Hello guys! It’s Azzy, and today we’re gonna be looking at the worst marriage proposals ever. This guy faked his own death and made his fiancee think that he was dead To get her to ask him to marry him I guess You could Say He’s Head over Heels for her but Seriously This is messed up She was probably Crying not because she was happy because she was scared that the love of her life Was Dead this is Horrible you Just traumatized the Poor girl OMG Justin proposed maybe not the way i wanted him to, he did it over text Did she Just Say text yeah i read that right but. Who cares we’re getting Married You Just Accepted a marriage proposal Over text Who raised you that is not how it should be done whoa but Just wait guys It gets Got Juicier Justin This is her her fiance Goes Caroline What are you talking about dot dot Dot Dot dot What are you talking about silly you sent me a text this Morning Saying you want To spend the rest of Your life with me marry me baby i know we’re young but we can do it Dot I thought That Wasn’t me oh shit Shits about to throw down i lost my Phone Justin Loves dots dots Justin Loves dots more Than he loves caroline Justin Will Marry dots Caroline Goes f you This is intense This is Awkward first of all Caroline don’t accept marriage proposals Over text nope none of you guys NO Second of all Justin Probably Just Sent the message and then uhh Got Terrified and Said hey It got stolen and Now he’s about your Phone because Why would somebody Steal Your Phone and then Start Messaging Your girlfriend and Ask her to marry Him it makes no sense Merry me? Now if he puts as Much effort into the marriage as he does into his spelling and i give it like one month cuz That’s not how you spell Marry so its a Pokemon so this has to be Good right nope will you Marry me if the answer is yes Game Is over Game Over Bitchhhhh Your life is over and you win a Husband Dot… Forever dot I’M Scared Zoubek Will You Marry me He might if he could Read the sign you have it upside down somebody Should Tell Her how are they Just letting her do dis? so this Is a Really Funny Story Guys This dude Decided That he was gonna put His fiance’s wedding Ring in a Frosty like That ice-cream Thing i think They have no Wendy’s and? She accidentally ate it and had to go to the emergency Room not her fault Frosty’s are Delicious I’m Not Surprised she was golfing It Out Fast didn’t realize That There Was a Ring in there he could Killed her but at Least It Got to propose with the same Ring once It came out Bad Joke I’m Sorry Steph Will you Marry me let’s let’s think about This for a Second Let’s Fast-Forward to their son being like dad how do You propose some mom dad Say Well we were in Walmart Let me stop you right there that Should be no One’s like starting line – How they proposed we were in Walmart? Don’t let This Story Be you there are better Ways to spell it out Than in pepsi oh, no this Story’s Bad this dude spent $12,000 on a Ring and Then on top of That $12,000 he paid someone to put the ring in a Helium Balloon He went outside and Actually Let It go and It floated away and The Balloon is still out there searching for love It, it is gone What did you think Was gonna Happen This Just Seems Like Such a Bad Idea Even If you’re Inside you pop the Balloon you know small rings aren’t gonna end Up anywhere you might never find It Go down i don’t Know down a Drain Get lost in in a Couch Forever Things Like get lost and couches all The time so there’s one two three four five six People Holding Up signs and not a single One of Them noticed That They were doing this wrong if you’re gonna Get People to hold Up signs for you maybe maybe They Should have at least Like One Brain Cells That’s all I’m asking for Just One Brain cell That’s all They Need remember What i said about proposing someone at Walmart do i need to say It again do i need to caroline Summers Will You Marry me Tattooed on his back you only Need to ask her once dude it Doesn’t need to be Engraved in your in your Skin for the rest of Your life and What if She Says no then you need to find another girl with The Exact Same first and last name to marry Cross It doesn’t make any sense Will You Marry Me Written on a car Window What is this Prom this is okay for Prom if you want To ask the girl for prom you want. To do this it’s Kind of cute but a wedding proposal Have some Creativity What? What will you Marry me on a pill bottle Sorry Pam you’re gonna