Would You Ask Your Ex To Marry You? • Social Sabotage

– Look, I know we’ve been
broken up for awhile, but things are changing in my life and don’t know what you’re up to, I see you on Facebook and stuff, so I know you’re single still. Do you wanna get married? What happened to us? (kiss) (dramatic music) Oh, he’s typing. (shouts) (laughter) – Welcome to Social Sabotage. (cheers and applause) The game that ruins your
perfectly curated digital life. So we have The Winners. – We’re The Winners. (laughter) – Versus The Deathly Hallows. – Deathly Hallows. (laughter) – Is that legal? Can we do that? – Can we do Deathly Hallows?
– Can we do Deathly Hallows? – So I’m gonna draw a where card and it’s gonna say where to post, either text, Facebook, whatever. And in front of each team
you guys have what cards. And you’re gonna choose
the most embarrassing thing to challenge your opponent to post. First team to five points wins a grand prize of $500. (cheers) Look at all that. Oh, it’s in my pocket. – Twenties? – First team to send me
an embarrassing photo from their phone goes first. – (sighs) I don’t know
if this is embarrassing. – Sent. – So Deathly Hallows goes first. – What?
– What? – Whoa, nice. – Kate got it first. – Hell yeah, Kate, hell yeah. – I just wasn’t vocal about me sending it. – Pick up your cards, let’s play Social Sabotage, everybody. (cheers) All right, one of you guys will be posting in a group message on Facebook. – Are you available for an
emergency bikini wax tomorrow? – I got it. – Okay. – Tomorrow? – Yeah. – Sent. It was the Coachella group, I didn’t even start it. Someone asked me if I
was going to Coachella and so I just posted in
their group of people. – That’s way worse than a
closed group of friends. (applause) – So Deathly Hallows gets a point. (cheers and laughter) – Okay, I’m sorry. (laughter) – [Kelsey] That laugh. What the (bleep). (laughter) – Ryan, before Ryan posted
anything about a bikini wax, there was nothing. There was nothing there. (laughter) There was nothing in the group. As soon as he looks back, there’s 25 messages and this is beautiful. – I want a reading. – Oh my god. What? Yes, haha what time says Izzy. Fernando said what’s the emergency though? And then Izzy goes oh good point, my pubes are an emergency. (laughter) Then Coleman left the group. (laughter) – How are your guys’
relationships with your exes? – Non-existent.
– Great. – Fifty-fifty I’d say. – I don’t talk to them. – [Garrick] You don’t talk to them? – That is pretty– – [Ryan] That’s pretty out there. – You guys have to send an ex– – A video of you proposing
marriage to the recipient. – God damn. – Okay, I could do it. – Look I know we’ve been
broken up for awhile, but things are changing in my life and don’t know what you’re up to, I see you on Facebook and stuff, so do you wanna get married? What happened to us? (kiss) – Good lord, she went into it. Oh my goodness. (laughter) She could have just made it awkward, but she did a legit proposal. – Also your phone was like ready. (laughter) – [Kelsey} Message. – I feel like she wanted
to propose to this person, (laughter) she’s been meaning to. It was elegant and nice. – This is my high school boyfriend. – Wow. – I know he has a girlfriend too. You gotta stay friends with your exes. – One point for The Winners. (cheers) Deathly Hallows, you’re next. – I got a response. He said that was an
interesting video. (chuckles) He still loves me, I knew it. Knew it. First love never dies. Oh, he’s typing. (shouts) (laughter) Oh no. – [Garrick] Oh, beautiful. – What do I do? I’m not single, I’m in a great relationship with the girl and we live together in the
process of buying a house. Good for you man, happy for ya. How do I break this to him though that I don’t actually wanna marry him? – You can’t. You have to wait until
the end of the game. – [Kelsey] Oh, okay. – Until two years from now. – So you guys have to send
a friend’s boyfriend– – The tension feels right between us. (laughter) – [The Winners] Or the tension
between us feels right. – [Sequoia] I can’t read. – Does it have to be boyfriend? Could it be a friend’s girlfriend? – [Kelsey] Should I not type? – [Garrick] A friend’s spouse. – Spouse? A significant other. – Send a friend’s spouse. – Okay, I got it. – Love this. – [Kelsey] You can send it to a husband? – Dude, good for you. – You’re a freakin evil. (clap) – I’m friends with
Hannah so I texted Ella. – And you texted? – The tension between us feels right. – But that’s your friend. – Yeah, it’s okay. We didn’t say we couldn’t
be friends with them. It said are you friends with your friend’s significant other? I’m friends with my
friend’s significant other. – [Garrick] You can find loopholes. – [Kelsey] Yeah, ’cause your
friends first with Ella. – [Garrick] That’s one
