World Wildlife Fund: Celebrate wildlife like polar bears this season

is the polar bear’s home– a land of sea ice and snow,
where bears like this family are wonderfully
adapted to dwell. That climate change
is altering the ice where they feed and breed. Their home is in trouble. Changes in the sea
ice force bears onto land for longer times
now, where they come in contact with local
communities, which can be dangers for both
bears and people. But you can help. Your donation can support
community patrol teams that work to prevent conflict
between bears and people because, during the holidays–
even for polar bears– there really is no
place like home.

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  1. PETICIÓN Ser Consu luis

  2. save the earth it's wild life , save their home . Every one have the right to live but why not them ,the animals and plants are so innocent ,cute , beautiful so why they are still hunted?!!!!? I ask this question each and every people of world.

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  8. LOL since 1960 the population of ice bears has grown from 5.000 to 25.000!!! here a german link:

  9. اللهم نجنا من الفتن ما ظهر منها وما بطن برحمتك يا أرحم الراحمين.

  10. जागो वोटर जागो मिल कर मागो वोटरपैनसन लारे लँपे चमचा गिरी तिआगो
    नैशनल वोटर पार्टी ईडीआ आप जी का स्वागत करती है हर वोटर को मिले वोटरपैनसन खतम हो जाऐगी सारी टैनसन देस के वोटर जिंदाबाद जिंदाबाद

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