Wuten’s Birthday Gifts (Happy Birthday Wuten!) ft. 8 VAs

*Suspenseful music* Narrator: 25 years ago our planet shook as spaghetti fell from the sky followed by Alfredo sauce, or so it SEEMED like “Alfredo”. On that very day every living organism had a tremendous orgasm, and at that moment while grinning and laying on the floor, EVERYONE knew that their King of Lewd has been summoned to satisfy their unlimited hunger for smut, pleasure and pasta. Since that day we are never pent up, thanks to Wuten and his loyal vocal servants. *Wuten Cackles* Dem lewd beats Dylan: You can run from his noodles and pasta, but you can’t hide. Cloudy: They will always find you drag you by its appendages. Dylan: Where will they drag you? No-one knows, so do not go into the boonies alone. Yeah. Happy Birthday, Wuten Happy Girthday Wuten. You know… Thank you for your clopfic readings that sometimes turn me on and for yourself being yourself. Your VA friends make your readings juicy and arousing. You are funny and a great person. Let this day be filled with joy, boobs and ass just for you. Keep it up, you are doing great. Psst! We need more Emogak and Luna Farrowe for your readings. Their voices are so good *kinky groan* Hey Wuten! Keep up the great work on the lewd clopfic readings that you’ve been putting out and I wish you: The king of Lewd and spaghetti Wuten a happy, sexy Seductivly: Birthday šŸ˜‰ Happy Birthday spaghetti boy! Why don’t you come to my cottage? Feed my rabbit hole? Hey Wuten, it’s Iris. I just wanted to say: Happy Birthday. Man, thanks for getting me into JoJo. Thanks for getting me into D&D and just…thank you for being in my life in general, dude. Here’s for many more to come. *Pops open a cold one* *In lewd voice* Wootie tootie fruity. Happy Birthday “With lots of hot, steamy, creamy white love” From: Scarlett (In Russian) Happy Birthday Wuten. Hope you have a great Birthday. Congratulations. Another trip around the sun and I am looking forward to hanging out with you for many, many more. Hey Wuten. Just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday and I hope that your life is going great so far. I can’t wait to see you again next BronyCon and I am really hoping that you will have a good rest of the year. We need to talk more, dude. You need to message me more. I need to message you more. Someone needs to message someone more. But, yeah. Happy Birthday. It’s fun getting old, isn’t it? This is NeighratorPony wishing a very happy birthday to a great narrator and a great friend, Wuten. Happy Birthday ya damn millennial! Hey, Happy Birthday Wuten you f*cking dumbass. Ahhhhh…I hate your guts. Ummmm…I hope you die. I mean, you are one step closer to your inevitable death. But for real: I am just happy to have met you was *DYSLEXIA* Can’t even WORD Had to put you on the spot and record this f*cking message. I am really glad that I have met you those like 4 or 5 years ago in our first project. You are really funny. You’re very interesting to talk to. You are full of memes and I love it. And I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I am gonna f*cking punch you in the face though. You are lucky I am not begging birthday punches you f*cking twig! (WUT DID SHE SAY?)

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  1. Oh my god XD Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! And hot damn, that rap~ Thanks Cloudy and [mysterious shadow pony person thing]!

  2. Happy Birthday , Wuten.
    Your an awesome guy.
    I'm glad I met you at BronyCon.

    I'll draw you something later on Twitter

  3. Looking back…I could've used adobe audition to mix all of the audio so it would sound better. Dang, I could've probably made it better lol. I now have an XLR mic with an interface as well.

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