need a Extra dose of Vitamin D Sorry did i take it too far Mild Sauce Will You Marry me i don’t know how i’d Feel about Somebody Proposing to me with fast Food like Does he work at taco bell does she Work or talk about is this like a Huge inside Joke is This all They eat Like I’m trying to think of a scenario Where this is okay see it’s a Bad Idea This is proof another person painted on the car she Was like no What did you Expect you painted on a car it’s not Very Creative it’s not Even a combo where are the fries and coke the worst part Guys she said yes in a Burger it’s Funny but it’s also Weird but also delicious I don’t know i’m having Mixed Feelings Not cuz i Kind of want That Burger can i take the burger Without the ring is That Is that possible like can i Say no did his marriage proposal but Good Good that Get that delicious looking Burger DELICOUS Will You Marry me written in What Looks like cut up Pepperoni but This One’s like not even Noticeable I would Just Like pretend i didn’t see it and Just eat It real quick so that They could think of something more creative Am i Am i asking for too much Am i asking for too much i don’t want To be proposed to on a pizza or in a Burger person Doesn’t Need to spend a lot of Money It Just needs to be Romantic and not on a pizza okay so Somebody Paid for a plane to get The marriage Proposal Written The Sky but the problem with this is it’s Very Hard to read i don’t think i would notice Slash if Somebody so much as farts in the air That’s gonna all Blow Away for sure will you Marry me allison yes and Then They smash the car into the garage out of Excitement That or they i don’t i don’t know What Why the garage is all messed up what is this Lindsay Will You Marry me oh and this is probably Lindsay cause She’s at the front and can’t see i actually don’t think This One’s? That Bad i think this One’s Pretty Funny and she Would be Really Shocked When she saw It i think it’s i think? This One’s This One’s definitely not as Bad as some of The other one i’m not gonna lie her face look at her face i Was gonna Say This Was a Strong note But then i saw the lightsaber and i was like Hell yes can’t Say no To that Guy’s? This person is asking The person to marry them by peeing in the snow can We take a moment about how Not okay this is you’re expressing youR love with Piss You are expressing your love With your pee i hope she didn’t Say yes Now this is the perfect Plan the Sign Says no Dumping Allowed she can’t say no, oh boy She’s Kind of giving Him the finger Lady You Got our listen to the sons okay? proposing to somebody in a Really Scary Parking Garage Where It Looks like you might Get Murdered Any Second Maybe He’s threatening her maybe He’s like iF you don’t Say yes? You Will die in this parking Lot and Nobody Will ever know uh So he’s proposing. To her and What looks like Public Transportation she Doesn’t even look like she care if She’s Just Laying down there She’s like? Yeah Hey I’m trying to Sleep Will you Marry me That’s not romantic? You want it to be really romantic you would Have Written another toilet Seats Now That’s romance? Shaniqua will you Marry me now the real question is iF she Says yes What Kind of Sides are you gonna give her gravy? Corn potato potato with Butter potato with cheese potato with nothing Girls Need to know they need answers again with The Very Minimal Amount of efforts It’s like some of The People are like What’S the least amount of effort i could Put into this marriage proposal Into this person who i want to spend the rest of my life With What’s the Simplest Way for me to ask them to marry them You Know i’m Feeling Kind of Hungry I’m Just gonna order a piece of for Myself she doesn’t even Get the pizza but i’m gonna Use the box to ask her and then the pizza is mine you know the problem with This One is Will she be able to Read The Sign While She’s driving 60 miles per hour on this Fest Road I don’t know you didn’t think This one Out dude now i got a question for you Guys you guys Have any Like? Really Cool ideas of Like How you would propose or i guess most of most of You Guys are probably Too Young to be thinking about that but or if you Guys Have seen some Really cool Things That’d Be awesome? Let me know in the comments i love you Guys all so much don’t forget to hit the notification Fail Because It Doesn’t Actually make a Sound but i’d like for ten it Goes ding ding ding ding i love you all so much Bye Bye

