Would Japanese marry a foreigner? Japanese boys and girls give their honest opinions

What’s good about it?
– I wonder what… We have been raised by the same culture. We have that in common. We can do our favorite things. It’s easier to talk to her. We don’t get any chance to meet them. So I can’t imagine being with a foreigner. Hey guys it’s Cathy Cat. And right now we are on the streets of Tokyo We’re gonna go and ask Japanese people if they would marry a foreigner. Or if they prefer to marry a Japanese person. Let’s go and find out. If you are new to our channel, don’t forget to subscribe and let’s go and Ask Japanese. Would you marry a foreigner? Or would you rather not. We admire that. We were just talking about it now. Director: We just asked you this at the right time. Yes we were just talking about it. You said you were just talking about it. What were you saying
? One of our friends’ boyfriends is a foreigner. We envy that. I admire that a lot. Where is the boyfriend from? Where is he from? I have no clue. But we know he is a foreigner, I think that’s great. What’s so great about it? What? He has something that Japanese people don’t have. What do Japanese men not have? I wonder what… I can’t give you exact details. I think foreign men might approach you with lots of effort. That’s my image. I admire that about foreigners. Their love expressions?
– They seem to be more open. I like that. Once married do you want to live in their country or in Japan? In that case, Japan is best. This is where we feel safest. If your partner is foreign, sooner or later you might go abroad to meet his family. I’ll try my best then. You said they have something Japanese don’t. What would that be? What? You can just tell me the image you have. They are not as girly as Japanese boys. They are more direct. You mean more manly? Maybe not manly but… Why do you prefer a Japanese person? We have been raised by the same culture. Because of that we will have things we like in common. That makes it easier to talk. Why do you prefer a Japanese girl? Well, foreigners have a different culture. some things we might not agree upon. I think it would make for an easier life. What would make it easier? The food and such. You’re the one who wants to marry a foreigner. Why?
– Why? Since I am half Japanese, I get a long well with Koreans. And other people from other countries, they are really global aren’t they. In Japan there are many visitors, and exchange students and such. In those circles you find out about different cultures. Some things are difficult with other cultures, but you can find out about new things. And by understanding each other, things get double the fun. By trying new things, we double the experiences. There isn’t anyone who I am thinking of in particular. But I would like to. Would you like to live in his or your country? That would depend on my partner. I am a good girl like that. Nice one. You say you prefer marrying a Japanese person. Why? My boyfriend is Japanese so I hope we will… You can boast about your boyfriend now.
– There is nothing to boast about. Why do you prefer a Japanese person? I am 100% Japanese so, I want to be with a Japanese person. We match. I’d like to give birth do a half Japanese kid because they are cute. But I don’t speak any English myself. That seems tough. I have also more chances if meeting Japanese people. That’s why I think a Japanese person is good. The cultural difference makes you worried? I like Japanese food ok. What if I have to eat bread every day in order to please my partner? Well that’s my imagination. I wouldn’t want that. Why yes? Half Japanese kids are very cute and they are free from one’s cultural bounds. They must be very friendly. Not bound to the ties of culture? How cool. Do you have an ideal country where you would like your partner to be from? Norway, Sweden or so. Why from there?
– They have hot springs. Apparently it’s a very beautiful place. Once married, do you wanna live there?
– I do. Of there is a hot spring, its ok.
– Exactly. Why do you prefer a foreigner? Foreign men have manners, and seem very polite. Sometimes when you have foreign waiters, they are much more polite. They do things more in detail than Japanese people would. Once you are married, would you live in Japan or abroad? Japan would be best. Why so? The place I am used to is probably best for me. Everyone says Japanese people are so polite. Why are you saying the opposite? It’s the opposite, Japanese people are no good. Why so? Any experience you’d like to share? Many waiters in restaurant are super bad. Why so? The way they give you the money and all. They just whack it down? Foreigners hand it to you very kindly. Don’t you think so.
– Yeah. You said no, so tell me why you prefer to marry a Japanese person?T There is not special reason. I just don’t have a chance to meet any foreigners. That’s why I said no. You have no foreigners in your acquaintances?
– Not at all. So you don’t really know how it would be.
– Yes. Why would you prefer a foreigner? My horizon might broaden a lot through it. And foreigners seem to love someone very much. In Japan there are more boys who are quite conservative. And I have the idea that boys abroad are a bit more active. Because foreigners are kind. What’s kind about them? Well, I am working at a convenience store. The foreign customers will actually be kind and thank me. They are very kind when they interact with me. That’s why I like them. Does that mean you sometimes get rude Japanese customers. There are a lot… People who just toss their cards on the counter. Makes me feel bad. Those were all questions. Thanks for the interview. Would Japanese people marry a foreigner? The majority said yes with 7 votes. So not that many. And then we had couple of people who said no. The majority of people who said no, said we can’t speak their language, the culture is different, the food is different… simple things that can be fixed when people talk with each other. The ones who said yes, said yes I’d like to marry someone from abroad… the kids will be cute and the majority of girls said yes because They like that abroad many men are gentlemen, they open the doors they take more care of a lady while in Japan that is a cultural thing that is pretty much non-existent. The man is over the woman, the woman has to serve the man sometimes still very domestic old-school rules there, that some people like to keep on… so some women said I’d like to have a man who is not like that. Interesting to see. So how is that for you? Would you like to marry a foreigner or would you like to stay with someone from your country. Let us know, leave us a comment down below. So we can find out. Don’t forget click and HIT the subscribe button… click it or hit it, however you want to do it. Subscribe to our channel for more videos, and if you have already been with us, don’t forget to click on the notification symbol so you get notified about future videos from our channel. I hope you enjoyed this, and I catch you soon for another report from Ask Japanese.

