5. Education needs to be personalized for the individual & shame on teachers, who don't deliver those educations <<< ACADEMICS

  6. The UN does not care about people. Their only goal is to push Agenda21 and create a one-world government built on fear. Do not trust the incompetent deceptive UN.

  7. The UN is truly the most evil org in the world. Whilst in evil Orisha nation of Ghana told about some kind of UN Game. I understand persons on my side are near death on account of this Game which I refuse to play and Game does not exist.

  8. Myanmar government killing Rohingya people. Myanmar government burning Rohingya houses. Myanmar government rape Rohingya women. Myanmar government genocide Rohingya people. I am a Rohingya. We went justice. We went back our citizens. We went back our rights. We went back our land. We went back our freedom. Please help Rohingya people. Please tell about Rohingya

  9. All Croats, Slovenes, Albanians, Gypsies, Montenegrins, Macedonians, Slovaks and Romanians will be killed and Croatia, Slovenia, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovakia and Romania will be part of Germany, Italy and Austria.

  10. Circumcision female out of the studio important now no one exist wow new Ellie and the edge
    Stephanie with Blake.

    I hate YOU you are cruel more cruel that is compressive historical never seen

  11. INDIA Deserves a Permanent seat in UNSC .

    1. India is democracy which represents more than 1.3 billion people .

    2. India have prove itself as a majoy contributer in asian region .

    3. UNSC Reforms are very important , the world has changed since 1945 .

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