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  1. Well I would want my boyfriend to take me to a fancy or romantic dinner and after take me to the beach because this would happen in Clearwater Florida then next to the ocean he would say close your eyes and then get down on one knee and then say open your house eyes and I would see it and I would cry and he would say will you marry me and before you his he would have said I’ve been in love with you since fifth grade and I love you then all that stuff happens 🤯

  2. me and my friends are huge elder scrolls fans and my friends brother proposed so like wooooooow he did the famous fus ro ta line and out of nowhere it said will thy marry me and she was a elder scrolls fan to my friend choked on his coke and i had to do cpr why do i allways have to do it. sorry for my whriting being bad it is late and i be young

  3. Taco sauce: will you marry me?

    Me: OMG yes taco sauce i never knew you felt that way!!!! i will marry you

    Taco sauce: sauce leaks from packet like a tear

  4. My sisters was proposed to on the beach and the five people who were asked to watch me while he proposed left me in the ocean, alone… I have tholassophobia (sorry I can't spell)

  5. Well my aunt was proposed to on a really high rock and her boyfriends friend was tied off in a tree and photographing and another one of them was in full camo and hiding in the woods taking pics and it was sooooo cute OMG

  6. If i proprose it will be on christmas and a HUGE box will have a note on the bottom saying look up and then i would proprose

  7. My dad didn't purpose to my mom he just told her dad they were getting married and the got the ring the next day

  8. Do you know how My teacher proposed To his wife?! 😂 well…

    He was downstairs And His wife was upstairs And he was like "should we get Married" And she said "eh,why not" 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. When i get married i would what it to be at a picnic and at night because the night is romantic us girls do what answers like i would what a box of chocolates

  10. I would ask them to be my Hermione Granger. Or perhaps first say "Did you cast Wingardium Leviosa on my heart because my heart flutters when I'm with you. Will you marry me?"

  11. I would say yes to the burger one no dip cuz I get a free Burger and I get to marry the love of my life

  12. My dad purposed to my mom and I helped him….like to hear how we did it…..BTW I need 136 like's..so I can tell you…..(:

  13. the best idea for popssing is……BENNDING DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AND SAY WILL U MARRY ME THERE DONE.. sorry if my spelling is bad

  14. I ha e a funny story, so me mom’s friend wanted to proprsed to his girlfriend on a hot air ballon but he was too scared to drop the ring… but the he saw that behind them there was another couple, the boyfriend pointed to the ground and there was a huge sing made of flowers that said will you marry me, his girlfriend tough it was very romantic so he was scared that she would be mad that he didn’t do something similar so when they got off they went to a fast food restaurant and he proposed there. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. so i'm 9 and when i grow up i know exactly how i would propose,
    so in my dream universe, it would be the fourth of july, it would be dark out, i would have had a bunch of friends over, inluding the one i would be proposing to, after everybody else left, i would tell the one i'm proposing to to stay behind, then i would start this lightshow with a bunch of lights then the final part would include the lights hanging across the house would say would you marry me, fireworks would go off behind the house, and i would be behind the one i'm proposing to, down on one knee, with the ring in my hand

  16. I would say this

    So here is a riddle
    There is a dinner party and Will, Me, You and Marry are invited
    But they do not know in which order they need to sit, can you help?
    Answer : Will You Marry Me

  17. I was once in Disney and I got to see someone purpose there it was so amazing to see the girls reaction when the guy purposed

  18. When I proposed. I had just gotten out of the Army. I had one chocolate red rose with a ring on it in the middle of eleven full blume red rose's. When she found it she pulled it out and saw the ring on the stem of the chocolate rose.

    My one and only proposal never again.

  19. I’m actually a nurse, so I think the prescription bottle one is pretty cute. I wouldn’t mind that. 🙂

  20. if I was a man and had to propose to a woman I would make a treasure hunt with flowers, chocolates and sweets on the way and then in a treasure box at the end it would be me proposing to her

  21. so, my gf loves harry potter, so I made the sorcerer's stone out of clay, wood, and other tools, and I made it so you can open it, so I put the ring in side and gave it to her on her birthday and said '' open it!'' and when she did she started to cry and mumbled''YES!!!'' and now we are engaged!<3

  22. The best way to propose to a Pokémon lover (like me) is too
    Propose with a Pokémon ball and in the inside it should have a ring and something that says ”I choose you <3”

  23. My dad asked my mom in there living room with the t.v on and him sitting down on a chair at 8:00…true story!!!!oh and by the way azzy I if you see this I love you never stop doing what you are doing and have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I have someone I really care for I’m not old enough to get married duhh but if I married that hooman I would make an amazing art sculpture because we both love art and I would fill the sculpture with all our inside jokes and in the middle I would take a bracelet I made him when we were younger and tie it round a ring and write will you marry me

  25. My dad proposed to my mum in New York on top of the Empire State building! I hope one day someone will propose to me in a way that is that magical.

  26. My friend told me that her dad put a bunch of papers in his office that said will you marry me and then he had a scavenger hunt to find the ring for her ha……….ha………..❤️

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