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  1. Asian culture is strongly influenced by Europeans and Americans , so most of the time u will hear yes only from asian girls, ask the men as well they will also say yes….

  2. Foreigners more polite???
    What place exactly cause uhm I live in America and that's not the case at all

  3. I'd prefer a Japanese woman. Indian women are getting hard to deal with day by day. The expect us men to accomplish a revolutionary financial success to be able to marry them. Majority of them want their grooms to earn ₹100,000/month and have an apartment or semi-independent villa of his own before marriage. In short total financial stability at the age of 27. My head spins…damn

  4. Omg Japanese women are adorable if I marry a Japanese woman atleast I could eat healthy sushi instead of this greasy burger

  5. I am from Mexico and I do have manners, my family raised me that way and its also in our culture at least say good morning, good afternoon and basically say hello when we meet someone in our daily basis. Oh and yes i would marry a foreign woman and live in their country or mine!

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  7. 日本の女は比較的外国人は好きだと思います。日本人のハーフの殆どが母親が日本人です。

  8. I really dont understand how someone can live with deformed teeths like its a trend in jp… it gives me creeps every time oof 😂

  9. Those Japanese interviewers who voted to want to marry a foreigners are they don't know about actual foreign countries are like. このチャンネルの動画ほとんどは外国人=白人の方のイメージが強すぎて、聞いてて日本人の典型的な偏見動画に見えてしまいます…。 外国人は優しいという考え方も大切ですが、もっと日本人の良さ、日本の良さを知って誇りを持ったうえで、外国人と接してほしいと思います。あくまでも個人的な意見ですが。あと外人は差別用語ということも理解してほしいです。

  10. Haha having to eat bread everyday 😀
    But it's true, I eat bread every single day. Bread is good though..

  11. She doesn’t want to eat bread everyday? Bruh I take 9 sandwiches with me to school. (Bruh don’t ask why, I’m a giant and i have a very fast metabolism)

  12. The girl at 5:26 doesn't want to marry you if you're not Japanese but she has no problem having your baby. Sounds good to me.

  13. Honestly, a lot of Japanese are pretty racist. By way of background, I'm american. Swiss dad, American mom. I'm a lawyer. My wife is a math PhD from hanoi, vietnam. Our life is full of cultural richness, the mix can be hard but it's fun. I sort of pity the Japanese for being so closed. Japan is interesting, but it's not more special than anywhere else. Sorry to break the hard news.

  14. Watched half the show with no subtitles and I only speak Japanese a little so I turn on Subs and I see lady was talking about babies and I'm like "the world are these people talking about babies and God knows what on tv.

  15. You girls read and watch to much romance movies. You need to step out of your country and really see what the world is like. Rude awakening girls

  16. Many scholarly articles have been written discussing the relative emphasis of nationalism between the sexes worldwide. Generally speaking, men are much more nationalistic. When countries are conquered, the men are usually killed defending the 'homeland' and the women are either carried off into captivity or become the wives of the conquerors. Findings show that women adapt very well to that. The primary motivation for women seems to be that they feel safe and protected in order to have families. The nationality of their mates is of little concern to them. For men, it is exactly the opposite.

    I suppose a stereotypical example of this is "Fiddler on the Roof." Only one of the daughters wanted to marry a 'nice Jewish boy from the neighborhood'. The other two preferred a foreign guy and actually insisted on it. They didn't care what country they lived in. They just wanted to be with the man they loved.