point for Deathly Hallows, that’s smart thinking. – [Kate] Thank you. – You gotta be up here, man. It’s not just about the heart. – [Kate] It’s about the money. – How’s your guys’ Instagram? You have a crazy following, right? – I got people. – Yeah, you got followers on Instagram. – Quit hiding around the bush, we know it. – Yeah don’t hide around the bush. – Post an Instagram story with– – The 20th photo in your camera roll. – Oh, I can’t do it. (laughs) too much naked things. And you better be careful
’cause I got some pictures. – Of me? – [Kelsey] Oh I got some pictures. – I know you took pictures of my boobs, not bare, they’re not bare. (laughter) We were Facetiming and she
said my boobs looked good so she took about 3,000 screenshots. – It sent. – Yes, team Winners. – Can we count the number just to verify? – Uh oh.
– Uh oh. – Don’t scroll past 20. (laughter) – Four, five, six, seven, eight. Yeah, it’s okay. – We’re not cheaters over here, we’re The Winners. – [Garrick] Okay, so one
point for The Winners. – Wait, Ella responded. Yes, lol. Exactly right. And then put this face. (laughs) – [Kelsey] What face? (laughter) (dramatic music) – Next up. Send the first person in your contacts who’s name starts with a C– – My dog is hard as a rock right now. – Got it. Got it. – [Patrick] My dog is
hard as a rock right now. – I already sent. – Oh, then why did I send it? – Let’s see who sent first. – Why would you send? I already sent it, dude. Patrick, I sent it before you sent it and it’s a (bleep) landline. – What is the C? Call? – Yeah. – I don’t know who it is, I just sent my dog is
hard as a rock right now to a perfect stranger. – You don’t even have a dog. – I don’t. I have a dog back home, my parents have a dog. Gibs, what’s up? (dramatic music) – You guys flirt? You all be flirtin? (laughter) You all flirt? – You’re annoying. – Yeah? – I’m a good Christian boy. – [Garrick] You’re a good Christian boy. – We all have outgoing personalities. Sure, if that’s flirtatious. – Send someone you’re
usually flirty with– – You weren’t supposed to find out. – Oh, I’ll do it. Oh wait, but it’s kind of funny about what we were just talking about
that this makes sense. (laughs) – [Garrick] Why are you doing
this to yourself, Kelsey? – I could have taken this point. – [Garrick] You have two other teammates. – You gotta do it. – I already did it. – [Garrick] It’s too late. – Just don’t scroll up. But I did it and it’s marked read. – He has read receipts on? – Yeah, he’s a ballsy motherfucker. – Why did he read it immediately? (laughter) Thirsty as (bleep). (laughter) He read it as soon as you sent it. – He wrote back and said dot, dot, dot, find out what? – So one point for The Winners. (cheers) – I don’t have any friends or shame. (dramatic music) – Now that you guys have
been through everything, I’m gonna be choosing
the where and the what and whoever posts it first, they’ll get the point. – [Kate] Let’s frickin do it. – Lightning round. – Send the shyest person you know, can you swing by? Need help getting it out of there again. – Sent. – Damn it.
– Damn it. – So that’s one point for The Winners. For this next one, which could be your last, could be, could not be, it’s not about who does it the quickest. It is about who does it the best. And I will be the judge of that to see who does the best one. Post on Instagram a photo of you with your
fist in someone else’s mouth. – Who got a big mouth? – [Sequoia] What? – [Kevin] I got a big mouth. (chatter) – [Garrick] It’s not a race. This is quality. – [Kate] Wait, wait, wait. – Let’s each have one
so we’ll up our chances. Can you fit my fist in your mouth? – Choke. (laughs) did it work? Oh, god damn it. – [Patrick] I’ll just
be sorta sitting here. – Oh god, you put tongue on there. (laughter) – I’m gonna make this aggressive. (chatter and laughter) – [Garrick] Okay, you guys ready? – Yeah.
– Oh, okay. – [Garrick] Let me see these. – [Kevin] If you ever wondered
what it would look like. – I’m gonna give this one to The Winners. (cheers) So the caption is when he
says what that mouth do. And it’s the whole team. That’s all three players. That’s Sequoia’s hand. – Oh, wow. – Kelsey looks like
she’s trying to join in. (laughter) – I have experience and
that’s what it looks like and I’m willing to do
anything possible to win. – (claps) Kevin. Our secret weapon. – Sequoia, you get $100. – Thanks. (clapping) – Kevin, you get $100. (applause) Kelsey, gets $300. – Hey, mama’s buying shots. Tonight. I’ll buy you guys a shot. – All right, thanks for playing Social Sabotage. We’ll see you later. (thud) (laughs) Damn. (bright music)

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  1. I am kind of obsessed with Kelsey… I mean I want more and more from her haha There is a chance I would be intimidated by her irl tho <3

  2. "your guys's"… the worst grammar I have ever heard. I hear this way too much. I wish people would learn to speak properly.

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