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  2. Im GoNnA tEaCh TaEhYuNg AbOuT iSlAm sO tHaT i CoUlD mArRy HiM 😝🥴
    Yaaahh..im just kidding..he dosent even know i was born n im 12 know

  3. Don't be a fan of those who don't even know u… Be a fan of Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who cried for u in his prayers 1400 hundred years ago…

  4. I think the most of the girls they ask this question are teenagers, because most of them like k-pop but after this age they forget them 😅

  5. Çok tatlısın sen kardeşim, vellezine yekulune rabbena heblena min ezvacina zürriyatına kurrateeğyunin ve cealna lil mükkekına imama amin😊🇹🇷

  6. Allah will give you one ( wife) Insha allah 😊
    ( I'm here if you want 😌❤)
    I'm Muslim, from France and I love Korea and its culture 😍 and you 😌😍

  7. وانا لم افقد الامل في زواج واحد من BTS
    طبعا بعد ما ادخلهم دين الاسلام 🙂

  8. احب كلامك انت جيد جداً ورائع احسنت النشر I love Your words you are very good and wonderful creativity and did well publish

  9. Cause you mentioned Black pink Lisa, I'm suddenly thinking what will happen to BTS (I'm a huge fan and a Muslim). They're good at heart and really kind and loving from what I've seen all these years. But they're not Muslims. I'm so afraid that they may not go to jannath on the day of judgement. So my desperate wish is that may Allah enlighten them and hopefully let them revert to Muslim 🤲😣

  10. 😂😂😂😂أنت عرفت أزااي أنهم عايزين يتجوزو من كوريا
    أحنامفقوسين أووي كداا😂

  11. It ıs no true taht a muslim boy can marry a jewish woman or chritian woman. He can only.marry a nonmuslim woman if he can not fınd a muslima nowhere,! And nowadays are muslimas everywhere, so its not allowed for a muslim Boy marry with a not muslim woman! YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL TO TELL SOMETHING RIGHT!

  12. Makes one more videos
    Would korean girls want marry with Muslim boy,
    I want to know really
    Whi is also want to know

  13. Non Muslim guys want to marry a Muslim girl because of their hijab. Because hijab makes Muslim girl gentle, pretty and give them a strong personality.
    I like All hijabi Muslim girls. They r my sisters except one 😂😂 and only Allah knows who is such special girl 😌

  14. If someone wanna be Muslim he must really believe in islam not because of a girl he want to marry
    And heye Muslim girls please don't ask as this question
    You know we couldn't marry non Muslim guys so please stop
    Islam not a jok to. do this

  15. هل يوجد عربي غيري هنا ولا انا لوحدي I told him to speak with him, it is not a new😹😹😹

  16. I think it's not totally true. I am a Muslim and I had a boyfriend from Korea and he was a Christian. But we were respectful so we didn't change our religion. By the way I don't know a rule like "Muslims can't merry with a person who is in another religion". I think it's just about person. Someone says it for Muslims don't change their idea or religion for only merry.

  17. دخولك الدين الإسلامي يشرط عليك الاقتناع الداخلي بهذا الدين وأن يكون هذا من قلبك خالصا لله. ……وليس للزواج من إمرأة.

  18. Jay kim didn't give up to marry blackpink lisa
    Me:i didn't give up to marry jay kim Lol i'm joking i'm army i purple BTS

  19. I married a Muslim guy from Bangladesh 🇧🇩, but I didn't marry him because of his nationality or religious background.

  20. I am frankly, after what I see around me, I no longer believe in love, because these days there is no true love, some people may have true love, but most do not. 💔

  21. you guys are incredebly,Ohyeah as we are muslim we must believe that Our Allah allready created our destiny before we born just we must waite it.Sister and brother place your heart in the hands of Allah and will place it in the hands of a men he believes deserves it.InshAllah😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇•신용 (sin-yong)

  22. Gerçekten çok komik bir soru olmuş. Insan her ülkeden birini sevebilir ama sevgi olmadan böyle bir soru olur mu Allah aşkına ben bu ülkeden birini istiyorum nedir rezil etmeyin bizi.

  23. Hy i was subscribed dong haha, i like your content how about life to be mualaf, i like your video cause with sub ENGLISH, yes i can learn litle bit BY the Way, and i like you cause you made BY god (kasep) wkwk mian

  24. this is very interesting! I am living in korea and find it hard to find anyone here!
    Honestly don't think it would be possible for me to find a korean guy here unless he is interested in Islam.

  25. I was going to merry a korean man but due to the difference in religion we separeted, because he didn't want to convert to islam

  26. Daud kim: aku belum menyerah untuk menikahi lisa black pink
    Me: aku juga belum menyerah untuk menikahi, lee jong suk🙈😂

  27. The question shows the power of kpop & kdrama wave worldwide.

    Righteous muslim girl is the perfect wife material bcos Islam teaches us that husband is our door to jannah. So, we are loyal, we respect, obey, take care of his property etc.

    I hope u will find your righteous other half soon too.


  28. 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷I'm your Iranian friend – please translate the clips in Persian for us to???🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

  29. Allah says: “Do not marry idolatresses (al mushrikāt) till they believe; and certainly a believing maid is better than an idolatress even though she would please you; and do not marry idolaters (al Mushrikīn) till they believe (hata yūminū), and certainly a believing slave is better than an idolater, even though he would please you. These invite to the Fire, and Allah invites to the Garden and to forgiveness by His grace, and makes clear His revelations to mankind so that they may remember.”Qur’an 2:221.

  30. I think that a good marriage is not a nationality from the opinion of all men equally, but more importantly, if the husband is good he applies the matters of the Islamic religion he has the morals of the Messenger (may God bless him and grant him peace) even if only a few
    Another point: As for Muslim girls who love non-Muslim men and then become Muslims in order to marry them and only and not by conviction in the Islamic religion these are not true of their Islam, because of the text of the hadith of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace (whoever migrated to God and His Messenger, then migrated to God and His Messenger and whoever migrated him to a world It affects her or a woman who gets her married, so she migrated to her.)

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