    Interesting also to note that the decline in the popularity of nationalism has happened concurrently with the rise of feminism in the West and the rapid decline in the value of 'masculinity'. Women don't want to be limited in their choice of mates by nationalistic traditions. So today nationalism has become a pejorative term. Didn't Merkel in Germany just a few weeks ago accuse her opponents on the right of being nationalistic? Of course she would say that, and her comment clearly resonated with most Europeans. European men now devalue masculinity and have become feminized themselves. Some countries, such as Poland and Hungary, are resisting this because nationalism is still strong in those countries. Finland is an outlier; it is very nationalistic, but also has accepted feminism to a large degree. Interesting but complex.

  17. 私は日本の女性が大好き , 私は結婚を探しています。日本人女性のみ ,
    興味のある女性は私に連絡することができます ,
    私は29歳です, これは私の大きな希望です

  18. Echt cooles Video! War eig sehr interessant mal so zu erfahren. Ich würde wenn es sich so ergeben würde gerne eine Japanerin kennenlernen oder bei der Frage des Videos heiraten weil ich der Meinung bin dass ich viel von ihr lernen kann.

  19. As a german, I totally agree with this 5:43 girl. Either you marry a japanese , or you have do eat bread every day. That's why i had to break up with my former girlfried, because i couldn't take all those bread anymore. From now on i date only japanese girls.

  20. "They are not as girly they are on point" yaa cause we are almost rejected by most of the girl in our nation.. japan is wakanda for us and Japanese women are vibraninum.. 😂😂

    Ps- japanese men either seem polite or about to murder someone..

  21. Japanese girl are most beautiful girl in the universe . 😘😘😘 😘😘😘 .most of anime, i seen their many girl like a single boy but in my country 🚶 .only one ,i am the one .

  22. Yes they would, at least they would marry me for sure.

    People get tired of their surroundings and seeing the same people over and over.

    I’m tired of white girls and Hispanics and sadly the black women in my area are ghetto.

  23. Woah everyone in Japan is dressed so uniquely. If we do that in our country the judgmental eyes won't stop. Maybe because due to anime people have already accepted the new revolution

  24. "Foreign men have manners, and seem very polite"
    HA HA HA
    -No. In my country ppl are far away from polite (unfortunately)
    -Japanese ppl I admire you with all my heart❤️

  25. Wie lange lebst du schon in japan bzw sprichst die Sprache, dass du so flüssig sprechen kannst? Ich möchte auch japanisch lernen und ich denke, dass ich nicht so flüssig sprechen wie du 😂 vielleicht liegt es auch nur daran, dass du die Sprache schon sehr sehr lange sprichst xD

  26. scared to eat bread everyday? I‘m half asian born and raised in an european country and I eat bread once in a week…

  27. I'm from Germany and I want a Japanese Girlfriend , because the girls in Germany not friendly
    and the girls want a boy who has very much money and a good job and so on.
    But the difficult thing is I can't speak the language from Japan, but I tried it

  28. I am a man from Algeria I want friends from Japan I love the people of Japan and I love Japan😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  29. Money is the only language that is universal. All women no exceptions will follow any man as long as he has loads of money, All over the world.

  30. I think i would want to marry a foreigner. But i would like them to learn a bit of english it can be broken english as long as i can understand i think it should be okay? perhaps.

  31. How can they base their "yes" on only tourists ?!? I mean come on, people on vacation are mostly happy it's not what they look like in their everyday life. Isn't it obvious ? My god japanase's innocence is quite something

  32. I’m married to a Japanese man, he eats bread almost every morning :O
    Not even I do that, (but I eat lots of tortilla cuz I'm Mexican).

  33. Haha, say NO to this in Germany and everybody will call you a fucking NAZI! My girlfriend is Chinese and with the will and respect no cultural differences are a problem.

  34. I find it interesting that they automatically think tht different cultures must have different opinions but doesn’t that just vary and also the food if you both are in japan aren’t you eating japanese food

  35. I only want a girl that loves me with all my Mistakes and * that s all.
    It doesn't matter where's she form…

    Edit: *I really want to get old with this Person and have @ Least 2 Childs

    so If u agree hit the like button.

  36. I think that both assume what a forenor would be like. Although Japanese have more manners than most Americans. And while me as an American try to polite many I've met are not.

  37. I have a German wife and she hates German man. She hates a man drinks beer and watches football all day. Also, she said that German man never admit and apologize about their faults. Is that true ?

  38. ドイツ人出てこないね

  39. Look I don’t want anyone saying shit about my comment but I think we all know why Asian women want to be with foreign men…..SON PUTASSSS😉😂😂 i say this with plenty of love😘so we can be real here. Okiiii byeeeee >~<

  40. Heh
    I really would not base my judgement of non-Asian foreigners on the few educated and polite people with the resolve to live in a completely foreign semi-hostile homogeneous Asian environment.

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